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John and Nancy E (Hearne) Simmons of Wilson Tennessee

Census 1870 Tennessee Wilson Oak Point PO pg 588
Family 29
John Simmons, 36, M, W, County Surveyor, Tennessee
Nancy E Simmons, 35, F, W, Tennessee
Betty H Simmons, 7, F, W, Tennessee
William A Simmons, 5, M, W, Tennessee
Eva Bell Simmons, 4, F, W, Tennessee
John Simmons, 1, M, W, Tennessee
James Simmons, 21, M, W, Tennessee

Census 1880 Tennessee Wilson 18-Dist p 535
Family 186
J W Simmons, W, M, 46, Farmer, TN, TN, TN
N E Simmons, W, F, 44, wife, keeping house, TN, NC, NC
Bettie H Simmons, W, F, 17, dau, TN, TN, TN
W A Simmons, W, M, 15, son, TN, TN, TN
E B Simmons, W, F, 13, dau, TN, TN, TN
J W Simmons Jr, W, M, 10, son, TN, TN, TN
P N Simmons, W, M, 8, son, TN, TN, TN
M F Simmons, W, F, 6, dau, TN, TN, TN
Nora A Simmons, W, F, 1, dau, TN, TN, TN

Census 1900 Alabama Jefferson 0121 Precinct 38 Bessemer Ward 2 pg 22
Family 264
John W Simmons, head, W, M, Aug 1833, 66, Md 39 yrs, TN, NC, TN
Nancy E Simmons, wife, W, F, Apr, 1837, 63, Md 39 yrs, 8 children, 8 living, TN, NC, NC
Bettie H Simmons, dau, W, F, Oct 1862, 37, sgl, TN, TN, TN
Palace N Simmons, dau, W, F, Feb 1872, 28, sgl, TN, TN, TN
Nora A Simmons, dau, W, F, Oct 1879, 20, sgl, TN, TN, TN
Sallie J Simmons, dau, W, F, Feb 1883, 17, sgl, TN, TN, TN
John W Simmons Jr, son, W, M, Aug 1869, 30, sgl, TN, TN, TN

Census 1910 Alabama Jefferson Bessemer 2-WD p 19
1823 7th Avenue, Bessemer
Family 142
John W Simmons, head, M, W, 76, M1, TN, TN, TN
Nancy E Simmons, wife, F, W, 75, M1 50 yrs, 8 children, 7 living, TN, NC, NC
Betty H Simmons, dau, F, W, 47, sgl, TN, TN, TN
Palace N Simmons, son, M, W, 38, M1, 1 yr, TN, TN, TN
Ina E Simmons, daughter in law, F, W, 21, M1, 1 child, 1 living, WV, WV, WV
Palace N Simmons Jr., grandson, M, W, 7months, sgl, TN, TN, TN

The 1900 census helps us because it confirms there were 8 children.

The 1910 census helps us confirm Palace's gender. The name Palace is used for men and women. The 1900 doesn't help much by calling Palace a daughter. The 1910 census is much stronger evidence because it lists a wife and a son of same name. This together with the 1880 census leads to a firm conclusion that Palace was male, and the 1900 census is incorrect on this.

Social Security Death Index
Birth Date: 19 Feb 1872
Death Date: Mar 1964
Social Security Number: 421-14-8899
State Issued: Alabama
Actual Death Residence: Alabama

Social Security Death Index
Birth Date: 13 Sep 1909
Death Date: Mar 1984
Social Security Number: 421-01-8661
State Issued: Alabama
Death Residence Localities
ZIP Code: 35020
Localities: Bessemer, Jefferson, Alabama

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