Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Joseph P Ewing

Hearne is not precisely clear about the children of Joseph P Ewing and his wife Sarah (Hearne) Christian. The children, up until 1901, are listed on page 671 with no detail. In the 1912 addendum, Hearne provides the names of the other siblings and their birth dates on page 797; yet he does not explicitly state the parents. The 1910 census makes the family ties clear, and validates the dates given in Hearne.
Census 1910 South Carolina Dillon Manning TWP page 145, Family 33
Joe P Ewing, head, M, W, 46, md 20 yrs, NC, NC, NC
Sallie Ewing, wife, F, W, 39, md 20 yrs, 7 children 7 living, NC, NC, NC
Wall F Ewing, son, M, W, 19, sgl, NC, NC, NC
Ray Ewing, son, M, W, 15, sgl, NC, NC, NC
Frederic Ewing, son, M, W, 13, sgl, NC, NC, NC
Joe P Ewing Jr, son, M, W, 11, sgl, NC, NC, NC
Robert Ewing, son, M, W, 8, sgl, NC, NC, NC
Hal Ewing, son, M, W, 5, sgl, NC, NC, NC
Benton Ewing, son, M, W, 3, sgl, NC, NC, NC

I have more research to do on this family, but records seem to indicate:
  • William Raiford Ewing went into the military, served in World War I, and then moved to Santa Clara California, marrying Louise.
  • Giles F Ewing, also served in the military, then moved to California, dying in 1955
  • Hal B Ewing, also served in the military.
  • Benton Ewing, also served in the military

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