Monday, May 18, 2009

Burchetts in Kentucky

The Burchetts in Kentucky tie into the Hearn(e)s through Susannah Hearne (1777), daughter of John W and Annie Chesney Hearne of Walkers Creek in what is now Bland County, Virginia.

James is the son of Susannah Hearne and Benjamin Burchett.
Census 1850 Kentucky Carter DIST 2 pg 432
Family 31
James Burchett, 33, M, Farmer, KY
Elendor Burchett, 30, F, KY
Susana Burchett, 73, F, VA
Cynthian Burchett, 8, F, KY
Francis Burchett, 4, M, KY
Lydia Burchett, 3, F, KY
John Burchett, 1/12, M, KY
Mary Haney Burchett, 24, F, KY

Census 1860 Kentucky Carter Caves PO page 192 - James Burchett
Jas Burchet, 43, M, Farmer, KY
Elenor Burchet, 40 F, KY
Cyntha A Burchet, 18, F, weaver, KY
Francis M, 14, M, KY
Lydia J Burchet, 11, F, KY
Benjamin F Burchet, 5, M, KY
George W Burchet, 2, M, KY
Wm Herron, 33, M, Farm Hand, OH

Census 1870 Kentucky Carter Grayson PO page 99
Family 9
James Burchett, 53, M, W, Farmer, KY
Ellen Burchett, 49, F, W, Keeping house, KY
Benjamin Burchett, 15, M, W, Farmer, KY
Mahala Burchett, 8, F, W, KY
William Burchett, 5, M, W, KY

Census 1880 Kentuck Carter PCT 9 page 619
Family 111
James Burchett, M, 63 Farmer, KY, KY, KY
Ellen Burchett, F, 60, wife, Keeping house, KY, KY, KY
Mahala E Burchett, F, 18, dau, at home, KY, KY, KY
William Grant Burchett, M, 15, son, works on farm, KY, KY, KY

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