Friday, May 04, 2007

Great site on the Hearn name. It began years ago as the Hearn Herald. While centered around the family of Charles Aubrey Hearn and Florence Conner Hearn, it has a wealth of information about those Hearnes spelled Hearn (without the e). Great site, run by Charles L. Hearn.

Cites several references:

  1. William T. Hearne, Brief History and Genealogy of the Hearne Family. (Examiner Printing Company, Independence, Missouri, 1895 and 1907). Reprinted by Higginson Book Company, Derby Square, Salem, Mass. 01970, 753 pages. This book is often referred to simply as "Hearne History". (See above for on-line version.)

  2. William T. Hearne, Addendum, 1912 (Examiner Printing Company, Independence, Missouri, 1912). 52 pages, beginning with p. 755, a direct continuation from last pages (753 and blank 754) of the 1907 edition. Out of print; available in some genealogical reference libraries.

  3. Eakins, Ruth Hearn, Hearn-Hearne History, 1993. 187 pages, available from the author: Mrs. Ruth Hearn Eakins, 19585 U.S. Hwy 421, Watha, NC 28471.

  4. Batchelder, Pauline Manning, compiler and editor, A Somerset Sampler: Families of Old Somerset County, Maryland, 1700-1776, 1994. Lower Delmarva Genealogical Society, Salisbury, Maryland 312 pages (Hearn/Hearne material on pp 127 - 160). Available from Lower Delmarva Genealogical Society, PO Box 3602, Salisbury, MD 21802-3602.

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