Sunday, October 29, 2006

Joseph L Williams and Mary Hearne of Eatonton, GA

Found Joseph L Williams (R9851, p 787)and family! They're in Eatonton (Putnam County Georgia) Census 1900 page 303.
Family 249:
J. L. Williams, head, W, M, Oct 1853, 46?, married 19 years, b. GA, f. SC, m. GA.;
M. E. Williams, wife, W, F, Oct 1858, 42, M 19 years, 8 children 7 living, GA, GA, GA;
Mary F. Williams, dau, W, F, oct 1882, 17, S, GA, GA, GA;
Henry H. Williams, son, W, M, May 1885, 15, S, GA, GA, GA;
J. L. Williams Jr., son, W, M, Dec 1887, 12, S, GA, GA, GA;
Lillie A. Williams, dau, W, F, Mar, 1890, 10, S, GA, GA, GA;
Nannie (or Marrie) E. Williams, dau, W, F, July 1892 7, S, GA, GA, GA;
Ruby C. Williams, dau, W, F, Mar 1895, 5, S, GA, GA, GA;
Frank Williams, W, M, June 1897, 2, S, GA, GA, GA;

Nannie is hard to read, Hearne says name is Emie. Since the middle initial is E, I guess that is Emie.

In the house next to Joseph and Mary Emma is a Charles Herne. Who is that? He doesn't match any of the Hearnes I can find in Hearne History.

Charles Herne, w, M, Sep 1870, 30, married 9 years; Ostell Herne, wife, W, F, Feb 1873, 27, M; Lillian Herne, dau, w, F, May 1892, 8, S; Julia Herne, dau, W, F, July 1894, 5, S; Charles S. Herne, son, W, M, Nov 1899, 6/12, S;

Added Joseph Williams and Mary Emma Hearne and family to database.
Added Edward Smith and Mary F Williams and children to database.
Added Walter Hearn (b 1863) and Sadie Patrick and children to database.

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