Friday, March 14, 2008

Are there any descends of Robert and Jane Rayn of Lee Iowa?

One more census found with Rayn in 1930.

Census 1930, Iowa, Lee, Des Moines Twp,page 34
Family 80
R B Rayn, head, M, W, 60, sgl, Iowa, Ohio, Iowa
Edward Rayn, partner - relative, M, W, 58, sgl, Iowa, Ohio, Iowa
Jane A Rayn, mother, F, W, 79, Ohio, Virginia, Ohio
Rickey B Rayn, sister, F, W, 43, sgl, Iowa, Ohio, Iowa
Joseph Rayn, brother, M, W, 48, sgl, Iowa, Ohio, Iowa

With four adult children past 40 in the home still single, it seems that they may never have married. Two children died before their teens. It begs the question if there are any descendants beyond this generation.

We know that in 1930, Robert B, Edward, Ricka and Joseph were single. Each of these is also found in the Meek Oakland Cemetery at Vincennes. Ricka's stone has her maiden name, although no death date. (I need to check this personally). Happy and Abel, who died young, are also buried there.

That leaves only Meeker and Clyde.

Meeker and Joseph are found in the Social Security index. (See previous post.)

In Meeker's case, we know he died in 1966, so was living in 1930 and in the county, but not living at home. He is not found in 1930 Lee County Census, but he is found in Wyoming in 1920 Census. It is both his age, unusual name and the his birth state and parents signature birth state combination that make it clear it is our Meeker. Doesn't look very hopeful for descendants.

Census 1920 Wyoming, Hot Springs, Election District 17, page 192
Family 87
Meeker Ryan, head, M, W, sgl, Iowa, Ohio, Iowa.

That leaves Clyde as the main hope for descendants. Because he is not buried at Vincennes with the rest of the family, it suggests he moved away. Searches in other indexes have turned up nothing. I've searched the Social Security index, and 1920 census.

There is a Clyde E Ryan in 1920 Nebraska, Keith, Vial, page 32, family 234. He is the right age, born in Iowa, but his Mother is listed with a Virginia birth. I conclude this is too much of a leap.

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