Monday, January 19, 2009

Census 1900 West Virginia Mercer Upper End of Rock District
family 146
Hiram Little, head, W, M, Nov 1852, 47, Md 21 yrs, Virginia, Virginia, Virginia
Martha Little, wife, W, F, Nov, 1854, 45, Md 21 yrs, 7 children 5 living, Virginia, Virginia, Virginia
John R Little, son, W, M, Sep 1889, 19 sgl, Virginia, Virginia, Virginia
Robert S Little, son, W, M, May 1883, 16, sgl, Virginia, Virginia, Virginia
Magnetta Little, daughter, W, F, Apr 1887, 13, sgl, Virginia, Virginia, Virginia
Edgar B Little, son, W, M, Aug, 1892, 7, sgl, Virginia, Virginia, Virginia

Julius A and Nancy (Mallour) Hearne

Census 1900 Texas Hill 2 J Pct page 144
Family 9
J A Hearn, head, W, M, April 1841, 59, Md 35, Alabama, North Carolina, North Carolina
Nancy A Hearn, wife, W, F, Dec 1845, 56, Md 35, 4 children 4 living, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama
William F Hearn, son, W, M, April 1875, 25, sgl, Texas, Alabama, Alabama,
Caroline Hearn, mother, W, F, June, 1815, 84, Wd, 7 children 3 living, North Carolina, North Carolina, North Carolina

Census 1910 Texas Hill Itasca pg 172

Nancy A Hearn, head, F, W, 63, Wd, 4 children 4 living, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama
Clarence P Buchanan, son in law, M, W, 40, Md 1, Mississippi, Mississippi, Mississippi
Callie Buchanan, daughter, F, W, 37, Md 1, Texas, Alabama, Alabama
Creed D Buchanan, grandson, M, W, 15, sgl, Texas, Mississippi, Texas

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Albert and Lizzie Lee Hearne Bacon

1900 Delaware Sussex Little Creek Hundred page 83
Family 302
Lizzie L Bacon, head, W, F, Dec 1866, 33, Married, 7 children, 4 living, Delaware, Delaware, Delaware
George H Bacon, son, W, M, Jan 1890, 10, sgl, Delaware, Delaware, Delaware
Walter A Bacon, son, W, M, Mar 1894, 6, sgl, Delaware, Delaware, Delaware
Census 1900 Delaware Sussex Little Creek Hundred - p 83 - Lizzie Bacon.gif

1910 Delaware Sussex Representative District 5 Election District 2 page 245
Family 260
Albert Bacon, head, M, W, 51, M1, 22, Delaware, Delaware, Delaware (Farmer)
Lizzie L. Bacon, wife, F, W, 42, M1, 22, Delaware, Delaware, Delaware
George H. Bacon, son, M, W, 20, sgl, Delaware, Delaware, Delaware
Emma G. Bacon, dau, F, W, 18, sgl, Utah, Delaware, Delaware (School teacher)
Nattie A. Bacon, son, M, W, 16, sgl, Utah, Delaware, Delaware
Lewis H. B. Bacon, son, M, W, 9, sgl, Delaware, Delaware, Delaware
Jahine E Bacon, daughter, F, W, 6, sgl, Delaware, Delaware, Delaware

1920 Delaware Sussex Delmar Election District 2 Representative District 5 page 245
Family 266
Albert Bacon, head, M, W, 60, M, Delaware, Delaware, Delaware
Lizze Lee Bacon, wife, F, W, 50, M, Delaware, Delaware, Delaware
Elizabeth J Bacon, daughter, F, W, 14, sgl, Delaware, Delaware, Delaware