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Thomas (Francis) and Susan Brown Freeman

Thomas F(Francis) and Susan Freeman mentioned in the Hearne Addenda page 788 are found in Texas in 1880, along with several of Thomas's brothers:

1880 Census, Texas, Young, Precinct 1, pp 400-401
Family 478
Thos F Freeman, W, M, 27, husband, GA, NC, GA
Susan Freeman, W, F, 23, wife, GA, NC, GA
Reger A Freeman, W, M, 5, son, GA, GA, GA
Sylph Freeman, W, F, 3, daughter, GA, GA, GA
Sallie W Freeman, W, F, 1, daughter, GA, GA, GA
Joseph B Freeman, W, M, 25, brother, GA, NC, GA
William W Freeman, W, M, 24, brother, GA, NC, GA
James E Freeman, W, M, 22, brother, GA, NC, GA
Parpiers R Freeman, W, M, 18, brother, GA, NC, GA
Septimus F Freeman, W, M, 16, brother, GA, NC, GA

This siblings and parents of Thomas are rounded out with this 1880 census record from Indian Springs, Georgia:

Family 148, Josiah Freeman, W, M, 68, farmer, b. NC, f. NC, m. NC;
Sarah W. Freeman, W, F, 50, wife, GA, GA, SC;
Jeter Freeman, W, M, 21, son, GA, NC, GA;
Jessee Freeman, W, M, 15, son, GA, NC, GA;
Dolly W Freeman, W, M, 12, son, GA, NC, GA;
Clifford Freeman, W, F, 11, dau, GA, NC, GA;
Census 1880 Georgia, Butts, Indian Springs, District 18, page 16; "Census 1880 Georgia Butts Indian Springs District 18 page 16 Freeman Jos.jpg" image in collection of Brian Cragun.

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Linda F said...

Thomas Francis Hearne Freeman is my great-grandfather's brother. The Hearne is often left off records. He married Mary Susan Brown, born in Georgia (she was called Susan). They had ten children. Several of the Freeman brothers from Georgia moved to Texas, and then Arizona, and onto California. Most of them ended up in San Luis Obispo County, except Josiah's line. I collected as many of my cousins birthdates and places as possible during the 1970s when we were still in touch with the Paso Robles Freemans.

Linda Freeman