Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Will of Jonathan A Hearn, b. 1812

James Hearn also provided me a transcript of the will of Jonathan A Hearn of Sussex, born 1812. The will lists his wife, Frances S. Hearn, and his six children: Job S., Elijah R., Alfred W., Stephen G., Mary E., and Martha A. Will dated 3 Sep 1894.
"He stipulates that he set up the cemetery there for the purpose of buring relatives and friends of the family. He also arranged for his wife, Frances S., himself and Patrick, his son to have tombs erected for themselves, but not necessarly there. As a matter of fact they are burial in Cemetery #81 at Laurel. The dates on the stones there agree with the 1870 census of him and his family..." (James Hearn)
Here is Jonathan A's family in the 1870 census:

The will and the census clarify this paragraph from page 47 of Hearne History (italics are my clarifications):
Elijah Hearne, date of birth and death and name of wife not known; left children Job, Alfred and Francis. Jonathan Alfred, born 1814 (b. 1812); married Francis Sirman 1835 (she was born 1813), children Patrick (b. 1836), Alfred Wheelbanks (b. 1842), Stephen (not living with Jonathan Alfred in 1870) , Mary E. (b 1849), Martha (b. 1851), Job S (b. 1853) and Elijah R. (b. 1855). Patrick born 1836: married Fannie Traverse 1870 and died the same year. Alfred Wheelbanks married Anne Collier; children: Clarence and Susie. Stephen Hearne married Miranda Hastings: children: Jennie and Patrick. Martha Hearne married E. Frank Hearne, who now lives in Laurel, Dalaware. Job Hearne married Ella Henry; children: Grace, Ira and Alfred. Elijah married Dora Henry; children: Caldwell and Cleveland.
The family is also found in the 1860 Census,
Census 1860 Delaware Sussex Little Creek Hundred pg 446
Family 942
Jonathan A Hearn, 48, M, W, Farmer, Del
Frances Hearn, 47, F, W, Del
Patrick H Hearne, 24, M, W, Clerk, Del
Alfred W Hearn, 18, M, W, Del
Stephen G Hearn, 16, M, W, Del
William H Hearn, 14, M, W, Del
Mary E F Hearn, 12, F, W, Del
Martha A Hearn, 10, F, W, Del
Job S Hearn, 8, M, W, Del
Elijah K Hearn, 6, M, W, Del
William Miller, 20, M, M, Farm Laborer, Del
Ann M Matthews, 35, F, B, Servant, Del

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Listing and photos of Bloxom Daugherty Farm Cemetery in Sussex Delaware

James Hearn sent me an annotated listing of the Hearn related tombstones in the cemetery on the Bloxom Daugerty Farm in Sussex Delaware. This listing is updated and corrected from an original publication in The Maryland and Delaware Genealogist, Vol. VIII, No. 1, January 1967 & Vol. VIII, No. 2, April 1967. He also sent several images. I've added links from the tombstone listing to the images. You can see the complete listing with image links here. (The tombstone of Jonathan Hearn of S. is shown to the right.)

James Hearn notes:
This cemetery is where the parents of Jonathan Alfred Hearn, previously owner of the farm there, are buried and was set aside as a burial ground for the purpose of burying relative and friends of the family in 1884 by Jonathan when he died in that year. It's all stated in his will. Ref:RG 4545.009, roll #107, Jonathan A. Hearn 1884-1885.

This cemetery is located approximately 1-1 1/4 miles north of Delmar on the road from Delmar to Laurel. It is currently surrounded by farming equipment in the center of which is a group of small trees where the cemetery is located. It is 1/4 acre, as stipulated in Jonathan's will.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Photos of Hearne graves and markers in Maryland

James Hearne wrote and sent some photos of historical Hearne sites in Maryland. He sent images from 30 years ago and today. Interesting for comparison.

Here is the Hearne cemetery near Delmar Maryland. (Map) About 1973 (above) and 2006 (below).

Here is the marker that W. T. Hearne erected in 1895 near the old church. James writes:
"...pictures taken of the old church where Wm. T. Hearne, the author, placed a monument across the road indicating the location of his ancestor, Ebenezer Hearne. The church which in 1973 supposedly had the old phews in there was opened to the public once a year to visitors. Now it appears to be in use as a home, since there has been a picket fence installed around the church and there are curtains and shades at the windows.
"The monument William T. Hearne installed across the road is still in good shape but the ground around it is continuing to erode away as you can see by the picture. I am afraid in a few more years it will tumble over."
Here is the old church near the marker. About 1973 (above) and 2006 (below).

Here is the marker itself. About 1973 (above) and 2006 (below).