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William and Ida Hearne of Mercer, West Virginia

The William Hearn in Mercer 1900 must be the same as William Hearne md. Ida. The ages, and the daughter "Ora" and "Awra" match up too well, the name of grandma "Aura" (White) Hearne.

Trap Hill, Raleigh, West Virginia, page 198A

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's BirthPublish Postplace Mother's Birthplace
William HEARN Self M Male W 42 WV Farmer VA WV
Ida J. HEARN Wife M Female W 43 WV Keeping House VA PA
Mariah I. HEARN Dau S Female W 18 WV WV WV
George W. HEARN Son S Male W 16 WV Farm Laborer WV WV
Charles S. HEARN Son S Male W 14 WV Farm Laborer WV WV
Martha C. HEARN Dau S Female W 12 WV WV WV
Sarah G. HEARN Dau S Female W 10 WV WV WV
Awra A. HEARN Dau S Female W 7 WV WV WV
Rholetta M. HEARN Dau S Female W 5 WV WV WV
Thomas L. HEARN Son S Male W 3 WV WV WV

Ida died 8 Nov 1860 Sand Gap, Mercer, Va.

Daniel Hearn and Elizabeth Wilson of Ohio

Pam Drake sent an email with information about Daniel Hearn of Ohio.

Daniel Hearn,Sr. had 15 children. He died 1855 Ludlow
Twp.,Washington Co.,OH. Still a work in progress.
Their names were:

1.Hiram Hearn b.1799 Sussex Co.,DE. md. Betsy Knowlton
12 Dec.1822 Washington Co.,OH. ; no death date or
place yet.

2.Josiah Hearn b.1800 Sussex Co.,DE. md. Rachel Winget
22 Jan.1824 Washington Co.,OH. ; no death date or
place yet.

3.Solomon WHL Hearn b. 1804? Sussex Co.,DE. or
Washington Co.,OH. He was a lawyer. No death date or
place yet. I also don't have a spouse.

4.Mary Hearn b. 14 April 1804 Sussex Co.,DE. or
Washington Co.,OH. Died 23 Aug.1822 Washington Co.,OH.
I don't have a spouse.

5.Hester Ann"Hettie"Hearn b. 1809 Sussex Co.,DE. or
Washington Co.,OH. md. Ed Frances,Jr. 18 Jan.1838
Washington Co.,OH. died 1882 Washington Co.,OH.

6.Nehemiah A.Hearn b. 1810? Sussex Co.DE. or
Washington Co.,OH. md. Elizabeth Medley 18 July 1823
Washington Co.,OH. died after 1880 Washington Co.,OH.

7.Daniel Hearn,Jr. b. 10 Dec. 1810 Sussex Co.,DE. or
Washington Co.,OH. md. Margaret Elder 16 July 1840
Washington Co.,OH. died 29 Aug.1885 Ludlow
Twp.,Washington Co.,OH.

8.Azel Washington Hearn b. 1812 Washington Co.,OH. md.
Margaret Ferguson 1830 Washington Co.,OH. died after
1870 Goodrich,,KS.

9.Henry LJ Hearn b. 1815 Washington Co.,OH. md.
Elizabeth Thomas 27 April 1843 ? died 1898 Elm
Springs,Washington Co.,AR.

10.Nancy Ann Hearn(my line) b. 1817 Washington Co.,OH.
md. James William Bowie 21 May 1842 Washington Co.,OH.
Second husband was Samuel Pritchard. Don't have her
death date or place yet.

11.Narcissa Hearn b. 28 May 1820 Washington Co.,OH.
md. Daniel Thomas II 25 April 1849 Washington Co.,OH.
died 13 Nov. 1863 Washington Co.,OH.

12.Elizabeth Hearn b. 1825 Washington Co.,OH. md.
William Fox 30 May 1845 Washington Co.,OH. Don't have
her death date or place yet.

13.Louisa Hearn b. 1826 Washington Co.,OH. md. Martin
Hanlon 22 Dec.1843 Washington Co.,OH. died 15 May 1878
Washington Co.,OH.

14.Perry Hearn b. ? md. Saccraissa S.Bowie
Hanlon(sister to my James William Bowie) 3 Dec. 1844
either Morgan Co.,OH. or Washington Co.,OH. Don't have
his death date or place yet.

15.Luther Hearn b. ? md. Hannah McIntire 15 April 1852
Washington Co.,OH. Don't have his death date or place

There were several of the children I was able to find:

Name Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation
Luthur M. HEARN M Male 54 OHIO Farmer
Hannah HEARN M Female 44 OHIO Keeping House
David M. HEARN S Male 23 OHIO Works On Farm
Sarah HEARN S Female 17 OHIO At Home
Narcissus W. HEARN S Female 15 OHIO At Home
Adaline HEARN S Female 12 OHIO At Home
Rachel HEARN S Female 10 OHIO At Home

Source Information:
Census Place Grant, Ritchie, West Virginia
Family History Library Film 1255413
Page Number 440A

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William Robert Ellis and Sarah Ellen Hearne

Got a letter from Grady Ellis, who has information about this family from an Ellis Family Bible. She says, "William Robert Ellis born on Jan 9, 1868, and died on Mar. 09, 1887... William was a minister. Their children were: William Ellis, Alfred Lee Ellis, Gardner L. Ellis, Eunice E. Ellis."

This family is mentioned in Hearne's book on page 53:
"Martin L., son of Isaac and Eleanor Hearne, born 1808, lived in Laurel, Del., and died 1873; he married Sarah Ellis, 1833; she was born 1814 and is now living (1894). Their children are: Ellen, Louisa, Emily, Eunice, Lucy, Martin L., Frank, Edgar. Ellen born 1835, married Rev. W. R. Ellis; children: Lee, Gardiner, William and Eunice."

Here is the information from the 1880 census, Delaware, Sussex, Dagsboro Hundred (page 62)24 Jun 1880:
William R. Ellis, W, M, 42, P. E. Preacher, Delaware, Del, Del
Sarah E. Ellis, W, F, 44, wife, Keeping House, Delaware, Del, Del
Alfred Lee Ellis, W, M, 11, son, At school, Delaware, Del, Del
Gardiner L. Ellis, W, M, 9, son, Delaware, Del, Del
William Ellis, W, M, 6, son, Delaware, Del, Del
Eunice E Ellis, W, F, 2, dau, Delaware, Del, Del