Sunday, January 21, 2007

Listing and photos of Bloxom Daugherty Farm Cemetery in Sussex Delaware

James Hearn sent me an annotated listing of the Hearn related tombstones in the cemetery on the Bloxom Daugerty Farm in Sussex Delaware. This listing is updated and corrected from an original publication in The Maryland and Delaware Genealogist, Vol. VIII, No. 1, January 1967 & Vol. VIII, No. 2, April 1967. He also sent several images. I've added links from the tombstone listing to the images. You can see the complete listing with image links here. (The tombstone of Jonathan Hearn of S. is shown to the right.)

James Hearn notes:
This cemetery is where the parents of Jonathan Alfred Hearn, previously owner of the farm there, are buried and was set aside as a burial ground for the purpose of burying relative and friends of the family in 1884 by Jonathan when he died in that year. It's all stated in his will. Ref:RG 4545.009, roll #107, Jonathan A. Hearn 1884-1885.

This cemetery is located approximately 1-1 1/4 miles north of Delmar on the road from Delmar to Laurel. It is currently surrounded by farming equipment in the center of which is a group of small trees where the cemetery is located. It is 1/4 acre, as stipulated in Jonathan's will.

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