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John Milbra and Ida Hearne, Robertson, Texas

Census 1900 Texas Robertson 5-PCT page 220

Family 12
John M Hearn, head W, M, Jan 1858, 42, M 21, Texas, Tennessee, Tennessee
Ida N Hearn, wife, W, F, Oct 1861, 38, M 21, 5 children, 5 living, Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee
John B Hearn, son, W, M, Aug 1881, 18, sgl, Texas, Texas, Texas
Guy J Hearn, son, W, M, Apr 1883, 17, sgl, Texas, Texas, Texas
Annie M Hearn, dau, W, F, Aug 1886, 13, sgl, Texas, Texas, Texas
Kathleen B Hearn, dau, W, F, Sep 1890, 9, sgl, Texas, Texas, Texas
Ray Hearn, son, W, M, Jan 1892, 8, sgl, Texas, Texas, Texas

Census 1920 Texas Freestone Teague page 197
Family 259
John B Hearn, head, M, W, 38, M, TX, TX, TX
Willie L Hearn, F, W, 34, M, TX, GA, Miss
John B Hearn, M, W, 12, sgl, TX, TX, TX
Melburn N Hearn, M, W, 6, sgl, TX, TX, TX
Mary E Carter, mother in-law, F, W, 43, wd, Miss, Miss, Miss

Census 1920 Texas Freestone Teague page 197
Family 260
Ray L Hearn, head, M, W, 28, M, TX, TX, TX
Christina Hearn, wife, F, W, 25, M, TX, TX, TX
Ray L Hearn Jr, son, M, W, 5, sgl, TX, TX, TX
James F Hearn, son, M, W, 9/12, sgl, TX, TX, TX

Census 1930 Texas Robertson J PCT 5 page 161
Family 31
Ray Hearne, head, M, W, 38, M 20, TX, TX, TX
Christine E Hearne, wife, F, W, 36, 18, TX, TX, TX
Ray Hearne, son, M, W, 15, sgl, TX, TX, TX
Weldon B Hearne, son, M, W, 7, sgl, TX, TX, TX

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Lyon's Den said...

Do you recognize this Hearn(e) from the 1850 Coweta County Georgia census?

Coweta County, Georgia, Division 19, Dwelling 25, Family #25

HEARN, Kendrick 40 M Farmer born NC
HEARN, Tabitha 30 F born NC
HEARN, Eli N. 17 M farmer born NC
SYKES, William 23 M farmer born GA

there are numerous other Hearn(e) related families in the census near this family (Steeds etc) also a William Hearn age 43 born GA a couple households down.