Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Where are James Caldwell and Ludella Beatrice (Brown) Hearne?

Received a letter today from a nice person who said they came from Hazel Elaine Hearne (1910) the daughter of James Caldwell and Ludella Beatrice (Brown) Hearne. After a little looking, I am quite mystified. I can't find any evidence of this family, let alone this previously unknown (to me) daughter, in either the 1910 or 1920 Louisiana Census.

Here are the children.
1. Jessie Eula Hearne, b. 7 Mar 1890, , Jackson, Louisiana, USA
2. Joshua Abraham Hearne, b. 11 Aug 1891, , Jackson, Louisiana, USA
3. Ethel Estelle Hearne, b. 20 Jul 1894, , Jackson, Louisiana, USA
4. Arthur Bryan Hearne, b. 20 Jul 1897, , Jackson, Louisiana, USA
5. Lester Baskin Hearne, b. 7 Dec 1901, , Jackson, Louisiana, USA
6. Dwight Moody Hearne, b. 17 Aug 1903, , Jackson, Louisiana, USA

The link in the database. The link in Hearne History.

Oh. Spoke a little too soon. Here they are in the 1900 Census, Louisiana, Jackson, Ward 5
Family 2
James C Hearn, head, W, M, Jan 1868, 32, Md 11, GA, GA, NC
Loudella Hearn, wife, W, F, Jan 1870, 30, Md 11, 4 children 4 living, GA, GA, GA
Jessy E Hearn, daughter, W, F, Mar 1890, 10, sgl, LA, GA, GA
Joshua A Hearn, son, W, M, Aug 1891, 9, sgl, LA, GA, GA
Ethel E Hearn, daughter, W, F, July 1894, 5, LA, GA, GA
Arther B Hearn, son, W, M, July 1898, 2, LA, GA, GA

Still, they seem to have totally disappeared by 1910!

OK. Round 3. Let's search the SS Death Index.
Here's Arthur:

Birth Date: 20 Jul 1897
Death Date: Aug 1969
SS Number: 435-09-5410
State Issued: Louisiana
Death Residence Localities
ZIP Code: 71201
Localities: Bosco, Ouachita, Louisiana
Corey, Ouachita, Louisiana
Fondale, Ouachita, Louisiana
Lamkin, Ouachita, Louisiana
Monroe, Ouachita, Louisiana
Northeast, Ouachita, Louisiana
Pine Grove, Ouachita, Louisiana
Town And Country, Ouachita, Louisiana

Here is Dwight:
Birth Date: 15 Aug 1903
Death Date: 12 Apr 1990
SS Number: 438-12-9461
State Issued: Louisiana

You'll see in the attached comments that Lyon's Den has found this family in the 1910 census. Thanks! Lyon's Den interpret's Morris's name as Harris. I still like Morris. Look at the following snippets from 1920 and 1920 census. Even though the 1910 census is a poor image, you can see that the first letter of Morris/Harris is not the same as the first letter of Hazel. It is therefore not an H. I conclude that Morris is a better reading, especially after seeing the more clear 1920 census.


Lyon's Den said...

I believe I have found them in the 1910 census in Caldwell County, Louisiana.

"d Ward 4, District 3", Dwelling #117, Family #117

117 117 Hearn J. C. Head MW 41 M1-21 GA/GA/SC Farmer and minister
117 117 Hearn Lou D. Wife FW 40 M1-21-9-9 GA/GA/GA none
117 117 Hearn Jessie Daughter FW 20 S LA/GA/GA none
117 117 Hearn Joshua Son MW 18 S LA/GA/GA none
117 117 Hearn Ethel Daughter FW 15 S LA/GA/GA
117 117 Hearn Arthur Son MW 12 S LA/GA/GA
117 117 Hearn Lester Son MW 8 S LA/GA/GA
117 117 Hearn Dwight M. Son MW 6 S LA/GA/GA
117 117 Hearn Roy Son MW 4 S LA/GA/GA
117 117 Hearn Harris Son MW 2 S LA/GA/GA
117 117 Hearn Hazel Daughter FW 8m S LA/GA/GA

Lyon's Den said...

Should be Caldwell Parish NOT Caldwell County.

Brian Cragun said...

Great find, Lyon's Den! Thank you! That's definitely the same family.