Friday, December 15, 2006

Edmond Martin Hearne

I receive this week the following additional details from John A Hearn, of Wake Forest, North Carolina. It refers to several individuals on Hearne's History page 616.
1. Edmond M. Hearne (son of Edmond Hearne) was my great grandfather. His full name was Edmond Martin Hearne. He was called Martin by his son (Zeb Vance Hearn - here is where our family dropped the "e"). Edmond Martin Hearne died about 1900 of "the bloody flux". He is buried at Northam Cemetery, in Rockingham, Richmond County, NC. Source of this info Zeb Vance Hearn as told to me, John A. Hearn.

2. Edmond Martin Hearne could not read or write as evidenced by his X mark on his marriage certificate. His wife was Sallie Elizabeth Liles. Edmond Martin Hearne operated a dray for hire, hauling freight, in the town of Rockingham, Richmond County, NC.

3. Laura J. Hearne (daughter of Edmond Hearne and sister to Edmond Martin Hearne) had the middle name of Jane. She and her sister Sophronia (nickname Froney) remained single for many years and lived in the house of their father Edmond Hearne, near Wadeville, NC, after his death. My grandfather Zeb Vance Hearn knew both of these women when he was a young man. He referred to Laura as Laura Jane. He called them "old maids", but said one of them [apparently Sophronia] married late in life. So this means that your note about Laura V. Hearn who died as a child, possibly being the same person as Laura J. Hearne, is incorrect. Source of this info Zeb Vance Hearn as told to me, John A. Hearn. I have the original paper will of Edmond Hearne, father of Sophronia, Laura Jane, Edmond Martin, etc.

4. George W. Hearne (son of Edmond Hearne and brother to Edmond Martin Hearne and Laura Jane Hearne) had the middle name of Washington. He is buried in a cemetery north of Rockingham, Richmond County, NC, but it is not at Northam Cemetery where his brother Edmond martin Hearne is buried. I was at his well marked grave about 30 years ago but cannot now locate the cemetery. He and his wife never had any children of their own, but adopted a boy, or had a young boy living in their home. George Washington Hearne owned a large farm on the north side of Rockingham, NC. Source of this info Zeb Vance Hearne as told to me, John A. Hearn. I found his will which says he left the farm to the Methodist Orhanage in Raleigh, NC. I have a photo of George W. Hearne in front of his home with the small boy, but George's face is very small in the photo because it has the whole house width.

John A. Hearn
126 North Ave.
Wake Forest, NC 27587
I am indebted to John for this information. I will update these pages and my database soon.

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