Sunday, November 05, 2006

Williams Hearnes abound in the Georgia Censuses

While looking for William Thornton Hearne, I ran into many other William Hearnes in the Georgia Censuses. Here are three of interest:

Found William T and Francis Hearne, which I think are are Willian Tally Hearne and Francis Pool, found on page 569 and 570 of Hearne History. What do you think? 1900 Census, Georgia, Fulton, 3-WD Atlanta, page 47:
Family 466
William T Hearn, head, W, M, Apr 1850, 50, md 25 yrs, GA, SC, SC
Francis Hearn, wife, W, F, Mar 1855, 45, md 25 yrs, GA, NC, NC, 14 children 11 living;
Lila F Hearn, dau, W, F, Oct 1876, 28, sgl, GA, GA, GA;
Ida B Hearn, dau, W, F, Apr 1881, 19, sgl, GA, GA, GA;
Charles C Hearn, son, W, M, Apr 1882, 18, sgl, GA, GA, GA;
Odelia Z Hearn, dau, W, F, Aug 1885, 14, sgl, GA, GA, GA;
Mary L Hearn, dau, W, F, Oct 1886, 13, sgl, GA, GA, GA;
Ola D Hearn, dau, W, F, July 1888, 11, sgl, GA, GA, GA;
William Z Hearn, son, W, M, July 1891, 8, sgl, GA, GA, GA;
Hazell E Hearn, dau, W, F, Apr 1893, 7, sgl, GA, GA, GA;
James N Hearn, son, W, M, Mar 1896, 4, sgl, GA, GA, GA;
Lonnie W Hearn, dau, W, F, June 1898, 2, sgl, GA, GA, GA;
1900 Census, Georgia, Fulton, 3-WD Atlanta, page 47
This same family of William and Frances Hearne (William Tally Hearne and Francis Pool?) are also found in the 1910 census:
Family 527
William T Hearn, head, M, W, 58, Md 1, 34, GA, NC, NC;
Frances Hearn, wife F, W, 53, Md 1, 34, 14 children 11 living, GA, GA, GA;
Moselle Hearn, dau, F, W, 15, sgl, GA, GA, GA;
Willie Hearn, son, M, W, 15, sgl, GA, GA, GA;
Henry Hearn, son, M, W, 13, sgl, GA, GA, GA;
Lonnie Hearn, son, M, W, 11, sgl, GA, GA, GA;yo
Census 1910 Georgia Fulton 3-WD Atlanta pg 109 sheet 25B
Ran into William Howell Hearne and Mattie Reid in the 1910 census, in Eatonton, Putnam, Georgia. They are mentioned on pages 784-787 in Hearne History.
Family 31 page 219 sheet 2B
William H Hearn, head, M, W, 56, Md 1, 29 yrs, GA, GA, GA;
Mattie R Hearn, wife, F, W, 53, Md 1, 29 yrs, GA, GA, GA;
Mattie Hearn, dau, F, W, 21, sgl, GA, GA, GA;
Sarah Hearn, dau, F, W, 19, sgl, GA, GA, GA;
Samuel Hearn, son, M, W, 16, sgl, GA, GA, GA;
Rebecca Hearn, dau, F, W, 12, sgl, GA, GA, GA;
Census 1910 in Eatonton, Putnam, Georgia, Family 31 page 219 sheet 2B
I have a theory, which is along the line of William T Hearne, that every Hearne in the US ought to connect into the Hearne line someplace. So far, this has proved mostly correct. After I get all the families entered, I may try placing all Hearnes in the the 1880 and 1900 censuses. There are bunches! Could be fun!

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George J Hearn 111 said...

Bryan: I am a descendent of Stephen J Hearn b 2/22/1808 NC. died 1/25/1890 Walton Co Ga md Mary Glasson b 9/29/1808 Morgan Co Ga d 3/15/1899 Walton Co Ga who had 3 children, one of whom was named William Henry b 8/10/1831 Walton Co Ga d 9/19/1900 Walton Co Ga md Elizabeth Ann Ausborne b 8/27/1839 d 9/26/1899 Campbell Co Ga on 9/7/1856- They had 13 children which I will be pleased to furnish upon request. I am out of his brothgeras line Stephen Thomas Hearn b 5/11/1837 d12/3/1918 all in Walton Co Ga. md Martha C.R. Camp b 1/8/1842 d 10/13/ 1918 md on 9/4/1856 all in Walton Co Ga 6 children one being my namesake grandfather George Justus Hearn Sr. Will be pleased to swap share info on tghe above or from my voluminous research nzates collected over tmany years. Unable to PROVE who is father of S.J Hearn who was born in N.C.Believed to be thomas and Bettie Hearn who lived in Stanley Co NC. Let me know if I can be of assistance. Judge George J Hearn 111