Monday, March 10, 2008

William W & Eliza J Allen and family

I believe William W and Eliza Allen to be the family of Alice Mary Allen, wife of Richard B Meek. This is somewhat circumstantial.

First, Hearne lists Richard and Alice like this: R. B., married Alice Allen and lives near Vincennes, Iowa. (HH pg 98)

Second, the 1900 census has a lot of key linking information.
1900 Census, Iowa, Lee, Des Moines, page 280
Household 205 Family 206
R B Meek, head, W, M, Apr 1862, 38, Md 7yrs, Iowa, Virginia, Ohio, Farmer
Mary A Meek, wife, W, F, Dec 1869, 30, Md 7yrs, 0 children, Iowa, Kentucky, Ohio
William Meek, boarder, W, M, Aug 1852, 47, sgl, Iowa
Eliza J Allen, m-in-law, W, F, Oct 1842, 57, Wid, 5 children, 5 living, Ohio, Ohio, Pennsylvania
Daniel R Allen, boarder, W, M, Mar 1839, 60, sgl, Kentucky, Kentucky, Kentucky, Capitalist
Dick Marshall, servant, W, M, Oct 1870, 28, sgl, Iowa, Iowa, Iowa, Farmer
Martha M Parsons, aunt, W, F, Feb 1825, 75, Wid, Ohio, Maryland, Pennsylvania
Family 207 (same house)
Priscilla Meek, head, W, F, Oct 1819, 80, Wid, Ohio, Maryland, Pennsylvania
Mary Kelly, servant, W, F, Nov 1878, Wid, sgl, Missouri, Virginia, Iowa
James H Carter, S-in-law, W, M, Dec 1834, 65, Md 8 yrs, Ohio, New York, Ohio
Blanch M Carter, daughter, W, F, Nov(?) 1855, 44, Md 8 yrs, 1 child, 1 living, Iowa, Virginia, Ohio

(Note: Census says there is a child, but no child is listed.)

From the 1900 Census, we can see R.B.'s wife is Mary A, but his mother-in-law is Eliza J Allen, widowed from Ohio, father from Ohio, and mother from Pennsylvania. We can conclude this is the right Mary A., and her full name is Mary Alice. Mary Alice is born in Iowa, but her father is from Kentucky, and her mother is from Ohio.

In the 1880 census there is a family that fits this perfectly. Note the name, birth date and place, and parent birth places match for both Eliza J Allen and the daughter Mary Alice.

1880 Census, Iowa, Lee, Des Moines, p 233
Family 38
William W Allen, W, M, 38, Farmer, Kentucky, Kentucky, Kentucky
Eliza J Allen, W, F, 36, wife, Ohio, Ohio, Pennsylvania
Thomas C Allen, W, M, 13, son, Iowa, Kentucky, Ohio
Alice M Allen, W, F, 11, dau, Iowa, Kentucky, Ohio
Ollie L Allen, W, F, 9, dau, Iowa, Kentucky, Ohio
Anna P Allen, W, F, 4, dau, Iowa, Kentucky, Ohio
Bertha W Allen, W, F, 2, dau, Iowa, Kentucky, Ohio

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