Monday, November 06, 2006

Who are these Pounds?

Where did the Pounds come from on page 790 of Hearne? It's been driving me nuts! Searching on, there is a AncestryFile record that says Eli E Pounds married Sallie Leverette. If that's true, it quickly explains why Hearne added them to page 790. What baffles me is why he records Eli's marriage to a Sarah A Smith. Either the Smith is a typo, or Sarah (Sallie) Leverette was first married to a Mr. Smith ???

Here is the family as recorded by the AncestralFile; it parallels the information from Hearne:
Husband's Name
Eli Ezekiel (Pound) POUNDS (AFN:1N3W-NDC) Pedigree
Born: 9 May 1839 Place: , Putnam County, Georgia
Died: 21 Dec 1895 Place:
Married: 4 Oct 1859 Place: , , Georgia
Father: John Bochannon POUND (AFN:W6HC-GS)
Mother: Amilia GAY (AFN:W6HC-H0)
Wife's Name
Sallie A. LEVERETTE (AFN:1N3W-NFK) Pedigree
Born: 9 May 1838 Place: , Putnam, Georgia
Died: 24 Oct 1910 Place: , Jackson, Georgia
Married: 4 Oct 1859 Place: , , Georgia
Father: William LEVERETTE (AFN:1N3S-M1H) Family
1. Female Florence V. (Pound) POUNDS (AFN:1N3W-NGR)
Born: Abt 1864 Place: , , Georgia
2. Male Lamar (Pound) POUNDS (AFN:1N44-GMP)
Born: 1871 Place: , Butts, Georgia
3. Male Eli E. (Pound) POUNDS (AFN:1N3W-NLL)
Born: 1875 Place: , Butts, Georgia
4. Female Augusta C. (Pound) POUNDS (AFN:1N49-DZ4)
Born: 1866 Place: , Butts, Georgia
5. Female Osceola (Pound) POUNDS (AFN:1N3W-NJ6)
Born: 1868 Place: , Butts, Georgia
6. Female Lilla Myrtle (Pound) POUNDS (AFN:1N3W-NMS)
Born: 1877 Place: , Butts, Georgia
7. Female Ella (Pound) POUNDS (AFN:1N3W-NN1)
Born: 1878 Place: , Butts, Georgia
Ahh! The Pounds come from Sallie A. Leverette. Don't know where the Smith comes from in Hearne History.

William Leverette is found in the 1860 Census in Monticello, Jasper, Georgia, page
274, sheet 40.
Family 304
William C Leverett, 45, M, farmer, GA;
Jane H. Leverett, 39, F, GA;
Francis Leverett, 16, M, GA;
Victoria Leverett, 14, F, GA;
Reid Leverett, 11, M, GA;
Elizabeth Leverett, 8, GA;
Alice Leverett, 2, F, GA;
It's the right family and the right children... Why does Jane not have the same name as Elizabeth?!? Ah well, such is the nature of Genealogy. Maybe Jane is a second wife? Hearne records only the children through Elizabeth. There is a gap after Elizabeth. Maybe Jane is a 2nd wife and the mother of Alice. Any ideas? I need to try to find this family in 1850.

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