Sunday, October 07, 2007

William Robert Ellis and Sarah Ellen Hearne

Got a letter from Grady Ellis, who has information about this family from an Ellis Family Bible. She says, "William Robert Ellis born on Jan 9, 1868, and died on Mar. 09, 1887... William was a minister. Their children were: William Ellis, Alfred Lee Ellis, Gardner L. Ellis, Eunice E. Ellis."

This family is mentioned in Hearne's book on page 53:
"Martin L., son of Isaac and Eleanor Hearne, born 1808, lived in Laurel, Del., and died 1873; he married Sarah Ellis, 1833; she was born 1814 and is now living (1894). Their children are: Ellen, Louisa, Emily, Eunice, Lucy, Martin L., Frank, Edgar. Ellen born 1835, married Rev. W. R. Ellis; children: Lee, Gardiner, William and Eunice."

Here is the information from the 1880 census, Delaware, Sussex, Dagsboro Hundred (page 62)24 Jun 1880:
William R. Ellis, W, M, 42, P. E. Preacher, Delaware, Del, Del
Sarah E. Ellis, W, F, 44, wife, Keeping House, Delaware, Del, Del
Alfred Lee Ellis, W, M, 11, son, At school, Delaware, Del, Del
Gardiner L. Ellis, W, M, 9, son, Delaware, Del, Del
William Ellis, W, M, 6, son, Delaware, Del, Del
Eunice E Ellis, W, F, 2, dau, Delaware, Del, Del


.::. said...

It's impossible for William R Ellis to have been born in Jan 1868 considering that according to Delaware Marriage Records, 1744-1912 William and Sarah were married on Jan 18 1868

Brian Cragun said...

.::. Thanks for your comment. You are indeed correct. The 1880 census shows William R Ellis as 42 in 1880, that would place his birth in 1838, and easily allow him to be married in 1868.