Sunday, December 31, 2006

Ledger Images of the Merchant William Hearne

James B. Hearn sent me a link to research about a branch of the Hearn(e) family from Maryland, researched by Jay Hearn, of Avoca, New York.

At the site, Jay documents information about Samuel Batson Hearne, born 28 Jan 1841, the son of Kendal Batson and Elizabeth (Hearn) Hearn of Littel Creek Hundred, Sussex County, Deleware. The place and timing means it is definately a descendant of William Hearne, the merchant. However, I can't quite tie them into the lines that are in Hearne History. I sent a letter to Jay for more information.

The biggest treat on the site is scanned images of the Day Book (or Ledger) of William Hearne the merchant. One of which I've linked in on the left. You'll have to visit the site to see the others.

I'll post more when I hear from Jay.

Elizabeth Jane Hearne 1822-1874.

Exchanged the following correspondence with Pat Condray about her Hearne Lines which seem to connect through a mysterious Elizabeth Jane Hearne 1822-1874:
18 Dec 2006

Dear Sir

I had a chance to read through the Hearne Book at a Library in Salisbury MD a couple of summers ago, and since then have pulled it up on the internet. Unfortunately I haven't been able to locate any record in it of an ancestress. Her name was Elizabeth Jane Hearne Bates, and she was my great great grandmother on my father's side.

A genealogical work about the "Descendants of Benjamin Boydston Condray" traces our ancestress to the William Hearne of England who died in 1691 in Somerset County Maryland, obviously the same patriarch as described in the Hearne Book. The line proceeds through Thomas Hearne (1691 posthumous?-1762, Thomas Hearne 1720-1800, Reverend Stephen Hearne 1748-? Reverend Thomas Hearne 1786-1857, married Frances Wilson, daughter Elizabeth Jane Hearne 1822-1874 married Reverend James Bates 1821-1878. Their daughter Martha Jane married Benjamin Boydston Condray, and they travelled to Faulkner County Arkansas in a train led by Reverend James Bates in 1871. Martha Jane Bates Condray died in 1911 and was followed by her husband Benjamin in 1921.They had ten children including my grandfather.

I don't know whether I missed it in the bulk of the book or what. But I didn't find any Bates in your index. Clearly the lineage identified in our book is clearly to the same original immigrant.

Did I miss it? Or did Elizabeth Jane fall out of the history somehow?

Pat Condray
My response:
18 Dec 2006


Thank you so much for your letter. This does appear to be a line that's missing from the book. Hearne was dependent on other people to provide his detail. He only did research on his own direct lines (that I am aware of). Let's you and I figure it out, together.

In the book, we have Rev. Stephen Hearne (1748-1844) of Montgomery, NC. That fits your information. (Hearne pp. 468, 561, 576, 579) One of the children of Rev. Stephen Hearne and Prudence Coggin Steed is Thomas Hearne (Hearne, Pages 576,577,579) He was "A physician and Methodist preacher. They moved to Elbert Co., Ga in 1826." He married, according to Hearne, (1) Mrs Elizabeth Richardson Salter in 1808 and (2) Frances E (Winfrey) Williams in 1828.

Here is where your records and Hearne's diverge. There is no marriage to Frances Wilson.

There is a record of a daughter, Jane E. Hearne, born 1809 to Thomas and Elizabeth Richardson Salter Hearne. That *could* be your Elizabeth Jane Hearne 1822-1874.

Or maybe there is a third marriage. Because Elizabeth Salter died in 1817, there is a 10 year gap where there could have been a third marriage. It is in this gap that your Elizabeth Jane Hearne was born in 1822. Do you have any sources that would indicate that there is a third marriage?

Perhaps Frances Wilson is the same as Frances E Winfrey Williams? There is a daughter named Prudence Eliza Ann Catherine Hearne. However things fall quickly apart. Even though her middle name is close, Prudence E married a Verdel, and she was born in 1829. So she is not a good match.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this, especially about a third marriage.


Pat's response:

19 Dec 2006


Thank you for your prompt reply. Unfortunately I don't have any direct
source of information on the marriages of Reverend Thomas Hearne. He is
listed in the ancestry of Elizabeth Jane Hearne Bates as being the son of
Reverend Stephen Hearne and Prudence Steed Hearne, born 3-25-1786, died
1-25-1857. Elizabeth Jane, as reported, born 4-3-1822, died 4-18-1874. She
married Reverend James Bates, who was born in 1821. They had a daughter (my
great grandmother) Martha Jane who was born in 1842 and married Benjamin
Boydston Condray.

There does seem to be room for a third marriage on the part of Reverend
Thomas Hearne, and Elizabeth Jane follows the family tradition by marrying
a Methodist Minister. But the middle years of Thomas Hearne's marital
career remain a mystery.

Pat Condray
So there you have it. At this time, I don't have any proof that there is a third marriage for Reverend Thomas Hearne. Let me know if you have any.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Edmond Martin Hearne

I receive this week the following additional details from John A Hearn, of Wake Forest, North Carolina. It refers to several individuals on Hearne's History page 616.
1. Edmond M. Hearne (son of Edmond Hearne) was my great grandfather. His full name was Edmond Martin Hearne. He was called Martin by his son (Zeb Vance Hearn - here is where our family dropped the "e"). Edmond Martin Hearne died about 1900 of "the bloody flux". He is buried at Northam Cemetery, in Rockingham, Richmond County, NC. Source of this info Zeb Vance Hearn as told to me, John A. Hearn.

2. Edmond Martin Hearne could not read or write as evidenced by his X mark on his marriage certificate. His wife was Sallie Elizabeth Liles. Edmond Martin Hearne operated a dray for hire, hauling freight, in the town of Rockingham, Richmond County, NC.

3. Laura J. Hearne (daughter of Edmond Hearne and sister to Edmond Martin Hearne) had the middle name of Jane. She and her sister Sophronia (nickname Froney) remained single for many years and lived in the house of their father Edmond Hearne, near Wadeville, NC, after his death. My grandfather Zeb Vance Hearn knew both of these women when he was a young man. He referred to Laura as Laura Jane. He called them "old maids", but said one of them [apparently Sophronia] married late in life. So this means that your note about Laura V. Hearn who died as a child, possibly being the same person as Laura J. Hearne, is incorrect. Source of this info Zeb Vance Hearn as told to me, John A. Hearn. I have the original paper will of Edmond Hearne, father of Sophronia, Laura Jane, Edmond Martin, etc.

4. George W. Hearne (son of Edmond Hearne and brother to Edmond Martin Hearne and Laura Jane Hearne) had the middle name of Washington. He is buried in a cemetery north of Rockingham, Richmond County, NC, but it is not at Northam Cemetery where his brother Edmond martin Hearne is buried. I was at his well marked grave about 30 years ago but cannot now locate the cemetery. He and his wife never had any children of their own, but adopted a boy, or had a young boy living in their home. George Washington Hearne owned a large farm on the north side of Rockingham, NC. Source of this info Zeb Vance Hearne as told to me, John A. Hearn. I found his will which says he left the farm to the Methodist Orhanage in Raleigh, NC. I have a photo of George W. Hearne in front of his home with the small boy, but George's face is very small in the photo because it has the whole house width.

John A. Hearn
126 North Ave.
Wake Forest, NC 27587
I am indebted to John for this information. I will update these pages and my database soon.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Extended Hearne Database Now Online!

Hooray! Finally, I've completed entering Hearne's 1912 Addendum into my database. This extended Hearne database now contains all of the people in Hearne's book, plus a lot more! It's now more accurate than the book. It includes all of the research here on the blog. Check it out. Here is the list of names.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Last living descendant of W.T. Hearne: James Noel

Out of the blue last week, I got a call from Kathy Smith, a local Historical expert from Lee's Summit, Missouri. Through her historical work, she had the acquaintence of James Noel (pronounced Nowl, rhymes with bowl), who is the remaining living direct descendant of W.T. Hearne, author of Hearne History, who died about 1913 .

I was able to talk to Jim on the phone. He is now 90, but clear in thought and nimble of wit. He has a good memory for facts, and many binders of notes. He has W.T. Hearne's original notes for the book, as well as the copper plates from the original printing. Handed down through the family are many heirlooms, including jewelry and one of the original chairs from the family's dining set from England.

Jim's aunt was Maggie Barkley Lee, the daughter of Fannie S. Hearne and Dr. J. C. Lee. Fannie was the daughter of William T. Hearne, the author of the book.

Maggie Barkley Lee married James Noel, had a son Lee Noel. He had no survivors; no children. Lee inherited the W.T. Hearne house in Independence. The house was donated to the truman heritage foundation.

James' brother is Forrest Noel, who married Jean Stribling. This is Jim's father.

Here are some other notes from my discussion:

"Aunt Mag stayed in Lee's summit until 1914. Ms. Lee and Aunt Mag Hearne lived in Uncle William's house, and moved in with them in 1917, with Lee opened up a savings and loan and insurance business. Mag and son Lee living in the house. Uncle Jim died about 1963, son Lee died about 1967-8, Aunt Mag Noel died about 1967.

"The family came to Lee's summit about 1870, and started buying land, bought by the Unity Church. A 20 story tower, Mag Hearne and Aunt . His first wife, her mother in laws farm bought by state of State of Kentucky where they built the State capital of KY and the Unity Tower.

"When the Hearne family cam to virginia about 1680, the family had a furniture buisness in london, and had shipped over a dining room set mhogany and 8 leather upholtered chairs. Somebody has the other chairs. Around page 130 something, there's a reference to the table and chairs.

"Granddad bought land from Alexander Majors, who created the pony express. He bought that farm out of bankruptcy in 1887. James Noel lived and worked on that pony express farm, 48 years with state of Missouri." (Note: Kathy Smith says the pony express did not actually pass through the farm.)
I'm sure Jim would be delighted to hear from you. He thinks nobody cares about Hearne's anymore:

James Noel
P.O. Box 1015
Lee's Summit, MO 64063

Monday, December 04, 2006

William Fletcher Hearne in 1900 Census

Found William F. Hearne and Family in the 1900 Census, Texas, Mills County, Justice Precinct No. 2, page 177:
Family 182
William F Hearne, head, W, M, Feb 1842, 58, md 27 yrs, AL, SC, SC;
Katie Hearne, wife, W, F, Dec 1855, 44, Md 27 yrs, 13 children, 12 living, AK, AK, AK;
Maury Hearne, son, W, M, Jun(?) 1875, 25, sgl, TX, AL, AK;
Rodney Hearne, son, W, M, Nov 1878, 21, sgl, TX, AL, AK;
Oti Hearne, son, W, M, Sept, 1880, 19, sgl, TX, AL, AK;
Altha Hearne, day, W, F, July, 1882, 17, sgl, TX, AL, AK;
Colyer Hearne, son, W, M, Aug 1884, 15, sgl, TX, AL, AK;
Buel Hearne, son, W, M, June 1886, 13, sgl, TX, AL, AK;
John Hearne, son, W, M, Aug 1888, 11, sgl, TX, AL, AK;
Elsa Hearne, dau, W, F, Feb 1890, 10, sgl, TX, AL, AK;
Kate Hearne, dau, W, F, July 1892, 7, sgl, TX, AL, AK;
O B Hearne, son, W, M, May(?) 1895, 5, sgl, TX, AL, AK;
Rubie Hearne, dau, W, F, Oct 1898, 1, sgl, TX, AL, AK;

Monday, November 27, 2006

J P Haywood and Sarah Lizzie Ingram

From Hearne, page 670: "Frances Barringer married W. S. Ingram 1864; Children: Elizabeth, .... Elizabeth married J. B. Haywood 1887. Children: Walter Ingram, Lillie May, William Stephen, Oscar, Franklin, and Etta Catherine."

From Hearne, page 797: "Jessie, daughter of Jesse and Lizzie Ingram Haywood, born June 14, 1902, and Alton Haywood, born September 29, 1904;"

Mount Gilead TWP, Montgomery, North Carolina 1900 Census, page 232, sheet 1, June 2, 1900.
Family 13
J(?) B Haywood, head, W, M, Aug 1865, 34, md 12, NC, NC, NC
Sarah(?) E Haywood, wife, W, F, Mar 1867, 33, md 12, 7 children 6 living, NC, NC, NC
Walter I(?) Haywood, son, W, M, (?) 1889, 11, sgl, NC, NC, NC
Lilley Haywood, dau, W, F, June 1890, 9,sgl, NC, NC, NC
William S Haywood, son, W, M, Jan 1892, 8, sgl, NC, NC, NC
Frank Haywood, son, W, M, Aug, 1894, 5, sgl, NC, NC, NC
Eller Haywood, dau, W, F, Jan 1896, 4, sgl, NC, NC, NC
Henry Haywood, son, W, M, Mar 1900, 2/12, sgl, NC, NC, NC

NOTES: several words are indecipherable. The wife's name is probably Sarah E., but could be Lizzie E. The husband's name may be Jesse B or Jas. B

Mt. Gilead TWP, Montgomery, North Carolina 1910 Census, page 87;
Family 74
Lizzie Haywood, head, F, W, 43, M, 22 years md, 9 children 8 living, NC, NC, NC
Walter Haywood, son, M, W, 21, sgl, NC, NC, NC
Lillie Haywood, dau, F, W, 19, sgl, NC, NC, NC
Stephen Haywood, son, M, W, 18, sgl, NC, NC, NC
Frank Haywood, son, M, W, 15, sgl, NC, NC, NC
Etta Haywood, dau, F, W, 14, sgl, NC, NC, NC
Henry Haywood, son, M, W, 10, sgl, NC, NC, NC
Jessie Haywood, dau, F, W, 7, sgl, NC, NC, NC
Alton Haywood, son, M, W, 5, sgl, NC, NC, NC

NOTES: This census is critical to matching the other two censuses, and finding Oscar (see below). It matches Hearne most closely and clearly identifies Lizzie and all of the children, except Oscar. It validates Hearne's dates, it establishes that this is indeed the right family. It helps to establish J.B.'s death.

Mount Glead TWP, Montgomery, North Carolina, 1920 Census, page 98, sheet 5A
Family 6
Sarah Haywood, head, F, W, 52, Wd, NC, NC, NC, Hotel industry
Walter Haywood, son, M, W, 30, sgl, NC, NC, NC
Etta Haywood, dau, F, W, 23, sgl, NC, NC, NC
Henry Haywood, son, M, W, 19, sgl, NC, NC, NC
Jesse Haywood, dau, F, W, 17, sgl, NC, NC, NC
Alton Haywood, son, M, W, 15, sgl, NC, NC, NC

About Lizzie's name: Hearne and 1910 census refer to her as Elizabeth, but she goes by Sarah in the 1920 census, and probably in the 1900 census.

About Oscar: Oscar is not found on any census. However, the 1900 and the 1910 census list all of Sarah Elizabeth's living children, and there is only one that is not living. The order of children in Hearne matches the widest gap in the children. Therfore I conclude that Oscar was born in between William and Franklin (probably about 1893), and died before 1900.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Joseph P Ewing

Hearne is not precisely clear about the children of Joseph P Ewing and his wife Sarah (Hearne) Christian. The children, up until 1901, are listed on page 671 with no detail. In the 1912 addendum, Hearne provides the names of the other siblings and their birth dates on page 797; yet he does not explicitly state the parents. The 1910 census makes the family ties clear, and validates the dates given in Hearne.
Census 1910 South Carolina Dillon Manning TWP page 145, Family 33
Joe P Ewing, head, M, W, 46, md 20 yrs, NC, NC, NC
Sallie Ewing, wife, F, W, 39, md 20 yrs, 7 children 7 living, NC, NC, NC
Wall F Ewing, son, M, W, 19, sgl, NC, NC, NC
Ray Ewing, son, M, W, 15, sgl, NC, NC, NC
Frederic Ewing, son, M, W, 13, sgl, NC, NC, NC
Joe P Ewing Jr, son, M, W, 11, sgl, NC, NC, NC
Robert Ewing, son, M, W, 8, sgl, NC, NC, NC
Hal Ewing, son, M, W, 5, sgl, NC, NC, NC
Benton Ewing, son, M, W, 3, sgl, NC, NC, NC

I have more research to do on this family, but records seem to indicate:
  • William Raiford Ewing went into the military, served in World War I, and then moved to Santa Clara California, marrying Louise.
  • Giles F Ewing, also served in the military, then moved to California, dying in 1955
  • Hal B Ewing, also served in the military.
  • Benton Ewing, also served in the military

Monday, November 20, 2006

Thomas C Cox and Armatine McAllister

Hearne say this about Thomas Chatterton Cox on page 795:
Also, Thomas Chatterton Coxe, born July 15, 1875, married January 2, 1901, Miss Armantine McAllister. Children: Effie Wall, born February 26 1902 William McAllister, born October 24, 1903; Pat Barringer, born February 7, 1905, and Thomas Chatterton, Jr., born September 19, 1906.
Thomas and Armantine are found in the 1910 Census in Wadesboro, Anson, North Carolina:
Family 30
Thomas C Cox, head, M, W, 35, md 9 yrs, NC, NC, NC
Armintine M Cox, wife, F, W, 33, md 9 yrs, NC, NC, NC
Effie W Cox, dau, F, W, 7, sgl, NC, NC, NC
William Cox, son, M, W, 6, sgl, NC, NC, NC
Pat B Cox, dau, F, W, 5, sgl, NC, NC, NC
Thomas C Cox Jr, son, M, W, 3, sgl, NC, NC, NC

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Joseph J and Louise Norton Hearne

Found Joseph J and Louise Norton Hearne and family in the 1900 census!

This is all Hearne had to say about them from page 793 in Hearne History:
Joseph J. Hearne, born February 16, 1849, married Louise Norton, March 17, 1878. Children: William A., Margaret, Elizabeth, Annie, Ella, John, Lula, Josephine and May. Joseph J. Hearne is a farmer in Edgecombe County, N. C.
Here they are in the 1900 Census, North Carolina Edgecombe Sparta Township page 182-183, Family 98 :
John J. Hearne, head, W, M, May 1849, 51, md 20, NC, NC, NC;
Nancy L Hearne, wife, W, F, June 1860, 39, md 20, 10 children 7 living, NC, NC, NC;
William A Hearne, son, W, M, Feb 1882, 18, sgl, NC, NC, NC;
Lula Hearne, dau, W, F, Feb 1886, 14, sgl, NC, NC, NC;
Annie Hearne, dau, W, F, Sept 1890, 9, sgl, NC, NC, NC;
Ella Hearne, dau, W, F, Dec 1891, 8, sgl, NC, NC, NC;
Josie Hearne, dau, W, F, Aug 1894, 5, sgl, NC, NC, NC;
May Hearne, dau, W, F, Sept 1897, 2, sgl, NC, NC, NC;
John Hearne, son, W, M, Dec 1899, 5/12, sgl, NC, NC, NC;
Census 1900 North Carolina Edgecombe Sparta Township page 182-183.
Here they are in the 1910 census! North Carolina Edgecombe 8-TWP Sparta page 233, Family 64:
Joseph J Hearne, head, M, W, 61, wid, NC, NC, NC;
Willie A Hearne, son, M, W, 28, md 5, NC, NC, NC;
Nannie Hearne, dau in law, F, W, 24, md 5, NC, NC, NC;
Annie Hearne, dau, F, W, 18, sgl, NC, NC, NC;
Ella Hearne, dau, F, W, 17, sgl, NC, NC, NC;
Census 1910 North Carolina Edgecombe 8-TWP Sparta page 233.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Found the Pounds!

Eli and Sallie Pounds are in the 1870 census!
Census 1870 Georgia Butts Indian Spring page 1
Family 4
Eli E Pounds, 31, M, W, Clerk in store, GA
Sallie A Pounds, 27, F, W, keeping house, GA
Florence V, 6, F, W, GA
Augustus, 4, F, W, GA
Oscella, 2, M, W, GA
William L, 1, M, W, GA
But I can't find them in the 1880 census.

Who is Fannie Hearne of NC, married W.A.Cooper?

Found the cemetery grave stone transcriptions from Old Rock Springs Baptist Church in Chatham North Carolina of W. A. Cooper, who married Fannie Hearne, daughter of A.G. and Eugenia Hearne. Who are they and where do they fit in?

  1. Cooper, (Daughter) (b. - d.10 Feb 1930)
        Infant daughter of L. C. & L. M. Cooper. Footstone: I. Location row 9.
  2. Cooper, (Son) (b. - d.1 Oct 1918)
        Infant son of L. C. & L. M. Cooper. Location row 9.
  3. Cooper, Delaney R. (b.15 Jun 1860 - d.7 Nov 1903)
        1st Wife of W. A. Cooper. Tall marker. Footstone: DRC. Location row 9.
  4. Cooper, Fannie Hearne (b.28 Mar 1867 - d.17 Dec 1920)
        2nd Wife of W. A. Cooper. Daughter of A.G. and Eugenia Hearne. "Her life was given in service for others". Tall marker. Footstone: FHC. Location row 9.
  5. Cooper, Hattie J. (b.1883 - d.5 May 1903)
        Daughter of W. A. and L. R. Cooper. "Gone but not forgotten". Footstone: HJC. Location row 9.
  6. Cooper, W. A. (b.24 Jun 1856 - d.6 Feb 1929)
        Husband of Fannie Hearne Cooper & Delaney R. Cooper. "Gone but not forgotten". Tall marker. Footstone: WAC. Location row 9.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Who are these Pounds?

Where did the Pounds come from on page 790 of Hearne? It's been driving me nuts! Searching on, there is a AncestryFile record that says Eli E Pounds married Sallie Leverette. If that's true, it quickly explains why Hearne added them to page 790. What baffles me is why he records Eli's marriage to a Sarah A Smith. Either the Smith is a typo, or Sarah (Sallie) Leverette was first married to a Mr. Smith ???

Here is the family as recorded by the AncestralFile; it parallels the information from Hearne:
Husband's Name
Eli Ezekiel (Pound) POUNDS (AFN:1N3W-NDC) Pedigree
Born: 9 May 1839 Place: , Putnam County, Georgia
Died: 21 Dec 1895 Place:
Married: 4 Oct 1859 Place: , , Georgia
Father: John Bochannon POUND (AFN:W6HC-GS)
Mother: Amilia GAY (AFN:W6HC-H0)
Wife's Name
Sallie A. LEVERETTE (AFN:1N3W-NFK) Pedigree
Born: 9 May 1838 Place: , Putnam, Georgia
Died: 24 Oct 1910 Place: , Jackson, Georgia
Married: 4 Oct 1859 Place: , , Georgia
Father: William LEVERETTE (AFN:1N3S-M1H) Family
1. Female Florence V. (Pound) POUNDS (AFN:1N3W-NGR)
Born: Abt 1864 Place: , , Georgia
2. Male Lamar (Pound) POUNDS (AFN:1N44-GMP)
Born: 1871 Place: , Butts, Georgia
3. Male Eli E. (Pound) POUNDS (AFN:1N3W-NLL)
Born: 1875 Place: , Butts, Georgia
4. Female Augusta C. (Pound) POUNDS (AFN:1N49-DZ4)
Born: 1866 Place: , Butts, Georgia
5. Female Osceola (Pound) POUNDS (AFN:1N3W-NJ6)
Born: 1868 Place: , Butts, Georgia
6. Female Lilla Myrtle (Pound) POUNDS (AFN:1N3W-NMS)
Born: 1877 Place: , Butts, Georgia
7. Female Ella (Pound) POUNDS (AFN:1N3W-NN1)
Born: 1878 Place: , Butts, Georgia
Ahh! The Pounds come from Sallie A. Leverette. Don't know where the Smith comes from in Hearne History.

William Leverette is found in the 1860 Census in Monticello, Jasper, Georgia, page
274, sheet 40.
Family 304
William C Leverett, 45, M, farmer, GA;
Jane H. Leverett, 39, F, GA;
Francis Leverett, 16, M, GA;
Victoria Leverett, 14, F, GA;
Reid Leverett, 11, M, GA;
Elizabeth Leverett, 8, GA;
Alice Leverett, 2, F, GA;
It's the right family and the right children... Why does Jane not have the same name as Elizabeth?!? Ah well, such is the nature of Genealogy. Maybe Jane is a second wife? Hearne records only the children through Elizabeth. There is a gap after Elizabeth. Maybe Jane is a 2nd wife and the mother of Alice. Any ideas? I need to try to find this family in 1850.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Some Random Births, Marriages, and Deaths

The LDS IGI (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints International Genealogical Index) is sometimes useful to find additional hints about dates, places, and names. Information in the IGI must be taken with a heavy dose of skepticism. Errors run rampant -- the result of inadequate research and assumptions. Where it fails as an authoritative source, it nonetheless a valuable source of clues and suggestions about what other people have concluded in their research. I will sometimes adopt dates as working dates when they provide better detail than the dates I already have. Of course they still need proving; but when my date is an estimated year based on the age in a census, and the IGI has an exact date in the same year, I will often work with that date, or note it in my notes, depending on the plausibility. The same goes for more complete places. Sometimes more detail is provided in a name.

I found the following interesting dates and places on the LDS IGI, today:

Birth, death and marriage dates for Florence Goldman (Hearne History page 611) found in the LDS IGI:
Florence A. Golman; Female; Birth: 07 DEC 1854 , , South Carolina; Death: 14 JUL 1937; Spouse: James O. OR Dock McDowell; Marriage: 18 MAY 1876 <, , South Carolina>

Birth and death dates for Florence Goldman (Hearne History page 611) found in the LDS IGI:
Arthur Goldman; Male; Birth: 03 AUG 1856 , , South Carolina; Death: 14 FEB 1911 , , South Carolina; Spouse: Carrie Polatti
Marriage date for Thomas Y Hearne and Dixie Smith (Hearne History page 777) found in the LDS IGI:
DIXIE SMITH; Female; Spouse: T. Y. HEARN; Marriage: 28 FEB 1886 , Decatur, Tennessee;
Birth and death for Sallie Elder (Hearne History page 777) who married James M Hearne has a likely candidate in LDS IGI:
Sallie Tennie Elder; Female; Birth: 11 OCT 1885 Marlin, Falls, Texas; Death: 04 MAR 1936; Father: Thomas Jefferson Elder; Mother: Nancy Jane Phillips Vinson;
However, there is also a different marriage, so it may be a different Sallie Elder: The other marriage is:
Sallie Tennie Elder; Female; Birth: 11 OCT 1885; Father: Thomas Jefferson Elder; Mother: Nancy Jane Phillips Vinson; Spouse: William Caldwell Smith; Marriage: About 1904 Marlin, Falls, Texas
For now, it remains inconclusive.

Marriage date for Skidmore Munsey and Julian (Julie Ann) Hearne (Hearne History page 587) is found in the LDS IGI:
Julia Ann Hearne; Female; Birth: 06 MAY 1829; Father: William Hearne; Mother: Susannah Hicks; Spouse: Skidmore Munsey; Marriage: 05 OCT 1848 , Wythe, Virginia

Williams Hearnes abound in the Georgia Censuses

While looking for William Thornton Hearne, I ran into many other William Hearnes in the Georgia Censuses. Here are three of interest:

Found William T and Francis Hearne, which I think are are Willian Tally Hearne and Francis Pool, found on page 569 and 570 of Hearne History. What do you think? 1900 Census, Georgia, Fulton, 3-WD Atlanta, page 47:
Family 466
William T Hearn, head, W, M, Apr 1850, 50, md 25 yrs, GA, SC, SC
Francis Hearn, wife, W, F, Mar 1855, 45, md 25 yrs, GA, NC, NC, 14 children 11 living;
Lila F Hearn, dau, W, F, Oct 1876, 28, sgl, GA, GA, GA;
Ida B Hearn, dau, W, F, Apr 1881, 19, sgl, GA, GA, GA;
Charles C Hearn, son, W, M, Apr 1882, 18, sgl, GA, GA, GA;
Odelia Z Hearn, dau, W, F, Aug 1885, 14, sgl, GA, GA, GA;
Mary L Hearn, dau, W, F, Oct 1886, 13, sgl, GA, GA, GA;
Ola D Hearn, dau, W, F, July 1888, 11, sgl, GA, GA, GA;
William Z Hearn, son, W, M, July 1891, 8, sgl, GA, GA, GA;
Hazell E Hearn, dau, W, F, Apr 1893, 7, sgl, GA, GA, GA;
James N Hearn, son, W, M, Mar 1896, 4, sgl, GA, GA, GA;
Lonnie W Hearn, dau, W, F, June 1898, 2, sgl, GA, GA, GA;
1900 Census, Georgia, Fulton, 3-WD Atlanta, page 47
This same family of William and Frances Hearne (William Tally Hearne and Francis Pool?) are also found in the 1910 census:
Family 527
William T Hearn, head, M, W, 58, Md 1, 34, GA, NC, NC;
Frances Hearn, wife F, W, 53, Md 1, 34, 14 children 11 living, GA, GA, GA;
Moselle Hearn, dau, F, W, 15, sgl, GA, GA, GA;
Willie Hearn, son, M, W, 15, sgl, GA, GA, GA;
Henry Hearn, son, M, W, 13, sgl, GA, GA, GA;
Lonnie Hearn, son, M, W, 11, sgl, GA, GA, GA;yo
Census 1910 Georgia Fulton 3-WD Atlanta pg 109 sheet 25B
Ran into William Howell Hearne and Mattie Reid in the 1910 census, in Eatonton, Putnam, Georgia. They are mentioned on pages 784-787 in Hearne History.
Family 31 page 219 sheet 2B
William H Hearn, head, M, W, 56, Md 1, 29 yrs, GA, GA, GA;
Mattie R Hearn, wife, F, W, 53, Md 1, 29 yrs, GA, GA, GA;
Mattie Hearn, dau, F, W, 21, sgl, GA, GA, GA;
Sarah Hearn, dau, F, W, 19, sgl, GA, GA, GA;
Samuel Hearn, son, M, W, 16, sgl, GA, GA, GA;
Rebecca Hearn, dau, F, W, 12, sgl, GA, GA, GA;
Census 1910 in Eatonton, Putnam, Georgia, Family 31 page 219 sheet 2B
I have a theory, which is along the line of William T Hearne, that every Hearne in the US ought to connect into the Hearne line someplace. So far, this has proved mostly correct. After I get all the families entered, I may try placing all Hearnes in the the 1880 and 1900 censuses. There are bunches! Could be fun!

Richard S. and Mary Park

Richard Sankey Park and Mary Will Hearne from page 789 of Hearne History are found in the 1900 Census for Opposition, Putnam, Georgia:
Family 266
Richard S Park, head, W, M, Dec 1856, 43, Md 19 yrs, GA, GA, GA, farmer;
Mary W Park, wife, W, F, Oct 1861, 38, Md 19 yrs, 8 children 5 living, GA, GA, GA;
William E Park, son, W, M, Nov 1882, 17, sgl, GA, GA, GA;
Lillian M Park, dau, W, F, Apr 1885, 15, sgl, GA, GA, GA;
Ruth Park, dau, W, F, Feb 1889, 11, sgl, GA, GA, GA;
James C Park, son, W, M, July 1896, 3, sgl, GA, GA, GA;
Dickey Park, son, W, M, Nov 1899, 6/12, GA, GA, GA;
Census 1900 Georgia Putnam Opposition page 15;
William E would be the same as called Etheridge by Hearne. Dickey would obviously be Richard.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Hugh and Donough Park

Some people are easy to find. Maybe it's a name that not common, but easily spelled, or maybe it's the combination of husband and wife. Hugh and Donough (Burnley) Park were easy to find. Hugh is the son of Thomas Jefferson and Eugenia (Hearne) Park. (Hearne History page 789)

They are found on the 1920 census in Eatonton, Putnam, Georgia.
family 458
Hugh L Park, head, M, W, 35, Md, GA, GA, GA, merchant dry good store;
Donough Park, wife, F, W, 33, md, GA, GA, GA;
Hugh Parks Jr, son, M, W, 7, sgl, GA, GA, GA;
Montuse Parks, dau, F, W, 5, sgl, GA, GA, GA;
Donough Parks, dau, F, W, 4.5, sgl, GA, GA, GA;
Census 1920 Georgia Putnam Eatonton Town pages 19B & 20A;
Hugh Park is also found in the Social Security Death Index:
Birth Date: 13 Mar 1884
Death Date: Feb 1963
Social Security Number: 256-03-8281
State Where Number Was Issued: Georgia
Actual Death Residence: Georgia
I think I've also found Hugh Park Jr. I think he's this Hugh Park. He is the only one in the south west in that matches the 1920 census. The death
locality is 73 miles from birth place.
Birth Date: 7 Jul 1912
Death Date: Dec 1978
Social Security Number: 258-09-0713
State Where Number Was Issued: Georgia
Death Residence Localities
ZIP Code: 30002
Localities: Avondale Est, De Kalb, Georgia
Avondale Estates, De Kalb, Georgia
Death Benefit Localities
However, there is another Hugh Park with a SSN issued in
California who died in the Orem, Utah area. So I can't be conclusive.
Hugh Park
Birth Date: 16 Mar 1911
Death Date: Jul 1984
Social Security Number: 549-07-5801
State Where Number Was Issued: California
Death Residence Localities
ZIP Code: 84057
Localities: Bonnie, Utah, Utah
Bunker, Utah, Utah
Clyde, Utah, Utah
Orem, Utah, Utah
Vineyard, Utah, Utah
These are all the other Hugh Parks with birth dates between 1910
and 1914.
1. Hugh PARKS - U.S. Social Security Death Index
Birth: 27 Dec 1910 State Where Number was Issued: Arkansas
Death: Apr 1983
2. Hui PARK - U.S. Social Security Death Index
Birth: 20 May 1910 State Where Number was Issued: Washington
Death: 20 Aug 1999
3. Hugh PARK - U.S. Social Security Death Index
Birth: 16 Mar 1911 State Where Number was Issued: California
Death: Jul 1984
4. Hugh PARK - U.S. Social Security Death Index
Birth: 7 Jul 1912 State Where Number was Issued: Georgia
Death: Dec 1978
5. Hugh PARKS - U.S. Social Security Death Index
Birth: 22 Aug 1914 State Where Number was Issued: Tennessee
Death: 26 Dec 2000
6. Hugh PARKS - U.S. Social Security Death Index
Birth: 25 Sep 1914 State Where Number was Issued: Missouri
Death: 25 Jan 1988
7. Hugh PARKS - U.S. Social Security Death Index
Birth: 8 Jul 1914 State Where Number was Issued: California
Death: 21 Nov 1988

Friday, November 03, 2006

A professor and a shoe salesman

Professor Robert P Brooks and Josephine Edmondon Reid were easy to find in the 1910 census, because I knew he was a professor at the state university.
Family 126
Robert P Brooks, head, M, W, 29, M 2 years, MO, GA, GA, professor state university;
Josephine R Brooks, wife, F, W, 28, M 2 years, GA, GA, GA;
Josephine R Brooks, dau, F, W, 1, single, GA, GA, GA;
Census 1910 Georgia Clarke 3WD Athens pg 90
Hearne History page 789 says this about Robert and Josephine:
Josephine Edmonson Reid married Robert Preston Brooks and they have one child named Josephine Reid. Mr. Brooks was the first Cecil Rhodes Scholarship pupil sent from Georgia to the Oxford University, England. He lives at Athens, Ga., and is a professor in the State University.

William Clarence Reid apparently moved to Florida to seek his fortune in shoe sales.

He is found in the 1910 Florida Hillsborough, 2-WD Tampa Census
Family 41, Clarance Reid, lodger, M, W, 26, Single, GA, GA, GA, salesman, shoe store; Census 1910 Florida Hillsborough 2-WD Tampa page 120;
William Clarence Reid married Christine ??? about 1915.
He is also found in the 1920 census in Hillsborough Ballast Point 2 PCT, page 28:
Family 439 William C Reid, head, M, W, 35, Married, GA, GA, GA, clother, men's;
Christine A. Reid, wife, F, W, 26, Married, FL, GA, FL;
William T. Reid, M, W, 4, single, FL, GA, FL;
Census 1920 Hillsborough Ballast Point 2 PCT page 28;
His death is in the SS death index:
Birth Date: 13 Nov 1882
Death Date: Dec 1967
Social Security Number: 262-07-6351
State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Florida
Death Residence Localities
ZIP Code: 33611
Localities: Interbay, Hillsborough, Florida
Tampa, Hillsborough, Florida
Christine is also found in the SS death index:
Christine REID
Birth Date: 23 Apr 1893
Death Date: 24 Apr 1987
Social Security Number: 263-15-3208
State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Florida
Death Residence Localities
ZIP Code: 33609
Localities: Palma Ceia, Hillsborough, Florida
Peninsula, Hillsborough, Florida
Tampa, Hillsborough, Florida

"Eugenia Hearne, daughter of Wm. Thornton Hearne, was born in 1859, married Thomas Jefferson Park, of Greene County, Ga. Children: Lila, Hugh, Nisbet, Ella May, Eugenia, Tommie, William and Nellie." (Hearne History page 789)

Turns out, when you find them in the census, that Thomas Park was born in Tennessee. Not only that, but so were many of his children. He and Eugenia must have move to Tennessee after their marriage.
Family 256
Thomas J Park, head, W, M, Sept 1851, 48, Md 22, TN, GA, GA;
Eugenia Park, wife W, F, Aug 1859, 40, Md 22, 9 children 8 living, GA, GA, GA;
Lila Park, W, F, Aug 1880, 19, sgl, TN, GA, GA;
Hugh Park, son, W, M, Mar 1884, 16, sgl, TN, GA, GA;
Nisbett Park, son, W, M, Mar 1886, 14, sgl, TN, GA, GA;
Eugenia Park, dau, W, F, Mar 1888, 12, sgl, TN, GA, GA;
Ellie M Park, dau, W, F, Apr 1891, 9, sgl, TN, GA, GA;
Tommie Park, dau, W, F, Dec 1893, 6, sgl, TN, GA, GA;
William Park, son, W, M, Sept, 1895, 4, sgl, GA, GA, GA;
Nellie Park, dau, W, F, May 1899, 1, sgl, GA, GA, GA;
Census 1900 Georgia Putnam Opposition page 273;
Thomas Jefferson Park apparently dies shortly after the 1910 census. Thomas was alive in 1900, but Eugenia was a widow in 1910. The youngest child was 10 in 1910, suggesting that Thomas died just after 1910.
Family 196
Eugenia Park, head, F, W, 49, wid, 9 children, 8 living, GA, GA, GA;
Eugenia Park, dau, F, W, 21, single, GA, GA, GA;
Tommie Park, dau, F, W, 15, single, GA, GA, GA;
William T Park, son, W, W, 12, single, GA, GA, GA;
Nellie Park, dau, F, W, 10, single, GA, GA, GA;
1910 Census Georgia Cobb 1 WD Marietta Page 9;

Now in 1920, Eugenia's grandchildren are living with her. Hearne History page 789 says "Ella May Park married a Mr. Worley, of Tennessee, and has two sons, Oliver and Thomas J." Did Ella May (Park) and spouse Worley die?
Family 147
Eugenia Park, head, F, W,59, wid, GA, GA, GA;
Lila Park, dau, F, W, 38, sgl, GA, GA, GA;
Eugenia Park, dau, F, W, 30 sgl, GA, GA, GA;
Olliver Worley, grandson, M, W, 10, sgl, GA, TN, GA;
Thomas P. Worley, grandson, M, W, 8, sgl, GA, TN, GA;
Marion L. Worley, granddaughter, F, W, 6, sgl, GA, TN, GA;
Census 1920 Georgia Cobb Smyrna page 7 - Eugenia Park Worley, "Census 1920 Georgia Cobb Smyrna page 7 - Eugenia Park Worley.gif" image in collection of Brian Cragun

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

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A widow and a widower

Entered the data from page 788 of the Hearne History.

Julia (Pound) Freeman, spouse of Septimus is found in the 1910 Census. She is now widowed. So Septimus must have died before 18 April 1910. Don't know where the other children are. Efforts to find Septimus and family in 1900 census did not yield anything.
Family 51
Julia Freeman, head, F, W, 41, wid, 3 children, 3 living, GA, GA, GA;
Loree Freeman, dau, F, W, 18, sing, GA, GA, GA;
Census 1910 Georgia Fulton Atlanta 5-WD page 246
I could not find James B. Watkins or family on 1900 census, but I was able to find him, now a widower on the 1910 census.
Family 109
James B. Watkins, head, M, W, 48, wid, GA, GA, GA;
Doll Watkins, son, M, W, 16, sing, GA, GA, GA;
James Watkins, son, M, W, 12, sing, GA, GA, GA;
Census 1910 Georgia Butts Jaction Dist no 612 page 11

Monday, October 30, 2006

Josiah Freeman and Sarah White Hearne

Hearne has this to say about the Josiah Freeman and Sarah White Hearne Family:

Sarah White Hearne, daughter of Francis Sharpe Hearne, Sr., was born in 1830, died in 1882. In 1848 she married Joseph Freeman. Children: Francis H., born 1849; Joe B., born 1852; William W., born 1854; James Edgar, born 1856; John Jeter, born 1858, died 1900; Pierpont Read, born 1860, died 1905; Septimus F., born 1862, died 1910; Jessie W., born 1864, died 1907; Asca Adolphus, born 1866, and sarah Clifford, born 1868, died 1904.

Francis H. Freeman married Miss Sue Brown in 1875, Children: Reger, born 1876; Sylph, born 1878 and Sarah, born 1880.

James Edgar Freeman, born 1856, married December 24, 1884, Miss Clara Pound, who was born April 3, 1863. Children: Julia, born October 26, 1885; Rex, born June 20, 1889, died August 2, 1910; C. L. (initals only), born December 11, 1902, and Ed, born May 29, 1905. This family live at Pittsburg, Tex.

Julia Freeman, born 1885, married G. L. Gay in 1907 and lives in Dallas, Tex.

John Jeter Freeman married a Miss Scott and died in 1900, leaving two children, Scott and Clara. Clara married a Mr. Fry, of Gorman, Tex.

Pierpont Reid Freeman, born October 26, 1860, in Georgia, Indian Springs, and died at Bay City, Tex., April 23, 1904. He married Miss Ella James, near Pittsburg, Tex., January 6, 1887. She was born in Arkansas, November 19, 1868. Children: Patty Hearne, born November 17, 1887, and died August 10, 1911; Gracia Alton, born March 25, 1889, and died March 22, 1912, at Hearne, Tex., where she was teaching school; Josiah David, born September 15, 1890, and died September 3, 1911. Barbara Alice, born March 25, 1892; Pierpont Reid, Jr., born October 21, 1897; Jesse Ross, born December 24, 1898. Mrs. Ella J. Freeman lives now at San Angelo, Tex....

Septimus Freeman married Miss Julia Pound in 1886. Children: Zilla May, born 1887; Loree, born 1890 and Adron, born 1893. Mr. Freeman died in 1911 and his widow lives in Atlanta, Ga.

Asca Adolphus Freeman married Miss Belle Wheeler. Children: Joe Wheeler, Sarah, Otelia and Belle.

Sarah Clifford Freeman married James B. Watkins in 1885 and has six children. They live in Jackson, Butts County, Ga.

Ha! I was not thinking and only read page 787, which has only the list of children; then did the following census search and match, without the benefit of page 788, which contains the details about the children. Ah well, as you'll see the census entries are a little strange if taken alone. But together, they provide a consistent picture for this family. It's nice to see my conclusions match with the information on page 788.

Here they are in 1860:
Census 1860 Georgia, Butts, Indian Spring, page 8
Family 62
Josiah Freeman, 48, M, NC
Sarah W Freeman, 30, F, GA
Thomas F W Freeman, 9, M, GA
Josiah B Freeman, 6, M GA
William W Freeman, 5, M, GA
James E Freeman, 3, M, GA
John J Freeman, 1, M, GA
Mary S Swan, 10, F, GA

Here they are in 1870
Census 1870 Georgia, Butts, Indian Spring, Subdivision 13, page 49
Family 405 Jos Freeman, 59 M, W, NC
Sarah W Freeman, 40, F, W, GA
Thomas T Freeman, 19, M, W, GA
Josiah B Freeman, 16, M, W, GA
Edgar J Freeman, 13, M, W, GA
John G Freeman, 11, M, W, GA
Perpon R Freeman, 9, M, W, GA
Septimus P Freeman, 7, M, W, GA
Jessee W Freeman, 5, M, W, GA
Oscar (?) Freeman, 3, M, W, GA
Sallie C Freeman, 1, F, W, GA

And in 1880:
Census 1880 Georgia, Butts, Indian Springs, District 18, page 16
Family 148, Josiah Freeman, W, M, 68, farmer, b. NC, f. NC, m. NC;
Sarah W. Freeman, W, F, 50, wife, GA, GA, SC;
Jeter Freeman, W, M, 21, son, GA, NC, GA;
Jessee Freeman, W, M, 15, son, GA, NC, GA;
Dolly W Freeman, W, M, 12, son, GA, NC, GA;
Clifford Freeman, W, F, 11, dau, GA, NC, GA;
Drury Watson, W, M, 70, boarder, GA, NC, GA;
Elijah Clapp, W, M, 38, boarder, Texas, Illinois, Tennessee
Lou Clapp, W, F, 30, boarder, GA, GA, GA;
Louvenia Clapp, W, F, 8, boarder, Texas, Texas, GA
Lizzie Clapp, W, F, 4, boarder, Texas, Texas, GA
Sallie Clapp, W, F, 1 boarder, GA, Texas, GA

Here is a comparison of Hearne and the three censuses.

Hearne History

1860 Census

1870 Census

1880 Census

Joseph Freeman

Josiah Freeman – 48 (1812)

Jos Freeman – 59 (1811)

Josiah Freeman – 68 (1812)

Sarah White (Hearne) 1830

Sarah W. – 30 (1830)

Sarah W. – 40 (1830)

Sarah W. – 50 (1830)

Francis H. – 1849

Thomas F. W. – 9 (1851)

Thomas T. – 19 (1851)

Joe B. – 1852

Josiah B. - 6 (1854)

Josiah B. – 16 (1854)

William W. – 1854

William W. – 5 (1855)

James Edgar – 1856

James E. – 3 (1857)

Edgar J. – 13 (1857)

John Jeter – 1858

John J. – 1 (1859)

John G. – 11 (1859)

Jeter – 21 (1859)

Pierpont Read – 1860

Perpon R. – 9 (1861)

Septimus F. – 1862

Septimus P. – 7 (1863)

Jessie W. – 1864

Jessee W. – 5 (1865)

Jessee – 15 (1865)

Asca Adolphus – 1866

Oscar (?) – 3 (1867) (M)

Dolly – 12 (1867) (M)

Sarah Clifford – 1868

Sallie C. – 1 (1869) (F)

Clifford – 11 (1868) (F)

An interesting note is in the 1880 census, the census taker correctly got the gender of Asca Adolphus "Dolly" and Sarah Clifford "Clifford", but a well meaning individual later overwrote the gender and drew crossed dashed lines to the son/daughter; obviously assuming they were mixed up.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Mysterious Walter S. Hearne and father Thomas P. Hearne in Mitchell, Georgia in 1900

Who is Walter S. Hearn, b. 1855? In Mitchell Georgia 1900? And his father Thomas P Hearn, b. 1824, is living with them?
Family 27, Walter S. Hearn, head W, M, Feb 1855, 45, married 25 years, GA, GA, GA;
Maggie Hearn, wife, W, F, Mar 1855, 45, married 25, 9 children, 6 living, GA, GA, GA;
Lena L. Hearn, dau, W, F, Dec 1878, 21, S, GA, GA, GA;
Maude M. Hearn, dau, W, F, April 1881, 19, S, GA, GA, GA;
Emma B. Hearn, dau, W, M, Mar 1889, 11, S, GA, GA, GA;
Biggers S. Hearn, son, W, M, Oct 1891, 8, S, GA, GA, GA;
Willim J. Hearn, son, W, M, Oct 1891, 8, S
Thomas P. Hearn, father, W, M, July 1824, 75, Wid,GA, GA, GA;

In the Hearne book, there is only one Thomas Hearne (R6239) from Georgia, born about 1825. That's the son of Jacob Hearne and Elizabeth Mayfield. According the Hearne History, "they settled first in Franklin Co., Ga, In 1820 they moved to Coweta Co., Ga and later to Campbell Co, Ga. where he died."

Thomas Jefferson Hearne (R8599) is a long shot. Son of Charles William Hearne (b 1808, Troup, GA) and Nancy Wheeler. That makes his father a little young, but possible.

Joseph L Williams and Mary Hearne of Eatonton, GA

Found Joseph L Williams (R9851, p 787)and family! They're in Eatonton (Putnam County Georgia) Census 1900 page 303.
Family 249:
J. L. Williams, head, W, M, Oct 1853, 46?, married 19 years, b. GA, f. SC, m. GA.;
M. E. Williams, wife, W, F, Oct 1858, 42, M 19 years, 8 children 7 living, GA, GA, GA;
Mary F. Williams, dau, W, F, oct 1882, 17, S, GA, GA, GA;
Henry H. Williams, son, W, M, May 1885, 15, S, GA, GA, GA;
J. L. Williams Jr., son, W, M, Dec 1887, 12, S, GA, GA, GA;
Lillie A. Williams, dau, W, F, Mar, 1890, 10, S, GA, GA, GA;
Nannie (or Marrie) E. Williams, dau, W, F, July 1892 7, S, GA, GA, GA;
Ruby C. Williams, dau, W, F, Mar 1895, 5, S, GA, GA, GA;
Frank Williams, W, M, June 1897, 2, S, GA, GA, GA;

Nannie is hard to read, Hearne says name is Emie. Since the middle initial is E, I guess that is Emie.

In the house next to Joseph and Mary Emma is a Charles Herne. Who is that? He doesn't match any of the Hearnes I can find in Hearne History.

Charles Herne, w, M, Sep 1870, 30, married 9 years; Ostell Herne, wife, W, F, Feb 1873, 27, M; Lillian Herne, dau, w, F, May 1892, 8, S; Julia Herne, dau, W, F, July 1894, 5, S; Charles S. Herne, son, W, M, Nov 1899, 6/12, S;

Added Joseph Williams and Mary Emma Hearne and family to database.
Added Edward Smith and Mary F Williams and children to database.
Added Walter Hearn (b 1863) and Sadie Patrick and children to database.

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Children of Henry Branham Hearne and Mary Carlton Waller

Entered children of Henry Branham Hearne (R9746) and Mary Carlton Waller (9844) in PAF database.

Looking for death information of children:

Found Henry Hearne Jr. death information: U.S. Social Security Death Index, SSN 133-26-6319, Henry Hearn Jr, Birth: 6 Apr 1903, Death: 15 Mar 1998, Death Residence: 31024, Eatonton, Putnum, Georgia

Found Francis HEARN, U.S. Social Security Death Index, Francis HEARN, Birth Date: 31 Oct 1906, Death Date: 25 Nov 1993, Social Security Number: 260-58-3561, State Issued: Georgia, Death Residence Localities, ZIP Code: 31024, Localities: Eatonton, Putnam, Georgia

Found Paul HEARN, U.S. Social Security Death Index,
Birth Date: 26 Dec 1909
Death Date: Dec 1981
Social Security Number: 247-78-0509
State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: South Carolina
Death Residence Localities
ZIP Code: 29607
Localities: Batesville, Greenville, South Carolina
Greenville, Greenville, South Carolina

Entered children of Mary Emma, daughter of Francis Sharpe Hearne, Jr., and Joseph L. Williams, of Newton County, Ga., Children: Mary, Henry Hearne, Lillie, Emie, Ruby and Frank.
Had to estimate birth dates 1880-1890, and birthplace, of Eatonton, GA, for now.

Search on "Jos Williams, 1900, GA"
Not in Greensboro, Spalding.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Henry Branham Hearne family

Looking for Henry Branham Hearne in the censuses. Trying to find a physical for the location of this man and family.

Who are all these other Hearns? Henry A Hearn in Ashley,Pike ,Missouri?

Found them:
Family 405 Henry D Hearne, head, M, W, 63 M;
Mary C, wife, F, W, 40 M;
Henry B Jr, son, M, W, 16 S;
Rosa, dau, F, W, 15, S;
William, son, M, W, 14, S;
Francis, son, M W, 13, S;
Elizabeth, dau, F, W 11, S;
Paul, son, M, W, 11, S;
Census 1920 Georgia, Putnam, Eatonton;

Ahhh, there they are in 1900, under the name H B Hearn.
family 303, H B Hearn, head, W, M, May 1856, 44, Widower, Mary J., dau, W, F, Apr 1888, 12, S; Amanda, aunt, W, F, Oct 1839, 60, widow; all born and parents born in Georgia.
Census 1900 Georgia Putnam Eatonton City - Henry B Hearne

In the 1910 census, they are in Putnam, again.
family 232 Henry B Hearn, head, M, W, 54, 2nd marriage, 9 years in this marriage; Mary C., wife, f, W, 31, first marriage, 9 years, 6 children, 6 living; Janie, dau, F, W, 22, S; Henry B. Jr., son, M, W, 7, S; Rosa C., dau, F, W, 6, S; William W., son, M, W, 4, S; Francis H, son, M, W, 3, S; Martha E.,dau, F, W, 2, S; Bolander, son, M, W, 3/12, S; all born and parents born in Georgia. Census 1910, Georgia, Putnam, Eatonton district 368