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Josiah Freeman and Sarah White Hearne

Hearne has this to say about the Josiah Freeman and Sarah White Hearne Family:

Sarah White Hearne, daughter of Francis Sharpe Hearne, Sr., was born in 1830, died in 1882. In 1848 she married Joseph Freeman. Children: Francis H., born 1849; Joe B., born 1852; William W., born 1854; James Edgar, born 1856; John Jeter, born 1858, died 1900; Pierpont Read, born 1860, died 1905; Septimus F., born 1862, died 1910; Jessie W., born 1864, died 1907; Asca Adolphus, born 1866, and sarah Clifford, born 1868, died 1904.

Francis H. Freeman married Miss Sue Brown in 1875, Children: Reger, born 1876; Sylph, born 1878 and Sarah, born 1880.

James Edgar Freeman, born 1856, married December 24, 1884, Miss Clara Pound, who was born April 3, 1863. Children: Julia, born October 26, 1885; Rex, born June 20, 1889, died August 2, 1910; C. L. (initals only), born December 11, 1902, and Ed, born May 29, 1905. This family live at Pittsburg, Tex.

Julia Freeman, born 1885, married G. L. Gay in 1907 and lives in Dallas, Tex.

John Jeter Freeman married a Miss Scott and died in 1900, leaving two children, Scott and Clara. Clara married a Mr. Fry, of Gorman, Tex.

Pierpont Reid Freeman, born October 26, 1860, in Georgia, Indian Springs, and died at Bay City, Tex., April 23, 1904. He married Miss Ella James, near Pittsburg, Tex., January 6, 1887. She was born in Arkansas, November 19, 1868. Children: Patty Hearne, born November 17, 1887, and died August 10, 1911; Gracia Alton, born March 25, 1889, and died March 22, 1912, at Hearne, Tex., where she was teaching school; Josiah David, born September 15, 1890, and died September 3, 1911. Barbara Alice, born March 25, 1892; Pierpont Reid, Jr., born October 21, 1897; Jesse Ross, born December 24, 1898. Mrs. Ella J. Freeman lives now at San Angelo, Tex....

Septimus Freeman married Miss Julia Pound in 1886. Children: Zilla May, born 1887; Loree, born 1890 and Adron, born 1893. Mr. Freeman died in 1911 and his widow lives in Atlanta, Ga.

Asca Adolphus Freeman married Miss Belle Wheeler. Children: Joe Wheeler, Sarah, Otelia and Belle.

Sarah Clifford Freeman married James B. Watkins in 1885 and has six children. They live in Jackson, Butts County, Ga.

Ha! I was not thinking and only read page 787, which has only the list of children; then did the following census search and match, without the benefit of page 788, which contains the details about the children. Ah well, as you'll see the census entries are a little strange if taken alone. But together, they provide a consistent picture for this family. It's nice to see my conclusions match with the information on page 788.

Here they are in 1860:
Census 1860 Georgia, Butts, Indian Spring, page 8
Family 62
Josiah Freeman, 48, M, NC
Sarah W Freeman, 30, F, GA
Thomas F W Freeman, 9, M, GA
Josiah B Freeman, 6, M GA
William W Freeman, 5, M, GA
James E Freeman, 3, M, GA
John J Freeman, 1, M, GA
Mary S Swan, 10, F, GA

Here they are in 1870
Census 1870 Georgia, Butts, Indian Spring, Subdivision 13, page 49
Family 405 Jos Freeman, 59 M, W, NC
Sarah W Freeman, 40, F, W, GA
Thomas T Freeman, 19, M, W, GA
Josiah B Freeman, 16, M, W, GA
Edgar J Freeman, 13, M, W, GA
John G Freeman, 11, M, W, GA
Perpon R Freeman, 9, M, W, GA
Septimus P Freeman, 7, M, W, GA
Jessee W Freeman, 5, M, W, GA
Oscar (?) Freeman, 3, M, W, GA
Sallie C Freeman, 1, F, W, GA

And in 1880:
Census 1880 Georgia, Butts, Indian Springs, District 18, page 16
Family 148, Josiah Freeman, W, M, 68, farmer, b. NC, f. NC, m. NC;
Sarah W. Freeman, W, F, 50, wife, GA, GA, SC;
Jeter Freeman, W, M, 21, son, GA, NC, GA;
Jessee Freeman, W, M, 15, son, GA, NC, GA;
Dolly W Freeman, W, M, 12, son, GA, NC, GA;
Clifford Freeman, W, F, 11, dau, GA, NC, GA;
Drury Watson, W, M, 70, boarder, GA, NC, GA;
Elijah Clapp, W, M, 38, boarder, Texas, Illinois, Tennessee
Lou Clapp, W, F, 30, boarder, GA, GA, GA;
Louvenia Clapp, W, F, 8, boarder, Texas, Texas, GA
Lizzie Clapp, W, F, 4, boarder, Texas, Texas, GA
Sallie Clapp, W, F, 1 boarder, GA, Texas, GA

Here is a comparison of Hearne and the three censuses.

Hearne History

1860 Census

1870 Census

1880 Census

Joseph Freeman

Josiah Freeman – 48 (1812)

Jos Freeman – 59 (1811)

Josiah Freeman – 68 (1812)

Sarah White (Hearne) 1830

Sarah W. – 30 (1830)

Sarah W. – 40 (1830)

Sarah W. – 50 (1830)

Francis H. – 1849

Thomas F. W. – 9 (1851)

Thomas T. – 19 (1851)

Joe B. – 1852

Josiah B. - 6 (1854)

Josiah B. – 16 (1854)

William W. – 1854

William W. – 5 (1855)

James Edgar – 1856

James E. – 3 (1857)

Edgar J. – 13 (1857)

John Jeter – 1858

John J. – 1 (1859)

John G. – 11 (1859)

Jeter – 21 (1859)

Pierpont Read – 1860

Perpon R. – 9 (1861)

Septimus F. – 1862

Septimus P. – 7 (1863)

Jessie W. – 1864

Jessee W. – 5 (1865)

Jessee – 15 (1865)

Asca Adolphus – 1866

Oscar (?) – 3 (1867) (M)

Dolly – 12 (1867) (M)

Sarah Clifford – 1868

Sallie C. – 1 (1869) (F)

Clifford – 11 (1868) (F)

An interesting note is in the 1880 census, the census taker correctly got the gender of Asca Adolphus "Dolly" and Sarah Clifford "Clifford", but a well meaning individual later overwrote the gender and drew crossed dashed lines to the son/daughter; obviously assuming they were mixed up.

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Mysterious Walter S. Hearne and father Thomas P. Hearne in Mitchell, Georgia in 1900

Who is Walter S. Hearn, b. 1855? In Mitchell Georgia 1900? And his father Thomas P Hearn, b. 1824, is living with them?
Family 27, Walter S. Hearn, head W, M, Feb 1855, 45, married 25 years, GA, GA, GA;
Maggie Hearn, wife, W, F, Mar 1855, 45, married 25, 9 children, 6 living, GA, GA, GA;
Lena L. Hearn, dau, W, F, Dec 1878, 21, S, GA, GA, GA;
Maude M. Hearn, dau, W, F, April 1881, 19, S, GA, GA, GA;
Emma B. Hearn, dau, W, M, Mar 1889, 11, S, GA, GA, GA;
Biggers S. Hearn, son, W, M, Oct 1891, 8, S, GA, GA, GA;
Willim J. Hearn, son, W, M, Oct 1891, 8, S
Thomas P. Hearn, father, W, M, July 1824, 75, Wid,GA, GA, GA;

In the Hearne book, there is only one Thomas Hearne (R6239) from Georgia, born about 1825. That's the son of Jacob Hearne and Elizabeth Mayfield. According the Hearne History, "they settled first in Franklin Co., Ga, In 1820 they moved to Coweta Co., Ga and later to Campbell Co, Ga. where he died."

Thomas Jefferson Hearne (R8599) is a long shot. Son of Charles William Hearne (b 1808, Troup, GA) and Nancy Wheeler. That makes his father a little young, but possible.

Joseph L Williams and Mary Hearne of Eatonton, GA

Found Joseph L Williams (R9851, p 787)and family! They're in Eatonton (Putnam County Georgia) Census 1900 page 303.
Family 249:
J. L. Williams, head, W, M, Oct 1853, 46?, married 19 years, b. GA, f. SC, m. GA.;
M. E. Williams, wife, W, F, Oct 1858, 42, M 19 years, 8 children 7 living, GA, GA, GA;
Mary F. Williams, dau, W, F, oct 1882, 17, S, GA, GA, GA;
Henry H. Williams, son, W, M, May 1885, 15, S, GA, GA, GA;
J. L. Williams Jr., son, W, M, Dec 1887, 12, S, GA, GA, GA;
Lillie A. Williams, dau, W, F, Mar, 1890, 10, S, GA, GA, GA;
Nannie (or Marrie) E. Williams, dau, W, F, July 1892 7, S, GA, GA, GA;
Ruby C. Williams, dau, W, F, Mar 1895, 5, S, GA, GA, GA;
Frank Williams, W, M, June 1897, 2, S, GA, GA, GA;

Nannie is hard to read, Hearne says name is Emie. Since the middle initial is E, I guess that is Emie.

In the house next to Joseph and Mary Emma is a Charles Herne. Who is that? He doesn't match any of the Hearnes I can find in Hearne History.

Charles Herne, w, M, Sep 1870, 30, married 9 years; Ostell Herne, wife, W, F, Feb 1873, 27, M; Lillian Herne, dau, w, F, May 1892, 8, S; Julia Herne, dau, W, F, July 1894, 5, S; Charles S. Herne, son, W, M, Nov 1899, 6/12, S;

Added Joseph Williams and Mary Emma Hearne and family to database.
Added Edward Smith and Mary F Williams and children to database.
Added Walter Hearn (b 1863) and Sadie Patrick and children to database.

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Children of Henry Branham Hearne and Mary Carlton Waller

Entered children of Henry Branham Hearne (R9746) and Mary Carlton Waller (9844) in PAF database.

Looking for death information of children:

Found Henry Hearne Jr. death information: U.S. Social Security Death Index, SSN 133-26-6319, Henry Hearn Jr, Birth: 6 Apr 1903, Death: 15 Mar 1998, Death Residence: 31024, Eatonton, Putnum, Georgia

Found Francis HEARN, U.S. Social Security Death Index, Francis HEARN, Birth Date: 31 Oct 1906, Death Date: 25 Nov 1993, Social Security Number: 260-58-3561, State Issued: Georgia, Death Residence Localities, ZIP Code: 31024, Localities: Eatonton, Putnam, Georgia

Found Paul HEARN, U.S. Social Security Death Index,
Birth Date: 26 Dec 1909
Death Date: Dec 1981
Social Security Number: 247-78-0509
State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: South Carolina
Death Residence Localities
ZIP Code: 29607
Localities: Batesville, Greenville, South Carolina
Greenville, Greenville, South Carolina

Entered children of Mary Emma, daughter of Francis Sharpe Hearne, Jr., and Joseph L. Williams, of Newton County, Ga., Children: Mary, Henry Hearne, Lillie, Emie, Ruby and Frank.
Had to estimate birth dates 1880-1890, and birthplace, of Eatonton, GA, for now.

Search on "Jos Williams, 1900, GA"
Not in Greensboro, Spalding.

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Henry Branham Hearne family

Looking for Henry Branham Hearne in the censuses. Trying to find a physical for the location of this man and family.

Who are all these other Hearns? Henry A Hearn in Ashley,Pike ,Missouri?

Found them:
Family 405 Henry D Hearne, head, M, W, 63 M;
Mary C, wife, F, W, 40 M;
Henry B Jr, son, M, W, 16 S;
Rosa, dau, F, W, 15, S;
William, son, M, W, 14, S;
Francis, son, M W, 13, S;
Elizabeth, dau, F, W 11, S;
Paul, son, M, W, 11, S;
Census 1920 Georgia, Putnam, Eatonton;

Ahhh, there they are in 1900, under the name H B Hearn.
family 303, H B Hearn, head, W, M, May 1856, 44, Widower, Mary J., dau, W, F, Apr 1888, 12, S; Amanda, aunt, W, F, Oct 1839, 60, widow; all born and parents born in Georgia.
Census 1900 Georgia Putnam Eatonton City - Henry B Hearne

In the 1910 census, they are in Putnam, again.
family 232 Henry B Hearn, head, M, W, 54, 2nd marriage, 9 years in this marriage; Mary C., wife, f, W, 31, first marriage, 9 years, 6 children, 6 living; Janie, dau, F, W, 22, S; Henry B. Jr., son, M, W, 7, S; Rosa C., dau, F, W, 6, S; William W., son, M, W, 4, S; Francis H, son, M, W, 3, S; Martha E.,dau, F, W, 2, S; Bolander, son, M, W, 3/12, S; all born and parents born in Georgia. Census 1910, Georgia, Putnam, Eatonton district 368