Monday, April 06, 2009

More about Septemus and Julia Freeman

This record is likely, but not certainly, their infant:

Obituary, June 2, 1899, FREEMAN , little babe of Mr. & Mrs. S. F., Butts County Obituaries

Note: there are some Freemans at each of these, but none seem to be ours:

Sarah Clifford is found here:

Watkins, James B.
12/09/1861- 01/06/1921
"A Good Father"

Watkins, Clifford Freeman
"Wife of James B. Watkins"
03/23/1869- 12/09/1905

Watkins, Adolphus Freeman
"Sea, US Army, WW11
03/03/1894- 06/04/1975

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