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West Virginia Hearnes and Shumates

Jennifer Lyon wrote and shared the following:

I have always thought that Bud Shumate, listed on 596 in the book, and who married Aura Elizabeth Hearn (Daughter of Andrew & Martha) probably had another name (i.e. Bud was a family name or nickname). Especially as I cannot find anyone named "Bud" Shumate in the 1900 or 1910 census. As I recall, the Hearne book lists them as having had 2 children, Lula May and Guy, before Aura Elizabeth died in 1895.

Interestingly enough I find in the 1910 census, one Harvey M. Shumate with grandchildren Lena, age 14 and Guy, age 12, living in Mercer County, West Virginia (1910 WV Census, Mercer County, Plymouth, ED #134, Dwelling #193, Family #197). I am wondering if these 2 children could be Aura's children and if Harvey Shumate could be "Bud's" father. In the 1900 census, Harvey doesn't have these 2 grandchildren enumerated with him, but he does have a widowed son Henderson. Guy Shumate's age doesn't match with the recorded death information for Aura Elizabeth, though.

Returning to the 1910 census, searching for Henderson, I find him in the same ED (Dwelling #161, Family #165), listed as married twice, with second marriage of duration 9 years. The 4 children listed in the household appear to be of ages to only be those born in the second marriage (which is reported as 4 born/4 living). (Note that Henderson is of an age to have been married to Aura Elizabeth Hearn.)

There is a Guy E Shumate age 22 enumerated in Roanoke, VA in the 1920 census (which matches a birth year of 1898 that a Guy Earl Shumate reported in the WW1 draft registration, living in Mercer County WV). He lists occupation as a pipe fitter for the railroad and has presumed wife Leona (both are listed as "lodgers" in the Walter Draper household (Roanoke Highland Ward 2, ED #31, Dwelling #478, Family #584).

I tried search the WV death index for Guy and Henderson Shumate but neither appears there.

Separately here are some cemetery records for other members of the WV Hearn families (copied from

Chapman Johnston
Feb. 10, 1882
Aug. 19, 1951

Savannah Hearn Johnston
July 3, 1888
March 29, 1978

From a Shumate Cemetery in Mercer County WV

Infant Hearn
Son of J. E. and E. T. Hearn
Born Sept. 4, 1888
Died Sept. 5, 1888

From the Comer-Powell cemetery, Mercer County WV

Nell Gore Hearn
1908 - 1934

From the Dunagan-Whitaker Cemetery, Mercer County WV

Mary J. Hearn Whittaker
Apr. 23, 1843 - Mar. 8, 1879

From Mount Olivet Cemetery, Lashmeet, Mercer County WV

Husband of Anna Hearn Eddie Son of Nannie Hearn
Born May 25, 1875 Born May 25, 1875
Died Jun. 21, 1902 Died May 2, 1896
Twin Brothers
From Oakvale Cemetery part 2

A. L. J. Boyd
Wife of J. R. Boyd
and Daughter of L. L. & Rhoda L. Hearn
Born Sept. 24, 1870
Died Feb. 10, 1905
Her Crown Was Finished In Glory, And
She Was Summoned To Attend The Coronation.

W. R. Bell Ida Hearn Bell
1866 – 1929 1873 – 1955

Levi Lawson Rhoda L. Tiller
June 13, 1848 Nov. 4, 1846
Jan. 24,
1916 Nov. 26, 1903

Infant Hearn
Daughter of L. L. & Cora Dobbins Hearn
Mar. 11, 1910

from Walnut Grove

Nellie Hearn 3-26-1903 2-19-1970
Raymond Hearn 12-10-1901 3-25-1928
Nancy E. Hearne 7-27-1840 3-27-1920

Sydney E. Hearne 6-6-1872 5-21-1931
Mar. 11, 1910
B. of L. E.

Gone But Not Forgotten

From the White Cemetery

John C. Kenna Hearn
Son of Levi & Rhoda L.Hearn
Born June 7, 1825
Died June 18, 1878
He Died In His Expanding Soul
Had N'er Burnt With Wrong Desires
Had N'er Spurned At Heavens Control
Or Ever Quenched His Sacred Fires.

Ardelia B. Hearn
Dau. of L. G. & A.
Born Aug. 19, 1845
Died Mar. 21, 1863

Harvey Hearn
Son of L. G. & A. Hearn
Born Aug. 17, 1856
Died Nov. 29, 1861

Levi G. Hearn
Born June 27, 1816
Died June 27, 1890
He Walked With God Near 16 Years.

Ester Susan Hearn Martin
Born Mar. 8, 1859
Died Dec. 22, 1899

Aura White Hearn
Wife of Levi G. Hearn
Born Mar. 30, 1816
Died Nov. 30, 1910

Also, Hiram and Marthan Ann Hearn Little are enumerated in 1880 in Wyoming County West Virginia (Barkers Ridge, Dwelling #2, Family #2), along with Martha's brother John B(ruce) Hearn.

Records are from the census images and the Mercer County WV genweb pages.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Great site on the Hearn name. It began years ago as the Hearn Herald. While centered around the family of Charles Aubrey Hearn and Florence Conner Hearn, it has a wealth of information about those Hearnes spelled Hearn (without the e). Great site, run by Charles L. Hearn.

Cites several references:

  1. William T. Hearne, Brief History and Genealogy of the Hearne Family. (Examiner Printing Company, Independence, Missouri, 1895 and 1907). Reprinted by Higginson Book Company, Derby Square, Salem, Mass. 01970, 753 pages. This book is often referred to simply as "Hearne History". (See above for on-line version.)

  2. William T. Hearne, Addendum, 1912 (Examiner Printing Company, Independence, Missouri, 1912). 52 pages, beginning with p. 755, a direct continuation from last pages (753 and blank 754) of the 1907 edition. Out of print; available in some genealogical reference libraries.

  3. Eakins, Ruth Hearn, Hearn-Hearne History, 1993. 187 pages, available from the author: Mrs. Ruth Hearn Eakins, 19585 U.S. Hwy 421, Watha, NC 28471.

  4. Batchelder, Pauline Manning, compiler and editor, A Somerset Sampler: Families of Old Somerset County, Maryland, 1700-1776, 1994. Lower Delmarva Genealogical Society, Salisbury, Maryland 312 pages (Hearn/Hearne material on pp 127 - 160). Available from Lower Delmarva Genealogical Society, PO Box 3602, Salisbury, MD 21802-3602.