Saturday, April 12, 2008

George and Bettie Hearne Aldredge

George Aldredge and Bettie Warren Hearne, the daughter of Horatio Ransome and Priscilla Hearne, are found in the Dallas Census in 1900.

Census 1900 Texas Dallas Dallas 4 WD
House 315 (Street illegible)
Family 70
Geo N Aldredge, head, W, M, Apl 1846, 54, Md 19, GA, GA, GA, Lawyer
Bettie Aldredge, wife, W, F, Dec 1854, 45, Md 19, 5 children 3 living, TX, AL, AL
George N Aldredge, son, W, M, Sept 1884, 16, sgl, TX, GA, TX
Horatio R Aldredge, son, W, M, Nov 1885, 14, sgl, TX, GA, TX
Sawnie R Aldredge, son, W, M, Nov 1890, 9, sgl, TX, GA, TX
Ras L Adams, nephew, W, M, Mar 1872, 28, Md 4, TX, AR, AL
Leta Adams, niece, W, F, Nov 1873, 26, Md 4, 1 child 1 living, TX, AL, AL
Leta Adams, grand daughter, W, F, June 1897, 2 sgl, TX, TX, TX

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