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Breckinridge Tremaine

The oldest son of William C and Lillias (Kenney) Tremaine is Breckinridge Tremaine. Fascinating name because it's so unusual. Yet searches across records have found nothing about him.

There are a couple of records that are interesting and may be our Breckinridge Tremaine.
A search of the Internet turns up this interesting tidbit. The only Breckinridge Tremaine in any Internet search I can find is the following out-of-print book.
The Fourth Evil ~ See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, Smell No Evil
by Tremaine, Breckinridge K., By Breckinridge K. Tremaine
Date Published: 1969 Description: VERY GOOD. USED Paperback ~ Very good copy. OCLC(OCoLC)ocm00081498 Bibliography: p. 143-145. Commissioning organisation: by Breckinridge K. Tremaine. viii, 146 p. illus. 22 cm
A search of death records turns up no Breckinridge. But the following record is interesting because the intials match the middle initial of the author above.

B K Tremaine died in Lee County, Florida, 4 Nov 1984, aged 79. He was born 25 May 1905.
I'm pretty certain that B K Tremaine of Lee, Florida is the author above. I just don't know if he is the Breckinrigde we're looking for.

There is also a Social Security Death Index record, which is the same as the death record above.
Birth Date: 25 May 1905
Death Date: Nov 1984
Social Security Number: 163-05-7488
State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Pennsylvania
Death Residence Localities
ZIP Code: 33957
Localities: Sanibel, Lee, Florida
The birth date is close. Really close and useful. The other census records show our Breckinridges ages as:
  • 1910: 4 (b. ca. 1906; census taken April 19, 1910)
  • 1920: 14 (b. ca. 1906; census taken Jan 17, 1920)
  • 1930: 24 (b. ca. 1906; census taken April 4, 1930)
In each of those, a May 1905 birth date would correctly have an age of 4, 14, and 14 in the respective year. I'm 95% sure it's the same person. I just need some way to confirm, either by birth place (Vermont), or relative's name.

8/20/2007 Found some more information on Breckinridge:
PATENT: Breckinridge Kenney Tremaine of Wilmington, Delware was granted US 2,462,341 "Cleaning Composition for Rust Stained Lacquered Surfaces" on 22 Feb 1949. This patent tells us his location on September 24, 1946. He was working for DuPont, who is the assignee of the patent.

PATENT: "ELIMINATION OF MALODORS FROM PULPING LIGNO-CELLULOSIC MATERIAL" granted in Canada Patent 554699 to Walter C. Meuly and Breckenridge K. Tremaine, Assignee: Rhodia, Inc. Issued Mar 18, 1958

MARRIAGE: 27 June 1935 "Married - Brickinbridge Kenney Tremaine, son of W. C. Tremaine to Lucile Frances Barbara Kaulbach, daughter of V. E. R. Kaulbach" Recorded in the St. Thomas Journal, St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

An email from an old acquaintance:
"known as kenny tremaine was the industrial technical director of rhodia aromatics division in parsippany, nj some google searches feature his name at times. he later became a salesman for them. he may have had a chemistry backround and did write that book. i believe he lived in nj and did later move to fla. his wife was still alive about 16 yrs. ago... kenny worked for dupont and dupont acqured the rhodia division and later sold it back to rhone poulenc of france. kenny was a personal friend of my uncle. no need to cite me. thanks! i believe his wife's name may have been hanna?"

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