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Erasmus Hill Hearn and DM McKnight, who married his daughter Octavia

Erasmus Hill Hearn and DM McKnight, who married his daughter Octavia

Census 1880 Texas Shelby 87 Dist pg 22
family 334
E H Hearn, W, M, 58, Farmer, NC, NC, NC
J C Hearn, W, F, 59, wife, SC, SC, SC
M C Hearn, W, F, 29, dau, TN, NC, SC
A N Hearn, W, F, 27, dau, TN, NC, SC
family 335
D M McKnight, W, M, 33, Farmer, TX, TN, TN
O C McKnight, W, F, 32, wife, TN, NC, SC
Coral McKnight, W, M, 9, son, TX, TX, TN
Maud McKnight, W, F, 11, dau, TX, TX, TN
Orsie McKnight, W, F, 7, dau, TX, TX, TN
A H McKnight, W, M, 5, son, TX, TX, TN
M J McKnight, W, M, 3, son, TX, TX, TN
Edgar McKnight, W, M, 1, son, TX, TX, TN

Census 1900 Texas Shelby 0084 Justice Precinct 1 (east part)
Image 52
Family 450
Dan N McKnight, head, W, M, May 1845, 55, Md 32, TX, TN, TN
Octava S McKnight, wife, W, F, Apr 1848, 52, Md 32, 11 children 10 living, TN , NC, SC
Alexander H McKnight, son, W, M, Oct, 1872, 27, sgl, TX, TX, TN
Major J McKnight, son, W, M, Feb 1876, 24, sgl, TX, TX, TN
Edgar McKnight, son, W, M, 1879, 21, sgl, TX, TX, TN
Ozso McKnight, son, W, M, 1880, 20, sgl, TX, TX, TN
Clarrence McKnight, son, W, Aug 1882, 17, sgl, TX, TX, TN
Pearl McKnight, dau, W, F, Mar 1884, 16, sgl, TX, TX, TN
Susan B McKnight, dau, W, F, 1888, 11, sgl, TX, TX, TN

United States Census 1910
Name: Octavia C Mcknight
Birthplace: Tennessee
Relationship to Head of Household: Self
Residence: Justice Precinct 1, Shelby, Texas
Marital Status: Widowed
Race : White
Gender: Female
Immigration Year:
Father's Birthplace: North Carolina
Mother's Birthplace: South Carolina
Family Number: 67
Page Number: 4
Household Gender Age
Octavia C Mcknight F 62y
Child Pearl Mcknight F 23y
Child Kittie Mcknight F 21y

Census 1930 Texas Shelby 1 J-Pct (East Part)
pg 30
Family 61
Octavia C McKnight, head, F, W, 82, Wd, TN, NC, SC
Alice Hearn, sister, F, W, 76, sgl, TN, NC, SC
James A Kimbro, head, M, W, 16, Md age 24, TX, TX, TX
Ludie E Kimbro, wife, F, W, 24, Md age 22, TX, TX TX

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Lenora got the Doctor, not Lucy!

Hearne says: "Elbert Craton, son of Stephen and Jane (Ballard) Hearne, born in Coweta Co., Ga., June 1, 1827. Moved to Louisiana in 1856. From there be moved to Arkansas. He died 1887. He was a preacher in the Methodist Protestant church. Married Harriet Baker 1845. Children: Titus, born 1847 married Eliza Wilburn 1865. Their children are Olla, Thomas, James, Craton; Nora, born 1865; Lucy, born 1870, married Dr. James Jordan."

But indeed the 1900 census tells a different story. It was Lenora who married Dr. Jordan.
Census 1900 Arkansas Columbia McNeil
page 208
Family 8
James F Jordan, head, W, M, Dec 1860, 39, Md 16, AK, GA, GA, physician
Lenora Jordan, wife, W, F, Aug 1865, 34, Md 16, 4 children 4 living, LA, GA, GA
Prentiss Jordan, Son, W, M, Nov 1887, 12, sgl, AK, AK, LA
Flora G Jordan, dau, W, F, June 1889, 10, sgl, AK, AK, LA
Tully H Jordan, son, W, M, Dec 1891, 8, sgl, AK, AK, LA
Crayton A Jordan, son, W, M, Aug 1898, 1, sgl, AK, AK, LA
Lucy Hearn, sister-in-law, W, F, Mar 1871, 29, sgl, LA, GA, GA, dressmaker

Armed with this information, I was able to find the marriage record:
Arkansas County Marriages, 1837-1857, image 375
Arkansas, Columbia
Married Dec 23, 1884
James F Jordan age 23 md Lenora Hearn age 19

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William Titus Hearn in Arkansas

Census 1880 Arkansas Columbia Mississippi page 208
family 28
Elbert C Hearn, W, M, 53, farmer, GA, GA, NC
Harriett Hearn, W, F, 51, wife, GA, GA, GA
Lenora Hearn, W, F, 14, dau, LA, GA, GA
Lucy A Hearn, W, F, 8, dau, LA, GA, GA
William Childress, W, M, 21, laborer, LA, GA, GA
family 29
William Hearn, W, M, 33, farmer, GA, GA, GA
Eliza A Hearn, W, F, 34, wife, keeping house, LA, SC, MS
William O Hearn, W, M,13, son, works on farm, LA, GA, LA
Thomas A Hearn, W, M, 11, son, works on farm, LA, GA, LA
John N Hearn, W, M, 7, son, AR, GA, LA
Craton A Hearn, W, M, 4, son, AR, GA, LA
Augustus L Hearn, W, M, 1, son, AR, GA, LA

Oliver R Hearn and other in 1860 Jackson Parish, Lousiana

Census 1860 Louisiana Jackson Parish Brooklin page 408
family 466
Ansbury F Hearn, 36, M, Farmer, Ga
Rachael D Hearn, 33, F, Domestic, MS
Thomas Hearn, 12, M, GA
Stephen E Hearn, 9, M, GA
Lewis Compton 12, M, LA
Rachael E Compton, 8, F, LA
George W Hearn, 1, M, LA
family 467
Oliver R Hearn, 37, M, Farmer, GA
Nancy R Hearn, 34, F, Domestic, GA
Stephen M Hearn, 15, M, GA
Mary E Hearn, 14, F, GA
Leeroy W Hearn, 11, M, GA
Luther M Hearn, 9, M, GA
Fransis S Hearn, 5, F, LA
Marthilla J Hearn, 1, F, LA
family 468
Jane Hearn, 59 F, Domestic, NC
Allen E Ellis, 22, M, Farmer, GA
Nan C Ellis, 17, F, Domestic, GA
Augusta A Ellis, 3/12, F, LA
family 469
Robert S Bullard, 24, M, Farmer, GA
Saloma C Bullard, 20, F, Domestic, GA
family 470
Elbert C Hearn, 33, M, Blacksmith, GA
Hariet Hearn, 31, F, Domestic, GA
William T Hearn, 13, M, GA

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William Oliver Ewing / John Lemon Hearn in Jackson Lousiana

Census 1910 Louisiana Jackson 5-WD pg 143
Family 261
William O Ewing, head, M, W, 31, M1, 11, LA, United States, LA
Maudie C Ewing, wife, F, W, 31, M1, 11, 5, 5, LA, MS, GA
Nathan Ewing, son, M, W, 9, sgl, LA, LA, LA
Alton Ewing, son, M, W, 7 sgl, LA, LA, LA
Edna Ewing, dau, F, W, 5, sgl, LA, LA, LA
Lou Ewing, dau, F, W, 3, sgl, LA, LA, LA
Linnie Ewing, dau, F, W, 8/12, sgl, LA, LA, LA
Family 262
John L Hearn, head, M,W, 39, M1, 18, GA, NC, NC <- John Lemon Hearn
Mary F Hearn, wife, F, W, 26, M1, 18, 9, 8, GA, GA, GA
Paul A Hearn, son, M, W, 17, sgl, GA, GA, GA
Rubie L Hearn, dau, 7, W, 15, sgl, GA, GA, GA
Charlie S Hearn, son, M, W, 13, sgl, GA, GA, GA
Clevie O Hearn, son, M, W, 9, sgl, GA, GA, GA
Annie H Hearn, dau, F, W, 7, sgl, GA, GA, GA
Lena E Hearn, dau, F, W, 5, sgl, LA, GA, GA
Clyde M Hearn, dau, M, W, 4, sgl, LA, GA, GA
Homer E Hearn, son, M, W, 1/12, sgl, LA, GA, GA

Name: William O Ewing
Residence: , Jackson, Louisiana
Estimated Birth Year: 1879
Age: 41
Birthplace: Louisiana
Relationship to Head of Household: Self
Gender: Male
Race: White
Marital Status: Married
Father's Birthplace: North Carolina
Mother's Birthplace: Louisiana
Film Number: 1820614
Digital Folder Number: 4300969
Image Number: 00778
Sheet Number: 4


William O Ewing M 41y
Spouse Maudie Ewing F 42y
Child Nathan Ewing M 19y
Child Alton Ewing M 17y
Child Edna Ewing F 15y
Child Lois Ewing F 13y
Child Lennie Ewing F 10y
Child Cleo Ewing M 8y
Child Callie May Ewing F 5y
Child W O Ewing (Jr) M 3y5m

Name: John L Hearn
Residence: , Jackson, Louisiana
Estimated Birth Year: 1871
Age: 49
Birthplace: Georgia
Relationship to Head of Household: Self
Gender: Male
Race: White
Marital Status: Married
Father's Birthplace: North Carolina
Mother's Birthplace: North Carolina
Film Number: 1820614
Digital Folder Number: 4300969
Image Number: 00778
Sheet Number: 4


John L Hearn M 49y
Spouse Mary F Hearn F 45y
Child Charles Hearn M 23y
Child Cleveland Hearn M 19y
Child Hopie Hearn F 17y
Child Lena Hearn F 15y
Child Clyde Hearn M 13y
Child Homer Hearn M 10y
Child Estelle Hearn F 7y
Child Jewel Hearn F 3y6m
Child Lilly Hearn F 1m

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Robert A Martin & Lucinda

Census 1900 West Virginia, Mercer, Plymouth
page 150
family 277
Robert A Martin, head, W, M, Nov 1872, 27, M 8 yrs, WV, WV, WV
Lucinda C Martin, wife, W, F, July 1875, 24, M, 4 children, 3 living, VA, VA, VA
Hattie V Martin, dau, W, F, May 1893, 7, sgl, WV, WV, VA
Annette G Martin, dau, W, F, Dec 1896, 3, sgl, WV, WV, VA

Census 1910 West Virginia, Mercer, Coeburn Precinct 2, pg 264
Family 76
Robert A Martin, head, M, W, 36, M2, 2, WV, WV, WV, manager lumber mill
Lillie M Martin, wife, F, W, 26, M1, 2, WV, WV, WV
Mattie Martin, dau, F, W, 16, sgl, WV, WV, WV
Annette Martin, dau, F, W, 12 sgl, WV, WV, WV
Mona Martin, dau, F, W, 8, sgl, WV, WV, WV
Wilma Martin, dau, F, W, 6, sgl, WV, WV, WV
Note that this is a second marriage for Robert, and therefore Lillie is his second wife. They have only been married two years, meaning that all of the children belong to Lucinda.

Joanna Bruce and Henry L Martin

West Virginia Marriages, 1853-1970
Groom: Henry L Martin
Groom's Age: 32
Groom's Estimated Birth Year:
Groom's Birth Date:
Groom's Birthplace: Mercer
Bride: Joanna Bruce
Bride's Age: 19
Bride's Estimated Birth Year:
Bride's Birth Date:
Bride's Birthplace:
Marriage Type: Marriage
Marriage Date: 11/14/1895
Marriage Place: Mercer
Groom's Father: Acles
Groom's Mother: Ailsa
Bride's Father: WW
Bride's Mother: Martha
Groom's Marital Status:
Groom's Previous Wife:
Bride's Marital Status:
Bride's Previous Husband:
Film Number: 800736
Digital Folder Number: 4226416
Image Number: 00138
Reference Number:
Source: County Records
Image at:
Census 1880 West Virginia Mercer Plymouth
pg 56
William A Martin, W, M, 31, WV, VA, VA
Virginia Martin, W, F, 29, wife, WV, VA, VA
R A Martin, W, M, 7, son, WV, VA, WV
C W Martin, W, M, 2, son, WV, VA, WV
Obediah Adkins, W, M, 46, WV, VA, OH
S E Adkins, W, F, 34, wife, WV, VA, Ken
S J Hughs, W, F, 29, sister, WV, WV, WV
W S Hughs, W, M, 6, nephew, WV, WV, WV
Ann Martin, W, F, 67, mother, VA, VA, VA