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Henry Hearne Lockhart and wife Sarah Richardson

I found this elusive family in Kentucky, which is where I would have expected them if I'd read carefully. Hearne, pg 715, say he was born in Ireland in 1800. Immigrated to New York with family in 1807. Moved to Charleston, South Carolina in 1819 and lived there a few years and then moved to Lexington, Kentucky where he was actively engaged in farming and dealing in fine stock for over thirty years.

1850 Kentucky Fayette 1st District Page 131
Family 277
Henry Lockhart, 47 , M, Ireland, Trader
Sarah Lockhart, 38, F, Kentucky
Henrietta Lockhart, 12, F, Kentucky
W H Lockhart, 10, F, Kentucky
E Lockhart, 8, M, Kentucky
M Lockhart, 6, F, Kentucky
George C Lockhart, 4, M, Kentucky
Isabella Chamblin, 17, F, Kentucky

1860 Kentucky Fayette Lexington page 583
Family 1080
H Lockhart, 56, M, Trader, Ireland
Sarah Lockhart, 50, F, Kentucky
Henrietta Lockhart, 21, F, Kentucky
Wm H Lockhart, 19, M, Kentucky
Marquis R Lockhart, 16, M, Kentucky
George C Lockhart, 14, M, Kentucky

1870 Kentucky Bourbon 1-WD Paris page 415
Family 8
Henry Lockhart, 67, M, W, Trader, New York
Sarah Lockhart, 62, F, W, Keeping house, Kentucky
William H Lockhart, 25, M, W, School teacher, Kentucky
Henrietta Lockhart, 22, F, W, At home, Kentucky
George C Lockhart, 21, M, W, Attorney at law, Kentucky

1880 Kentucky Bourbon Paris page 10
Family 192
Henry Lockhart, W, M, 80, Europe, Europe, Europe
Sallie S Lockhart, W, F, 78, wife, Keeping house, Kentucky, Kentucky, Kentucky
W H Lockhart, W, M, 39, son, School teacher, Kentucky, Europe, Kentucky
G C Lockhart, W, M, 32, son, Lawyer, Kentucky, Europe, Kentucky
Henrietta Lockhart, W, F, 41, daughter, Kentucky, Europe, Kentucky

1880 Kentucky Kenton 2-WD Covington pg 265
Family 272
Marquis Lockhart,W, M, 37, Lawyer, Kentucky, Scotland, Kentucky
Mary E Lockhart, W, F, 36, wife, Keeping house, Missouri, Kentucky, Kentucky
Reba Lockhart, W, F, 8, daughter, Kentucky, Kentucky, Missouri
Henry W Lockhart, W, M, 3, son, Kentucky, Kentucky, Missouri
Sallie R Lockhart, W, F, 2, daughter, Kentucky, Kentucky, Missouri

1900 Kentucky Campbell Highland page 173
Family 149
M R Lockhart, head, W, M, Nov 1846, 53, M, 30 years, Kentucky, England, Kentucky
Mary E Lockhart, wife, W, F, Apr 1845, 55, M, 30 years, 3 children 3 living, Missouri, Kentucky, Kentucky
M R Lockhart, daughter, W, F, June 1872, 27, sgl, Kentucky
, Kentucky, Kentucky
Sallie R Lockhart, daughter, W, F, July 1879, 20, sgl, Kentucky, Kentucky, Kentucky

1900 Kentucky Bourbon 1-WD Paris page 7
Family 147
Florence K Lockhart, head, W, F, Nov 1857, 42, Wd, 3 children 3 living, Virginia, Kentucky, Kentucky
Mary H Lockhart, daughter, W, F, Nov 1882, 17, sgl, Kentucky, Kentucky, Virginia
Sallie C Lockhart, daughter, W, F, Aug 1884, 15, sgl, Kentucky, Kentucky, Virginia
Florence K Lockhart, daughter, W, F, Sep 1888, 11, sgl, Kentucky, Kentucky, Virginia
Henrietta R Lockhart, sister-in-law, W, F, Sep 1848, 52, sgl, Kentucky, Ireland, Kentucky

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