Monday, February 19, 2007

Hearne website on Rootsweb

This Hearne website is by Carl Hearn and James M Hearn.

Here is a list of the contents:

Generation one, William Hearne, First Immigrant, 16?? to 1691, Somerset Co.,Maryland.
The Last Will and Testament of William Hearne 16?? - 1691
The Loyalty Oath of inhabitants of Somerset So. Md. to William and Mary, Soveriegns of England

Generation two, Thomas Hearne Sr., 1691 to 1762, Maryland.
Notes on Thomas Hearne Sr.
The Last Will and Testament of Thomas Hearne Sr. 1691 - 1762

Generation three, William Hearne, Son of Thomas Hearne Sr., 1723 to 1753, Somerset Co., Maryland.

Generation four, James Hearne, 1749 to 1823, Md>NC>Ohio.
Notes on James Hearne.
The Last Will and Testament of James Hearne 1749 - 1823
Hamilton County, Ohio History regarding Jesse Hearne and descendants
Resting Place of James and Elizabeth Hearn(e)

Generation five, Moses Hearne, 1781/82 to 185?, Montgomery, Rowan, Lincoln Co.s., NC.

Notes on the sons of James Hearn including Moses Hearne Sr. and Joshua of Lincoln Co., N.C. cir. 1800 and on.
Notes on John T. Hearn.

Generation six, Joshua Allen Hearne, 1808 to 1889, Lincoln Co, NC, Pope Co., Arkansas.
Notes regarding Hearne, Harkey, and Darr families in Pope Co., Arkansas.
Grave Monument of Joshua Allen Hearne, Pope. Co. Ark., Pisgah Cemetery.
The Letters of Marcellus Greene Hearn.
History of the Choctaw Removals by Jerri Rogers Chasteen.**NEW**

Generation seven, Joshua Orr Hearn, 1855 to 1923, Pope Co., Arkansas, Pottawatomie, Payne Co.s, Oklahoma.
Pictures of Joshua Orr and Mattie Harkey Hearn. Pictures of Maud, Oklahoma, 1910.

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