Sunday, June 28, 2009

Thomas and Priscilla Hearne

Hearne provides this information on page 562, "Thomas, born May 4, 1809, married Priscilla Ballard; children, Sarah, William, Emily, Elizabeth, Jane, Narcissa, Malissia and Dink. He was a Methodist Protestant preacher; moved to Jackson Parish, La., 1866; died 1879. "

The family is easy to find in 1850 and 1860, but become a little less certain in 1870 and 1880.
Census 1850 Georgia Campbell 10 Dist page 20
Family 126
Thomas Hearn, 40, M
Priscilla Hearn, 37, F
Sarah Ann Hearn, 16, F
William Mc Hearn, 13, M
Emily C Hearn, 11, F
Mary E Hearn, 9, F
Margaret A Hearn, 4, F
Narsa E Hearn, 1, F
Jane C Hearn 7, F

Census 1860 Georgia Campbell Campbellton PO page 226
Family 282
Thomas Hearn, 50, M
Priscilla Hearn, 49, F
Sarah Hearn, 25, F
William Hearn, 24, M
Emmily Hearn, 21, F
Mary Hearn, 19, F
Jane Hearn, 17, F
Narsisa Hearn, 12, F
Malissa Hearn, 10, F
Prissilla Hearn, 6, F

Family 184
Elijah Hearn, 43, M
Mary Ann Hearn, 39, F
Martha E Hearn, 14, F
John M Hearn, 1, M

The above family is not found anywhere else in 1870, the following seems to be the best candidate. The initials of the children match up , but the ages are as much as 4 years off. The birth order holds. This family below is not found in Atlanta in 1860, so I conclude it is our Priscilla.

Census 1870 Georgia Fulton 1 WD Atlanta 1870
Family 932
Priscilla Hern, 58, F, W
S A F Hern, 34, F, W
E C Hern, 30, F, W
J C Hern, 24, F, W
N E Hern, 20, F, W
M C Hern, 18, F, W
Gabriela Hern, 16, F, W

Census 1880 Georgia Fulton 1 WD Atlanta 1880
Family 12
Priscilla P Hearn, W, F, 66, Georgia, NC, NC
Sarah A Hearn, W, F, 39, dau, Georgia, Georgia, Georgia
Jenne C Hearn, W, F, 32, dau, Georgia, Georgia, Georgia
Emma C Hearn, W, F, 24, dau, Georgia, Georgia, Georgia
Narcissa E Hearn, W, F, 27, dau, Georgia, Georgia, Georgia
Gabriella L Hearn, W, F, 25, dau, Georgia, Georgia, Georgia