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A nugget on William Johnston and Sarah E Bruce


(I cleaned it up a little, but it proves what I suspected - bc)

Name: Sherry Johnston-Rice
Location: King George, Va USA
Date: Monday, March 16, 1998 at 03:25:22

Looking for info on Johnston, Adam Info I have. "Two pioneer Scotch-Irish familHope this helps I need all the names I can get Thanks
Info I have.
> "Two pioneer Scotch-Irish families are part of the heritage of William
>Emory Bruce Johnston and Rhoda Virginia Darst Stafford Johnston.
> "Adam Johnston I, of Fremanaugh County, Ireland, married Elizabeth
>Stafford of County Tyrone, Ireland. In the early 1800's they settled in the
>southeast area of Pisgah Church, Giles County, Virginia, which is now Mercer
>County, West Virginia.
> "The descendants of Adam Johnston, II, were William, George, Edward,
>Watson, Wesley, John A., Hugh, Mary Ann, and Nancy.
> "William married Sarah Bruce. Their children were Erastus Newton, John
>Harve, James Wesley, William Emory Bruce, Mary, Jane, Larua, Frank Grayson,
>and E. Howe Johnston.
>Erastus Newton Johnston From Mercer Co.WV dob 8/16/1854 dod 5/27/1925 md.
> first wife md 9 Mar 1876, Ella Ellen A. Fletcher 18, dob 4/12/1868 dod > 2/28/1896 dau >of Isaac & Ellen. Their 7children were
Frances"Fannie" Mae" dob January 11, >1877 dod April 07, 1959 Roanoke, Virginia,
> Ida 1884 WFT Est. 1913-1978,
> Nancy 'Maude' dob March 04, 1889 Princeton, West Virginia WFT Est. 1917-1983,
> Harvey 'Clarence' dob December 27, 1891 dod December 22, 1974 Glen Cove, New York,
> Kyle Drayton 1886 WFT Est. 1887-1976,
> Leonard 1879 WFT Est. 1880-1969,
> I.B. dob July 26, 1881 WFT Est. 1882-1971,
> Second wife and my Grandmother md March 10, 1896 Giles Co., Virginia
>Nancy Janette Johnston-Hetherington dob February 19, 1868 WFT Est. 1916-1962 dau of Jno T.& G. Johnston
> Their Children were
>>From _Deaths of Mercer County, Virginia, Now West Virginia, 1853-1882_,
>compiled by Marion W. Gills and Reba K. Martin,
>Johnston, Susannah, died 18 Apr 1874 of heart disease, age 66 years and 2
>months, parents Michael and Margaret Williams, POB: Giles County,
>housekeeper, consort of Adam Johnston, informant: Adam Johnston, husband.

>Adam Johnston Fremanaugh, County Ireland md. 1805 Wythe County
>Elizabeth Jane Stafford,Tyrone County, Ireland children
> Adam Jr. Johnston children
>George Johnston
>Edward Johnston
>Watson Johnston
>Wesley Johnston
>John A. Johnston
>Hugh Johnston
>Mary Ann Johnston
>Nancy Johnston
>William Johnston WFT Est. 1803-1832 WFT Est. 1857-1917 md.
>Sarah Bruce Their children were Erastus Newton, John
>Harve, James Wesley, William Emory Bruce, Mary, Jane, Larua, Frank Grayson,
> Erastus Newton Johnston 21, dob August 16, 1854 dod May 27, 1925 son of Wm & Sarah,
>md. 9 Mar 1876, Ella A. Fletcher 18, dob August 16, 1854 dod May 27, 1925 dau of Isaac & Ellen. Their children were
>Frances"Fannie" Mae,Ida Johnston , Nancy 'Maude' ,Harvey 'Clarence' ,Kyle >Drayton ,Leonard ,I.B. Johnston ,
> Second wife Nancy Janette Johnston Hetherington md in Giles Co.Va. dob >February 19, 1868 dod WFT Est. 1916-1962 dau of Jno &G. Johnston.
>children were Newton Edward Bryce ,Leroy Webb ,William "Bill" Carl McNutt >,Otho Ray ,Clayton Stuart Dean ,John Wesley 'Bryant' ,Blake Douglas ,Helengeb >Trude ,Homer Franklin Johnston ,Charles Robert "CR"
>Charles Robert "CR"Johnston of McCoy Va.dob May 29, 1908 dod April 18, 1946
>ma Vernie Gertude Kissinger or Verna Gertude Kessinger dob August 10, 1911 >dod October 19, 1951 Their children were Thomas Edward ,Nancy Gean ,Mary >Alice ,Virginia Evelyn"Tean" ,Charles Robert Jr. dob March 28, 1935 dod April 28, >1993 ma October 03, 1952 Sylvia Ann Price dob March 5,1937 did April 23,1993
>dau of Waldo Herman Price&Lena Luemy Price .
> Their children were Charles Anthony Johnston dod Sept.26,1954 ,Donna Gail Johnston dob Sept 4,1955 dod July 12,1991 ,Sherry ann Johnston dob Dec.8,1957

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