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William and Ida Hearne of Mercer, West Virginia

The William Hearn in Mercer 1900 must be the same as William Hearne md. Ida. The ages, and the daughter "Ora" and "Awra" match up too well, the name of grandma "Aura" (White) Hearne.

Trap Hill, Raleigh, West Virginia, page 198A

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's BirthPublish Postplace Mother's Birthplace
William HEARN Self M Male W 42 WV Farmer VA WV
Ida J. HEARN Wife M Female W 43 WV Keeping House VA PA
Mariah I. HEARN Dau S Female W 18 WV WV WV
George W. HEARN Son S Male W 16 WV Farm Laborer WV WV
Charles S. HEARN Son S Male W 14 WV Farm Laborer WV WV
Martha C. HEARN Dau S Female W 12 WV WV WV
Sarah G. HEARN Dau S Female W 10 WV WV WV
Awra A. HEARN Dau S Female W 7 WV WV WV
Rholetta M. HEARN Dau S Female W 5 WV WV WV
Thomas L. HEARN Son S Male W 3 WV WV WV

Ida died 8 Nov 1860 Sand Gap, Mercer, Va.

Daniel Hearn and Elizabeth Wilson of Ohio

Pam Drake sent an email with information about Daniel Hearn of Ohio.

Daniel Hearn,Sr. had 15 children. He died 1855 Ludlow
Twp.,Washington Co.,OH. Still a work in progress.
Their names were:

1.Hiram Hearn b.1799 Sussex Co.,DE. md. Betsy Knowlton
12 Dec.1822 Washington Co.,OH. ; no death date or
place yet.

2.Josiah Hearn b.1800 Sussex Co.,DE. md. Rachel Winget
22 Jan.1824 Washington Co.,OH. ; no death date or
place yet.

3.Solomon WHL Hearn b. 1804? Sussex Co.,DE. or
Washington Co.,OH. He was a lawyer. No death date or
place yet. I also don't have a spouse.

4.Mary Hearn b. 14 April 1804 Sussex Co.,DE. or
Washington Co.,OH. Died 23 Aug.1822 Washington Co.,OH.
I don't have a spouse.

5.Hester Ann"Hettie"Hearn b. 1809 Sussex Co.,DE. or
Washington Co.,OH. md. Ed Frances,Jr. 18 Jan.1838
Washington Co.,OH. died 1882 Washington Co.,OH.

6.Nehemiah A.Hearn b. 1810? Sussex Co.DE. or
Washington Co.,OH. md. Elizabeth Medley 18 July 1823
Washington Co.,OH. died after 1880 Washington Co.,OH.

7.Daniel Hearn,Jr. b. 10 Dec. 1810 Sussex Co.,DE. or
Washington Co.,OH. md. Margaret Elder 16 July 1840
Washington Co.,OH. died 29 Aug.1885 Ludlow
Twp.,Washington Co.,OH.

8.Azel Washington Hearn b. 1812 Washington Co.,OH. md.
Margaret Ferguson 1830 Washington Co.,OH. died after
1870 Goodrich,,KS.

9.Henry LJ Hearn b. 1815 Washington Co.,OH. md.
Elizabeth Thomas 27 April 1843 ? died 1898 Elm
Springs,Washington Co.,AR.

10.Nancy Ann Hearn(my line) b. 1817 Washington Co.,OH.
md. James William Bowie 21 May 1842 Washington Co.,OH.
Second husband was Samuel Pritchard. Don't have her
death date or place yet.

11.Narcissa Hearn b. 28 May 1820 Washington Co.,OH.
md. Daniel Thomas II 25 April 1849 Washington Co.,OH.
died 13 Nov. 1863 Washington Co.,OH.

12.Elizabeth Hearn b. 1825 Washington Co.,OH. md.
William Fox 30 May 1845 Washington Co.,OH. Don't have
her death date or place yet.

13.Louisa Hearn b. 1826 Washington Co.,OH. md. Martin
Hanlon 22 Dec.1843 Washington Co.,OH. died 15 May 1878
Washington Co.,OH.

14.Perry Hearn b. ? md. Saccraissa S.Bowie
Hanlon(sister to my James William Bowie) 3 Dec. 1844
either Morgan Co.,OH. or Washington Co.,OH. Don't have
his death date or place yet.

15.Luther Hearn b. ? md. Hannah McIntire 15 April 1852
Washington Co.,OH. Don't have his death date or place

There were several of the children I was able to find:

Name Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation
Luthur M. HEARN M Male 54 OHIO Farmer
Hannah HEARN M Female 44 OHIO Keeping House
David M. HEARN S Male 23 OHIO Works On Farm
Sarah HEARN S Female 17 OHIO At Home
Narcissus W. HEARN S Female 15 OHIO At Home
Adaline HEARN S Female 12 OHIO At Home
Rachel HEARN S Female 10 OHIO At Home

Source Information:
Census Place Grant, Ritchie, West Virginia
Family History Library Film 1255413
Page Number 440A

Sunday, October 07, 2007

William Robert Ellis and Sarah Ellen Hearne

Got a letter from Grady Ellis, who has information about this family from an Ellis Family Bible. She says, "William Robert Ellis born on Jan 9, 1868, and died on Mar. 09, 1887... William was a minister. Their children were: William Ellis, Alfred Lee Ellis, Gardner L. Ellis, Eunice E. Ellis."

This family is mentioned in Hearne's book on page 53:
"Martin L., son of Isaac and Eleanor Hearne, born 1808, lived in Laurel, Del., and died 1873; he married Sarah Ellis, 1833; she was born 1814 and is now living (1894). Their children are: Ellen, Louisa, Emily, Eunice, Lucy, Martin L., Frank, Edgar. Ellen born 1835, married Rev. W. R. Ellis; children: Lee, Gardiner, William and Eunice."

Here is the information from the 1880 census, Delaware, Sussex, Dagsboro Hundred (page 62)24 Jun 1880:
William R. Ellis, W, M, 42, P. E. Preacher, Delaware, Del, Del
Sarah E. Ellis, W, F, 44, wife, Keeping House, Delaware, Del, Del
Alfred Lee Ellis, W, M, 11, son, At school, Delaware, Del, Del
Gardiner L. Ellis, W, M, 9, son, Delaware, Del, Del
William Ellis, W, M, 6, son, Delaware, Del, Del
Eunice E Ellis, W, F, 2, dau, Delaware, Del, Del

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Thomas Jefferson Hearn of Clarke County, Alabama

There are branches of Hearns in Alabama. Where do they tie in? They seem to have come orginally from NC.

Here is Thomas Jefferson Hearn of Clarke County, Alabama, born 3-15-1842 and died 2-28-1886. I suspect A J Hearn nearby is Andrew Jackson Hearn a brother of Thomas Jefferson Hearn. Known children of T.J. Hearne are William Monroe Hearn, born 12-10-1881 and died 12-27-1934; and Oscar Butler Hearn, born 4-20-1885 and died 2-23-1965.

US 1880 Census, Alabama, Clarke County, Beat 19, pag 4, 5
Family 35
T J Hearn, W, M, 38, Farming, Ala, Ala, N.C.
M C Hearn, W, F, 32, wife, keeping house, Geo, Geo, Geo
Nancy Hearn, W, F, 54, Assist H keeping, S.C., S.C., S.C.,
G W Hearn, W, M, 70, Uncle, Geo, Geo, Geo
Lula B Hearn, W, F, 10, dau, at school, Ala, Ala, Geo
Mary F Hearn, W, F, 7, dau, Ala, Ala, Geo
John E Hearn, W, M, 5, son, Ala, Ala, Geo
Water J Hearn, W, M, 9/12, son, Ala, Ala, Geo

On the next page
Family 38
A J Hearn, W, M, 32, Preacher, Ala, Ala, N.C.
M H Hearn, W, F, 34, wife, keeping house, Ala, Ala, N.C.
Mattie Hearn, W, F, 8, dau, at school, Ala, Ala, Ala
Peter(?) Hearn, W, M, 5, son, Ala, Ala, Ala
Cord Hearn, W, F, 1, dau, Ala, Ala, Ala
C W Reed, W, M, 2, nephew, Ala, Ala, Ala

1910 Census, Alabama, Clarke, Beat 19
Family 103
JE Armistad, head, M, W, 41, M1, 23 years, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama
Julia B Armistad, wife, F, W, 41, M1, 23 years, 10 children 9 living, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama
Thomas Armistad, son, M, W, 20, sgl, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama
Rosie Armistad, dau, F, W, 18, sgl, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama
Rye May Armistad, dau, F, W, 16, sgl, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama
Mamie Armistad, dau, F, W, 14, sgl, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama
Marrie Armistad, dau, F, W, 10, sgl, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama
Garlan Armistad, son, M, W, 8, sgl, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama
Cecil Armistad, son, M, W, 6, sgl, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama
Liffels(?) Armistad, M, W, 4, sgl, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama
Norman Armistad, M, W, 2, sgl, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama
Mollie Hearn, Mother-in-law, F, W, 65, widowed, 9 children, 6 living, Georgia, Texas, United States
Oscar Hearn, Brother-in-law, M, W, 24, sgl, Alabama, Alabama, Georgia

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Lorenzo D. Hearn and Marie C. Hearn

Found in the Civil War Pension Index: General Index to Pension Files, 1861-1934, the following:
Lorenzo D. Hearn
Marie C. Hearn
Source Information:
National Archives and Records Administration. Civil War Pension Index: General Index to Pension Files, 1861-1934 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2000. Original data: General Index to Pension Files, 1861-1934. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration. T288, 544 rolls.

This database is an index to and images of pension cards of Civil War veterans in the United States. Each record includes the veteran's name and state in which he, or his dependents, filed the application. The digitized image of the index card itself, contains additional information on the individual, such as unit of service, date of filing, and application and certificate numbers for the pension case file housed at the National Archives and Records Administration in Washington D.C

Monday, June 04, 2007

Foster A. Hearn has their new collection of military records on line for free until June 6. Hard to identify people with just initials, but this one is clear:

Foster A. Hearn from the 12th Tennessee Infantry, captured at Shelbyville Tennesse, Jun 30, 1863, died Camp Morton Oct 17, 1863, cause of death (see below). This would almost certainly be Foster Hearne born 1842, the son of Wilson A Hearne and Sarah "Sally" Baird, of Wilson Tennesee. Source: "Selected Records of the War Department Relating to Confederate Prisoners of War, 1861-1865",, page 34590, page 146 Foster is buried in Section 32 of Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana. There are actually two death records. One does not list his death, but the other says it was "Fetris Remitten". "Sickness and Death in the Old South" defines remitten fever as malaria. A medical friend tells me that Fetris is latin for fever. So Fetris Remitten would be be malaria.

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West Virginia Hearnes and Shumates

Jennifer Lyon wrote and shared the following:

I have always thought that Bud Shumate, listed on 596 in the book, and who married Aura Elizabeth Hearn (Daughter of Andrew & Martha) probably had another name (i.e. Bud was a family name or nickname). Especially as I cannot find anyone named "Bud" Shumate in the 1900 or 1910 census. As I recall, the Hearne book lists them as having had 2 children, Lula May and Guy, before Aura Elizabeth died in 1895.

Interestingly enough I find in the 1910 census, one Harvey M. Shumate with grandchildren Lena, age 14 and Guy, age 12, living in Mercer County, West Virginia (1910 WV Census, Mercer County, Plymouth, ED #134, Dwelling #193, Family #197). I am wondering if these 2 children could be Aura's children and if Harvey Shumate could be "Bud's" father. In the 1900 census, Harvey doesn't have these 2 grandchildren enumerated with him, but he does have a widowed son Henderson. Guy Shumate's age doesn't match with the recorded death information for Aura Elizabeth, though.

Returning to the 1910 census, searching for Henderson, I find him in the same ED (Dwelling #161, Family #165), listed as married twice, with second marriage of duration 9 years. The 4 children listed in the household appear to be of ages to only be those born in the second marriage (which is reported as 4 born/4 living). (Note that Henderson is of an age to have been married to Aura Elizabeth Hearn.)

There is a Guy E Shumate age 22 enumerated in Roanoke, VA in the 1920 census (which matches a birth year of 1898 that a Guy Earl Shumate reported in the WW1 draft registration, living in Mercer County WV). He lists occupation as a pipe fitter for the railroad and has presumed wife Leona (both are listed as "lodgers" in the Walter Draper household (Roanoke Highland Ward 2, ED #31, Dwelling #478, Family #584).

I tried search the WV death index for Guy and Henderson Shumate but neither appears there.

Separately here are some cemetery records for other members of the WV Hearn families (copied from

Chapman Johnston
Feb. 10, 1882
Aug. 19, 1951

Savannah Hearn Johnston
July 3, 1888
March 29, 1978

From a Shumate Cemetery in Mercer County WV

Infant Hearn
Son of J. E. and E. T. Hearn
Born Sept. 4, 1888
Died Sept. 5, 1888

From the Comer-Powell cemetery, Mercer County WV

Nell Gore Hearn
1908 - 1934

From the Dunagan-Whitaker Cemetery, Mercer County WV

Mary J. Hearn Whittaker
Apr. 23, 1843 - Mar. 8, 1879

From Mount Olivet Cemetery, Lashmeet, Mercer County WV

Husband of Anna Hearn Eddie Son of Nannie Hearn
Born May 25, 1875 Born May 25, 1875
Died Jun. 21, 1902 Died May 2, 1896
Twin Brothers
From Oakvale Cemetery part 2

A. L. J. Boyd
Wife of J. R. Boyd
and Daughter of L. L. & Rhoda L. Hearn
Born Sept. 24, 1870
Died Feb. 10, 1905
Her Crown Was Finished In Glory, And
She Was Summoned To Attend The Coronation.

W. R. Bell Ida Hearn Bell
1866 – 1929 1873 – 1955

Levi Lawson Rhoda L. Tiller
June 13, 1848 Nov. 4, 1846
Jan. 24,
1916 Nov. 26, 1903

Infant Hearn
Daughter of L. L. & Cora Dobbins Hearn
Mar. 11, 1910

from Walnut Grove

Nellie Hearn 3-26-1903 2-19-1970
Raymond Hearn 12-10-1901 3-25-1928
Nancy E. Hearne 7-27-1840 3-27-1920

Sydney E. Hearne 6-6-1872 5-21-1931
Mar. 11, 1910
B. of L. E.

Gone But Not Forgotten

From the White Cemetery

John C. Kenna Hearn
Son of Levi & Rhoda L.Hearn
Born June 7, 1825
Died June 18, 1878
He Died In His Expanding Soul
Had N'er Burnt With Wrong Desires
Had N'er Spurned At Heavens Control
Or Ever Quenched His Sacred Fires.

Ardelia B. Hearn
Dau. of L. G. & A.
Born Aug. 19, 1845
Died Mar. 21, 1863

Harvey Hearn
Son of L. G. & A. Hearn
Born Aug. 17, 1856
Died Nov. 29, 1861

Levi G. Hearn
Born June 27, 1816
Died June 27, 1890
He Walked With God Near 16 Years.

Ester Susan Hearn Martin
Born Mar. 8, 1859
Died Dec. 22, 1899

Aura White Hearn
Wife of Levi G. Hearn
Born Mar. 30, 1816
Died Nov. 30, 1910

Also, Hiram and Marthan Ann Hearn Little are enumerated in 1880 in Wyoming County West Virginia (Barkers Ridge, Dwelling #2, Family #2), along with Martha's brother John B(ruce) Hearn.

Records are from the census images and the Mercer County WV genweb pages.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Great site on the Hearn name. It began years ago as the Hearn Herald. While centered around the family of Charles Aubrey Hearn and Florence Conner Hearn, it has a wealth of information about those Hearnes spelled Hearn (without the e). Great site, run by Charles L. Hearn.

Cites several references:

  1. William T. Hearne, Brief History and Genealogy of the Hearne Family. (Examiner Printing Company, Independence, Missouri, 1895 and 1907). Reprinted by Higginson Book Company, Derby Square, Salem, Mass. 01970, 753 pages. This book is often referred to simply as "Hearne History". (See above for on-line version.)

  2. William T. Hearne, Addendum, 1912 (Examiner Printing Company, Independence, Missouri, 1912). 52 pages, beginning with p. 755, a direct continuation from last pages (753 and blank 754) of the 1907 edition. Out of print; available in some genealogical reference libraries.

  3. Eakins, Ruth Hearn, Hearn-Hearne History, 1993. 187 pages, available from the author: Mrs. Ruth Hearn Eakins, 19585 U.S. Hwy 421, Watha, NC 28471.

  4. Batchelder, Pauline Manning, compiler and editor, A Somerset Sampler: Families of Old Somerset County, Maryland, 1700-1776, 1994. Lower Delmarva Genealogical Society, Salisbury, Maryland 312 pages (Hearn/Hearne material on pp 127 - 160). Available from Lower Delmarva Genealogical Society, PO Box 3602, Salisbury, MD 21802-3602.

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Mary Temperance Hearn and Charles Albert Agustus Hearn

In 1900, these two families are living right next to each other. These are families on the brink of change. The census is taken on June 1, 1900. Sarah, Charles' wife will give birth to Roscoe in 6 weeks. Charles AA Hearn will die in five months. Isaac Wilber Hearn will marry in two months and then will die in four months. What an emotional roller coaster for this family.
Mary T Hearn, head, W, F, Feb 1834, 66, Wid, New York, New York, New York
Isaac W Hearn, son, W, M, Apr 1872, 28, Sgl, Indiana, Kentucky, New York, medical student
Perry W Hearn, son, W, M, Jan 1877, 23, Sgl, Indiana, Kentucky, New York, literary student
Family 1

Charles A A Hearn, W, M, Oct 1864, 35, Md 11 years, Indiana, Kentucky, New York, Farmer
Sarah Hearn, wife, W, F, Oct 1866, 33, Md 11 years, 3 children 2 living, Indiana, Germany, Germany,
Arthur P L Hearn, son, W, M Aug 1890, 9, sgl, Indiana, Indiana, Indiana
Edith A Hearn, dau, W, F, Aug 1896, 3, sgl, Indiana, Indiana, Indiana
Family 2
1900 Census, Indiana, Jay, Noble Township, page 90

Roscoe's information in the Social Security Death Index:
Roscoe HEARN
Birth Date: 17 Jul 1900
Death Date: Sep 1980
Social Security Number: 306-05-8903
State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Indiana
Death Residence Localities
ZIP Code: 46764
Localities: Etna-Troy, Whitley, Indiana
Larwill, Whitley, Indiana
Richland, Whitley, Indiana

Charles Lycurgus and Della Hearne, 1920

Charles Lycurgus Hearn and wife, Della are in Albertville in the 1920 census.
Charles L Hearn, M, W, 37, Md, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama
Della Hearn, F, W, 36, Md, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama
Aubrey Hearn, son, M, W, 12, Sgl, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama
Mildred Hearn, dau, M, W, 11, Sgl, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama
Kernutt Hearn, son, M, W, 9, Sgl, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama
Fred Hearn, son, M, W, 7, Sgl, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama
Glenn Hearn, son, M, W, 5, Sgl, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama
Mary Nell Hearn, dau, F, W, 3, Sgl, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama
Family 92, 4 East of NC & St L Railway
Albertville, Marshall, Alabama
They are referenced on page 759 in Hearne.

Fletcher E Hearn

Fletcher and his family are living in Birmingham in 1920.
Fletcher E Hearn, M, W, 34, Md, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama
Mary J Hearn, F, W, 28, Md, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama
Margaret R Hearn, dau, F, W, 5, Sgl, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama
1739 Cotton Ave, Birmingham, Jefferson, Avenue
Family 231, Sheet 14, Page 102
Hearne says of Fletcher: "Fletcher Earnest Hearne, is also working under civil service appointment in Post Office, Birmingham Ala." (page 760) Finding Fletcher in the census supports this

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William Tremaine Gravestone Arlington

Visited Arlington National Cemetery today, and found the gravestone of William C. Tremaine.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hearnes in the California Death Index

Found a great source for the California Death Index on line. Guess what? There's bunches of Hearnes in the index. I was already able to find a match to Hearne:
HEARNE, FRANCES WILD, FEMALE, b 08/14/1863, OHIO, d. 07/21/1940, ALAMEDA, mother's name AMES.
Frances Wild is found on page 247 of Hearne.

Friday, March 16, 2007

New format at the Hearne History site

I'm trying something new with the addition of new information from Betty Crockford on page 478 of Hearne's History.
For the first time, I've included content directly into the History.

Prior to this, I've always left Hearne's original text exactly as it was, putting all new content only in the Notes sections at the bottom of each page. The original thought was Hearne's text was priceless in its original form. Perhaps also was the question whether our facts were better than his. It seemed a little presumptive to just change his content.

After doing research over the years it's clear there are many errors and omissions in his text. More than once, now, I've been bitten by typos in the text, searching for names that aren't real because they aren't spelled correctly. Initially I struggled with even changing these spelling errors. Even though they were wrong, it felt like I was somehow altering a canonical work.

Yet, Hearne's book is not a bible, rather, it is a collection of facts and stories. His purpose was first to gather the family into one, then inspire the upcoming generations with evidence of a noble heritage. Neither of those purposes is lost by adding new information. Indeed, Hearne himself was constantly adding new information. He published a second edition of the book. He published and addendum with hundreds of new names. Had he not died, I suspect he would have produced another addendum in 10 years.

The question is not whether the corrections should be noted; that is already done via footnotes. They question is whether they should be corrected in-line, directly in the text. After consideration, I think it is a good way to go. The modern additions are clearly identified. The original pages are available for view any time. What's more, I think Hearne would have wanted it that way.

Here are some examples of changes, both the old and the new way:

Let me know what you think of doing it this way. Contact me via email, or leave a comment here.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Rachel Drewrey Hearne and Henry C. Irby

Betty Crockford, a descendant of Rachel Drewrey Hearne and Henry C. Irby has sent information about them, and their descendants. This and supporting documentation has been integrated into the original information on page 478 of Hearne's History.

Some other notes from Betty:
A note regarding Henry C. Irby whom Rachel Drewry Hearn married in 1855 (I have a copy of their license.) Just this week I found a notation that an H. C. Irby married a P. J. Reeves in 1878 in Hopkins County, TX. If validated would be the first reference past the 1870 Texas census. Other descendants of his second marriage have run into brick walls along with me. Also note I have never found any evidence that Henry served in the Civil War, although his first cousin, also called H. C. Irby, served as a Captain from Fayette Co., Tennessee. The two are frequently confused in various databases.

There has also been confusion concerning Sallie L. Irby Hopkins' death reported as 1929 in Harris Co., TX. I obtained the death certificate for that Sally Hopkins and it is not "my" Sallie who goes missing after 1880, Lamar Co., TX.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Henry and Rachel (Hearne) Irby

Found Henry and Rachel Irby in the 1860 Census:

H. C. Irby, 25, M, Constable, Tennessee;
Rachel Irby, 35, F, Tennessee;
Sallie Irby, 3, F, Tennessee;
U.S. Census, 1860 United States Federal Census, Tennessee, Wilson, District
10, page 114
NOTE: This page on the census has no family or dwelling numbers apparently
because they are all boarders at a hotel.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Breckinridge Tremaine

The oldest son of William C and Lillias (Kenney) Tremaine is Breckinridge Tremaine. Fascinating name because it's so unusual. Yet searches across records have found nothing about him.

There are a couple of records that are interesting and may be our Breckinridge Tremaine.
A search of the Internet turns up this interesting tidbit. The only Breckinridge Tremaine in any Internet search I can find is the following out-of-print book.
The Fourth Evil ~ See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, Smell No Evil
by Tremaine, Breckinridge K., By Breckinridge K. Tremaine
Date Published: 1969 Description: VERY GOOD. USED Paperback ~ Very good copy. OCLC(OCoLC)ocm00081498 Bibliography: p. 143-145. Commissioning organisation: by Breckinridge K. Tremaine. viii, 146 p. illus. 22 cm
A search of death records turns up no Breckinridge. But the following record is interesting because the intials match the middle initial of the author above.

B K Tremaine died in Lee County, Florida, 4 Nov 1984, aged 79. He was born 25 May 1905.
I'm pretty certain that B K Tremaine of Lee, Florida is the author above. I just don't know if he is the Breckinrigde we're looking for.

There is also a Social Security Death Index record, which is the same as the death record above.
Birth Date: 25 May 1905
Death Date: Nov 1984
Social Security Number: 163-05-7488
State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Pennsylvania
Death Residence Localities
ZIP Code: 33957
Localities: Sanibel, Lee, Florida
The birth date is close. Really close and useful. The other census records show our Breckinridges ages as:
  • 1910: 4 (b. ca. 1906; census taken April 19, 1910)
  • 1920: 14 (b. ca. 1906; census taken Jan 17, 1920)
  • 1930: 24 (b. ca. 1906; census taken April 4, 1930)
In each of those, a May 1905 birth date would correctly have an age of 4, 14, and 14 in the respective year. I'm 95% sure it's the same person. I just need some way to confirm, either by birth place (Vermont), or relative's name.

8/20/2007 Found some more information on Breckinridge:
PATENT: Breckinridge Kenney Tremaine of Wilmington, Delware was granted US 2,462,341 "Cleaning Composition for Rust Stained Lacquered Surfaces" on 22 Feb 1949. This patent tells us his location on September 24, 1946. He was working for DuPont, who is the assignee of the patent.

PATENT: "ELIMINATION OF MALODORS FROM PULPING LIGNO-CELLULOSIC MATERIAL" granted in Canada Patent 554699 to Walter C. Meuly and Breckenridge K. Tremaine, Assignee: Rhodia, Inc. Issued Mar 18, 1958

MARRIAGE: 27 June 1935 "Married - Brickinbridge Kenney Tremaine, son of W. C. Tremaine to Lucile Frances Barbara Kaulbach, daughter of V. E. R. Kaulbach" Recorded in the St. Thomas Journal, St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

An email from an old acquaintance:
"known as kenny tremaine was the industrial technical director of rhodia aromatics division in parsippany, nj some google searches feature his name at times. he later became a salesman for them. he may have had a chemistry backround and did write that book. i believe he lived in nj and did later move to fla. his wife was still alive about 16 yrs. ago... kenny worked for dupont and dupont acqured the rhodia division and later sold it back to rhone poulenc of france. kenny was a personal friend of my uncle. no need to cite me. thanks! i believe his wife's name may have been hanna?"

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Senator Richard Rolland Kenney (Senator)

Finding the Tremaine children led me back to their Grandfather, Richard Rolland Kenney. I knew he was a Senator from Delaware based on reading Hearne History 185-187. What I didn't realize was how much information on the web would be available based on this, as well as images.

Senator Kenney has his own Wikipedia article, except it doesn't mention anything about his family. I think I'll add a few facts to Wikipedia. He's in the official list of Senators from Delaware, Political Graveyard, and a Congressional Biographical site.

There's lot's more information out there on this family.

Here is the family in the 1900 census. His first wife, Harriet (Pennewill) is still living. She died in 1907.
Family 82
Richard R. Kenney, head, W, M, Sept, 1856, 43, Md, 18, Delaware, Delaware, Delaware, U.S. Senator;
Harriett Kenney, wife, W, F, Sept 1860, 39, Md, 18, Delaware, Delaware, Delaware;
Lillias B. Kenney, dau, W, F, Aug 1882, 17, sgl, Delaware, Delaware, Delaware;
Caleb S. Kenney, son, W, M, Oct 1888, 11, sgl, Delaware, Delaware, Delaware;
Census 1900 Delaware Kent Dover Dist 69 pg 7
Here is the family in the 1910 census. Richard has now married Marianita Walker, who was a childhood friend of Harriet.

Family 70, 204 N State Street
Richard R. Kenney, head, M, W, 53, Marriage 2, 2 years, Delaware, Delaware, Delaware, Lawyer, General practice;
Margerita W. Kenney, F, W, 50, Marriage 1, 2 years, Delaware, Delaware, Delaware;
Caleb Kenney, son, M, W, 21, sgl, Delaware, Delaware, Delaware;
Census 1910 Delaware Kent Dover page 148 sheet 3
So far, I can't find the family in the 1920 census. The 1930 census is shown in the previous blog post "William and Lillias (Kenney) Tremaine".

At a wonderful site called I found more accurate birth, death, and name spelling information.
Richard Rolland Kenney
Birth: Sep. 9, 1856
Death: Aug. 14, 1931
US Senator. Served as a United States Senator from Delaware from 1895 to 1901.
Christ Episcopal Church Cemetery
Kent County
Delaware, USA
Record added: Apr 19 2003

Harriet C. Pennewill Kenney
Birth: Sep. 17, 1860
Death: Feb. 10, 1907
Inscription: Wife of Richard Kenney
Christ Episcopal Church Cemetery
Kent County
Delaware, USA
Record added: Oct 9 2005
By: Russ Pickett

Marianita Walker Kenney
Birth: Jun. 12, 1859
Death: Jan. 28, 1946
Inscription: Wife of Richard Rolland Kenney.
Christ Episcopal Church Cemetery
Kent County
Delaware, USA
Record added: Oct 9 2005
By: Russ Pickett

Plus I found a surprise. Next to Richard and his first wife is the grave of a child, Richard Rolland Kenney [Jr.] I knew there was another child because the 1900 census says Harriet had two children, but only two were living. This is clearly the third child.
Richard Rolland Kenney [Jr]
Birth: Dec. 23, 1883
Death: May 30, 1895
Inscription: Son of Harriet & Richard Kenney.
Christ Episcopal Church Cemetery
Kent County
Delaware, USA
Record added: Oct 9 2005
By: Russ Pickett

Richard [Jr's] birth makes the birth year of Lillias clear. Hearne says Lillias was born Aug 28, 1883. But from the grave stone, Richard Jr.'s birth is Dec 23, 1883. That's too close. Gravestones are a pretty good source. The 1900 census also lists the birth year as Aug 1882. That is consistent with Richard's birth, and the parents' wedding date of Dec 21, 1881. I conclude the birth is correctly Aug 28, 1882.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

William and Lillias (Kenney) Tremaine

I've been going nuts trying to find William Sremain, who married Lillias Kenney (Hearne History page 187). The name didn't show up anywhere in any census. A little luck and the the unusual name of the son, Breckinridge, led me to them living in New York in 1920. Sremain is a typo; the real name of the family is Tremaine. There are other identifying aspects of this family. William was stationed at Fort Ethan Allen near Burlington Vermont. The census shows that Richard was born in Vermont.

Family 558, West 143rd Street.
William Tremaine, head, M, W, 54, Md, Wisconsin, New York, Wisconsin;
Lillias Tremaine, wife, F, W, 34, Md, Delaware, Delaware, Delaware;
Breckinridge Tremaine, son, M, W, 14, sgl, Delaware, Wisconsin, Delaware;
Richard R. Tremaine, son, M, W, 11, sgl, Vermont, Wisconsin, Delaware;
Lavinia Johnson, servant F, W, 24, sgl, Delaware, Delaware, Delaware;
Census 1920, New York, New York, Manhattan, Assembly District 21, District 1428, pg 45.

Ha! If I'd paid attention I would have noticed that Hearne corrected the name in the 1912 Addendum to his book on page 766. I guess it shows my logic was correct. "Page 187. On March 3, 1908, Richard Rolland Kenney, married Miss Marionetta Walker, who was a girl friend of his first wife, and of same age, also Sremain, should be Tremain."

I also found Breckinridge and Richard in the 1930 census, but they are living with their grandparents, Senator Richard Rolland Kenney and Marianita (Walker) Kenney. Wow! Look at the size of that stately house. Twice as big as the next biggest house on the block!

Family 91, 11 North State
Richard R. Kenney, head, house $30000, M, W, 72, Md 24, Delaware, Delaware, Delaware, employment none, veteran WW(I)
Margeta W. Kenny, wife, F, W, 70, Md 12, Delaware, Delaware, Delaware;
Richard Tremaine, grandson, M, W, 27, sgl, Delaware, Wisconsin, Delaware, utility man, oil;
Breckenridge Tremaine, grandson, M, W, 24, sgl, Vermont, Wisconsin, Delaware, utility man, powder;
Census 1930 Delaware Kent Dover City Ward 3 Pg 59

William and Lillias seem absent in the 1930 census. Why? Perhaps both of them died between 1920 and 1930, or perhaps the children lived with grandparents during the depression.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Mystery Hearns living near Samuel Kenney

In the 1880 census, there are two Hearn families living near Samuel Kenney, father of Samuel L. Kenney.

I've gone over the information in Hearne's book, and I can't place them. Do you know who they are?

Family 684
Wm S Hearn, W, M, 46, Carpenter, Delaware, Delaware, Delaware;
Julia Hearn, W, F, 45, wife, at home, Delaware, Delaware, Delaware;
Nancy Y Hearn, W, F, 19, dau, at home, Delaware, Delaware, Delaware;
Rosa Hearn, W, F, 17, day, at home, Delaware, Delaware, Delaware;

Family 685
T Hearn, W, M, 43, Farming, Delaware, Delaware, Delaware;
Annie Hearn, W, F, 17, Keeping house, Delaware, Delaware, Delaware;
E G Hearn, W, M, 10, Farming, Delaware, Delaware, Delaware;
Census 1880, Delaware, Sussex, Little Creek District 54

Samuel L. Kenney and wife Alda E (Moore)

Samuel L. Kenney is mentioned several times in Hearne's book, pages 183, 187, and 276.

He and his wife, Alda are found in several censuses.

First as a child with his parents in 1880:
Family 677
S Kenney, W, M, 47, Farming, Delaware, Delaware, Delaware;
Hettie Kenney, W, F, 44, wife, Keeping house, Delaware, Delaware, Delaware;
Samuel L Kenney, W, M, 22, son, Farminig, Delaware, Delaware, Delaware;
Solomon S. Kenney, W, M, 20, son, Farming, Delaware, Delaware, Delaware;
Sidney Kenney, W, M, 18, son, Farming, Delaware, Delaware, Delaware;
Rose Kenney, B, F, 17, Servent, Servent, Delaware, Delaware, Delaware;
Laura Kenney, B, F, 6, , Servent, Delaware, Delaware, Delaware;
Census 1880, Delaware, Sussex, Little Creek District 54, page 68

Then, with wife Alda, and child Paul in 1900:
Family 660
Samuel L. Kenney, head, M, W, Oct 1858, 41, Md, 15 yr, Delaware, Delaware, Delaware;
Alda E. Kenney, wife, W, F, Aug 1859, 40, Md, 15, 3 children, 1 living, Delaware, Delaware, Delaware;
Paul R. Kenny, son, W, M, Oct, 1885, 14 Sgl, Delaware, Delaware, Delware;
1900 Census Delaware, Sussex, Laurel, District 84

Again in 1920 (looks like Paul is still at home):
Family 189
Samuel L Kenney, head, M, W, 61, Md, Delaware, Delaware, Delaware;
Alda Kenney, wife, F, W, 60, Md, Delaware, Delaware, Delaware;
Paul Kenny, son, M, W, 33, Sgl, Delaware, Delaware, Delaware;
Census 1920, Delaware, Sussex, Laurel District 191,

Finally as empty nesters in 1930:
Family 505
Samuel L. Kenney, head, M, W, 71, Md 25, Delaware, Delaware, Delaware;
Alda E. Kenney, wife, F, W, 69, Md 23, Delaware, Delaware, Delaware;
Census 1930, Delaware, Sussex, Laurel 19

Monday, February 19, 2007

Hearne website on Rootsweb

This Hearne website is by Carl Hearn and James M Hearn.

Here is a list of the contents:

Generation one, William Hearne, First Immigrant, 16?? to 1691, Somerset Co.,Maryland.
The Last Will and Testament of William Hearne 16?? - 1691
The Loyalty Oath of inhabitants of Somerset So. Md. to William and Mary, Soveriegns of England

Generation two, Thomas Hearne Sr., 1691 to 1762, Maryland.
Notes on Thomas Hearne Sr.
The Last Will and Testament of Thomas Hearne Sr. 1691 - 1762

Generation three, William Hearne, Son of Thomas Hearne Sr., 1723 to 1753, Somerset Co., Maryland.

Generation four, James Hearne, 1749 to 1823, Md>NC>Ohio.
Notes on James Hearne.
The Last Will and Testament of James Hearne 1749 - 1823
Hamilton County, Ohio History regarding Jesse Hearne and descendants
Resting Place of James and Elizabeth Hearn(e)

Generation five, Moses Hearne, 1781/82 to 185?, Montgomery, Rowan, Lincoln Co.s., NC.

Notes on the sons of James Hearn including Moses Hearne Sr. and Joshua of Lincoln Co., N.C. cir. 1800 and on.
Notes on John T. Hearn.

Generation six, Joshua Allen Hearne, 1808 to 1889, Lincoln Co, NC, Pope Co., Arkansas.
Notes regarding Hearne, Harkey, and Darr families in Pope Co., Arkansas.
Grave Monument of Joshua Allen Hearne, Pope. Co. Ark., Pisgah Cemetery.
The Letters of Marcellus Greene Hearn.
History of the Choctaw Removals by Jerri Rogers Chasteen.**NEW**

Generation seven, Joshua Orr Hearn, 1855 to 1923, Pope Co., Arkansas, Pottawatomie, Payne Co.s, Oklahoma.
Pictures of Joshua Orr and Mattie Harkey Hearn. Pictures of Maud, Oklahoma, 1910.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Hearn(e) Coat of Arms

James B. Hearn Sr. shared with me this great drawing of the Hearn(e) coat of arms.

It matches the symbols described by the research William T. Hearne had done.


(History, page 22)

This is the interpretation of the heraldry:

The shield is described as sable (sa.) or black, and it is the field, or ground, on which the armorial bearings are grouped. Some are red, gold or silver. Rothschild is red shield and is pronounced ‘Rote-shild.’ ‘A chevron’ means a bar whose width is one-fifth the length of the shield, the ornamentation of which is ‘ermine.’ This, you know, is the fur lining, or trimming, of royal robes, and of a judge’s robe, in the higher courts of Great Britain, The ermine itself is supposed to be spotless, symbolizing the purity of justice, but the ornaments on it are intended to stand for the tips of the tails of the little animals whose skins make the valuable lining in question, the whole fur except these tips being a pure white. ‘Between three herons argent’ means between three silver herons. Argent is French for silver. The crest which ornaments the top is the neck and head of a heron, resting on the usual support, a banded bar, or perhaps a striped cushion; in this case the bands are gold and silver (‘or’ and argent’). The heron’s head ‘ducallv gorged’ means that the throat, or ‘gorge,’ of the heron is ornamented with a ducal coronet. 'Ppr.' (proper) means its own natural color, gold, with red lining. The motto signifies: ‘He maintains the laws and his rights.’ The 'chevron' is really two bars meeting in the center of the shield like rafters in a roof, and resting on the base of the shield. I will not venture to decide on the significance of these emblems, but I think they must point back to some member of the Hearne family who was a duke and of royal lineage, or he may have won the title by his services on the bench. The heron I take to be a symbol of courage and devotion.(History, page 25)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Will of Jonathan A Hearn, b. 1812

James Hearn also provided me a transcript of the will of Jonathan A Hearn of Sussex, born 1812. The will lists his wife, Frances S. Hearn, and his six children: Job S., Elijah R., Alfred W., Stephen G., Mary E., and Martha A. Will dated 3 Sep 1894.
"He stipulates that he set up the cemetery there for the purpose of buring relatives and friends of the family. He also arranged for his wife, Frances S., himself and Patrick, his son to have tombs erected for themselves, but not necessarly there. As a matter of fact they are burial in Cemetery #81 at Laurel. The dates on the stones there agree with the 1870 census of him and his family..." (James Hearn)
Here is Jonathan A's family in the 1870 census:

The will and the census clarify this paragraph from page 47 of Hearne History (italics are my clarifications):
Elijah Hearne, date of birth and death and name of wife not known; left children Job, Alfred and Francis. Jonathan Alfred, born 1814 (b. 1812); married Francis Sirman 1835 (she was born 1813), children Patrick (b. 1836), Alfred Wheelbanks (b. 1842), Stephen (not living with Jonathan Alfred in 1870) , Mary E. (b 1849), Martha (b. 1851), Job S (b. 1853) and Elijah R. (b. 1855). Patrick born 1836: married Fannie Traverse 1870 and died the same year. Alfred Wheelbanks married Anne Collier; children: Clarence and Susie. Stephen Hearne married Miranda Hastings: children: Jennie and Patrick. Martha Hearne married E. Frank Hearne, who now lives in Laurel, Dalaware. Job Hearne married Ella Henry; children: Grace, Ira and Alfred. Elijah married Dora Henry; children: Caldwell and Cleveland.
The family is also found in the 1860 Census,
Census 1860 Delaware Sussex Little Creek Hundred pg 446
Family 942
Jonathan A Hearn, 48, M, W, Farmer, Del
Frances Hearn, 47, F, W, Del
Patrick H Hearne, 24, M, W, Clerk, Del
Alfred W Hearn, 18, M, W, Del
Stephen G Hearn, 16, M, W, Del
William H Hearn, 14, M, W, Del
Mary E F Hearn, 12, F, W, Del
Martha A Hearn, 10, F, W, Del
Job S Hearn, 8, M, W, Del
Elijah K Hearn, 6, M, W, Del
William Miller, 20, M, M, Farm Laborer, Del
Ann M Matthews, 35, F, B, Servant, Del

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Listing and photos of Bloxom Daugherty Farm Cemetery in Sussex Delaware

James Hearn sent me an annotated listing of the Hearn related tombstones in the cemetery on the Bloxom Daugerty Farm in Sussex Delaware. This listing is updated and corrected from an original publication in The Maryland and Delaware Genealogist, Vol. VIII, No. 1, January 1967 & Vol. VIII, No. 2, April 1967. He also sent several images. I've added links from the tombstone listing to the images. You can see the complete listing with image links here. (The tombstone of Jonathan Hearn of S. is shown to the right.)

James Hearn notes:
This cemetery is where the parents of Jonathan Alfred Hearn, previously owner of the farm there, are buried and was set aside as a burial ground for the purpose of burying relative and friends of the family in 1884 by Jonathan when he died in that year. It's all stated in his will. Ref:RG 4545.009, roll #107, Jonathan A. Hearn 1884-1885.

This cemetery is located approximately 1-1 1/4 miles north of Delmar on the road from Delmar to Laurel. It is currently surrounded by farming equipment in the center of which is a group of small trees where the cemetery is located. It is 1/4 acre, as stipulated in Jonathan's will.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Photos of Hearne graves and markers in Maryland

James Hearne wrote and sent some photos of historical Hearne sites in Maryland. He sent images from 30 years ago and today. Interesting for comparison.

Here is the Hearne cemetery near Delmar Maryland. (Map) About 1973 (above) and 2006 (below).

Here is the marker that W. T. Hearne erected in 1895 near the old church. James writes:
" taken of the old church where Wm. T. Hearne, the author, placed a monument across the road indicating the location of his ancestor, Ebenezer Hearne. The church which in 1973 supposedly had the old phews in there was opened to the public once a year to visitors. Now it appears to be in use as a home, since there has been a picket fence installed around the church and there are curtains and shades at the windows.
"The monument William T. Hearne installed across the road is still in good shape but the ground around it is continuing to erode away as you can see by the picture. I am afraid in a few more years it will tumble over."
Here is the old church near the marker. About 1973 (above) and 2006 (below).

Here is the marker itself. About 1973 (above) and 2006 (below).