Monday, April 27, 2009

Heron and Hearon in Blount, Tennessee

There are no Hearnes in Blount Tennessee. But there are a lot of Herons in 1880 and the same families seem to be Hearons in 1900. The name Hearne has always had many derivative spellings. I've always thought it to be something about the way people tried to pronounce the "e" on the end of the name made it sound enough like an extra syllable. Something about Tennessee seems to have given a new angle on the Hearn name.

The 1880 Tennessee Blount 8-Dist page 159 has James (1842) and Margaret (1846) Heron. They are next door to Jeremiah (1844) and Docia (1854) Heron. Each family has a Rachel. That seems telling.

The LDS suggests the Whitehead spouse of Jeremiah Hearn, son of John W Hearn and Annie Chesney, was Rachael. It also lists her children as named Hearon.

The same James and Jerry are there in 1870, in District 8 (Maryville) page 154, also next to Tom (1840) and Mariah (1840) . Surprise! Tom has a Rachel, too! And they're living next to Sam Whitehead (1840) and Tom Whitehead (1830). Sam has a Rachel! Tom has a Rachel! They live next door to Tom Whitehead (1810).

In 1900, James and Jerry and Tom are named Hearon. Tennessee, Blount, 3-Dist, page 101-102.

Looking for leads on these, and specific information that ties these Hearons to Rachel Whitehead and that she is the Whitehead who married our Jeremiah Hearne. Although the circumstantial information seems pretty strong.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Henry Hearne Lockhart and wife Sarah Richardson

I found this elusive family in Kentucky, which is where I would have expected them if I'd read carefully. Hearne, pg 715, say he was born in Ireland in 1800. Immigrated to New York with family in 1807. Moved to Charleston, South Carolina in 1819 and lived there a few years and then moved to Lexington, Kentucky where he was actively engaged in farming and dealing in fine stock for over thirty years.

1850 Kentucky Fayette 1st District Page 131
Family 277
Henry Lockhart, 47 , M, Ireland, Trader
Sarah Lockhart, 38, F, Kentucky
Henrietta Lockhart, 12, F, Kentucky
W H Lockhart, 10, F, Kentucky
E Lockhart, 8, M, Kentucky
M Lockhart, 6, F, Kentucky
George C Lockhart, 4, M, Kentucky
Isabella Chamblin, 17, F, Kentucky

1860 Kentucky Fayette Lexington page 583
Family 1080
H Lockhart, 56, M, Trader, Ireland
Sarah Lockhart, 50, F, Kentucky
Henrietta Lockhart, 21, F, Kentucky
Wm H Lockhart, 19, M, Kentucky
Marquis R Lockhart, 16, M, Kentucky
George C Lockhart, 14, M, Kentucky

1870 Kentucky Bourbon 1-WD Paris page 415
Family 8
Henry Lockhart, 67, M, W, Trader, New York
Sarah Lockhart, 62, F, W, Keeping house, Kentucky
William H Lockhart, 25, M, W, School teacher, Kentucky
Henrietta Lockhart, 22, F, W, At home, Kentucky
George C Lockhart, 21, M, W, Attorney at law, Kentucky

1880 Kentucky Bourbon Paris page 10
Family 192
Henry Lockhart, W, M, 80, Europe, Europe, Europe
Sallie S Lockhart, W, F, 78, wife, Keeping house, Kentucky, Kentucky, Kentucky
W H Lockhart, W, M, 39, son, School teacher, Kentucky, Europe, Kentucky
G C Lockhart, W, M, 32, son, Lawyer, Kentucky, Europe, Kentucky
Henrietta Lockhart, W, F, 41, daughter, Kentucky, Europe, Kentucky

1880 Kentucky Kenton 2-WD Covington pg 265
Family 272
Marquis Lockhart,W, M, 37, Lawyer, Kentucky, Scotland, Kentucky
Mary E Lockhart, W, F, 36, wife, Keeping house, Missouri, Kentucky, Kentucky
Reba Lockhart, W, F, 8, daughter, Kentucky, Kentucky, Missouri
Henry W Lockhart, W, M, 3, son, Kentucky, Kentucky, Missouri
Sallie R Lockhart, W, F, 2, daughter, Kentucky, Kentucky, Missouri

1900 Kentucky Campbell Highland page 173
Family 149
M R Lockhart, head, W, M, Nov 1846, 53, M, 30 years, Kentucky, England, Kentucky
Mary E Lockhart, wife, W, F, Apr 1845, 55, M, 30 years, 3 children 3 living, Missouri, Kentucky, Kentucky
M R Lockhart, daughter, W, F, June 1872, 27, sgl, Kentucky
, Kentucky, Kentucky
Sallie R Lockhart, daughter, W, F, July 1879, 20, sgl, Kentucky, Kentucky, Kentucky

1900 Kentucky Bourbon 1-WD Paris page 7
Family 147
Florence K Lockhart, head, W, F, Nov 1857, 42, Wd, 3 children 3 living, Virginia, Kentucky, Kentucky
Mary H Lockhart, daughter, W, F, Nov 1882, 17, sgl, Kentucky, Kentucky, Virginia
Sallie C Lockhart, daughter, W, F, Aug 1884, 15, sgl, Kentucky, Kentucky, Virginia
Florence K Lockhart, daughter, W, F, Sep 1888, 11, sgl, Kentucky, Kentucky, Virginia
Henrietta R Lockhart, sister-in-law, W, F, Sep 1848, 52, sgl, Kentucky, Ireland, Kentucky

Monday, April 06, 2009

More about Septemus and Julia Freeman

This record is likely, but not certainly, their infant:

Obituary, June 2, 1899, FREEMAN , little babe of Mr. & Mrs. S. F., Butts County Obituaries

Note: there are some Freemans at each of these, but none seem to be ours:

Sarah Clifford is found here:

Watkins, James B.
12/09/1861- 01/06/1921
"A Good Father"

Watkins, Clifford Freeman
"Wife of James B. Watkins"
03/23/1869- 12/09/1905

Watkins, Adolphus Freeman
"Sea, US Army, WW11
03/03/1894- 06/04/1975

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Septemus and Julia Freeman -- divorced or widowed 1910?

This is what Hearne says about Septemus and Julia Freeman: "...Septimus F., born 1862, died 1910... Septimus Freeman married Miss Julia Pound in 1886. Children: Zilla May, born 1887; Loree, born 1890 and Adron, born 1893. Mr. Freeman died in 1911 and his widow lives in Atlanta, Ga.." (Hearne, Addenda, 1912, p 787, 788)

Septemus and Julia settled in Georgia back in Indian Springs. They are found there in the 1900 census. Julia is indeed found as a widow in Atlanta. But there is also a record for a living Septemus remarried to an Agnes in 1910.

1900 Census Georgia, Butts, Indian Springs, page 311
family 56
Sep F Freeman, head, W, M, Dec 1863, 36, Md 13, Georgia, Georgia, Georgia
Julia S Freeman, wife, W, F, Mar 1869, 31, Md 13, 4 children, 3 living, Georgia, Georgia, Georgia
Zilah M Freeman, dau, W, F, Oct 1887, 12, sgl, Georgia, Georgia, Georgia
Loree Freeman, dau, W, F, June 1891, 8, sgl, Georgia, Georgia, Georgia
Adrin W Freeman, son, W, M, June 1893, 6, sgl, Georgia, Georgia, Georgia

Census 1910 Georgia Cobb Coxes pg 45 (Very hard to read - 26+27 April, 1910)
Septimus F Freeman, head, M, W, 50, m2, 9 yrs, Georgia, N Carolina, Georgia
Agnes Freeman, wife, F, W, 35, m1, 9 yrs, Maryland, Maryland, Maryland
Harry Freeman, son, M, W, 8, sgl, Georgia, Georgia, Georgia
Adrian Freeman, son, M, W, 16, sgl, Georgia, Georgia, Georgia

Julia is living with Loree in Atlanta in 1910, 5th Wd Atlanta Fulton Georgia pg 246 (April 18, 1910)
760 Elliott Street
Julia Freeman, head, F, W, 41, Wd, 3 children, 3 living, Georgia, Georgia, Georgia
Loree Freeman, dau, F, W, 18, sgl, Georgia, Georgia, Georgia

Adrian is living with his Mother in 5th Wd Atlanta Fulton Georgia pg 5 in 1920
760 Whittaker Street
Family 93
Julia Freeman, head, F, W, 50, Wd, Georgia, Georgia, Georgia
Adrian Freeman, son, M, W, 26, sgl, Georgia, Georgia, Georgia

So, which is it? Hearne says that Septemus died in 1910. So is this another Septemus in 1920? That happens to be on a second marriage with a son from a first marriage Adrian? Seems unlikely. Perhaps Julia told people she was widowed, not wishing to point out she was divorced?

Thomas (Francis) and Susan Brown Freeman

Thomas F(Francis) and Susan Freeman mentioned in the Hearne Addenda page 788 are found in Texas in 1880, along with several of Thomas's brothers:

1880 Census, Texas, Young, Precinct 1, pp 400-401
Family 478
Thos F Freeman, W, M, 27, husband, GA, NC, GA
Susan Freeman, W, F, 23, wife, GA, NC, GA
Reger A Freeman, W, M, 5, son, GA, GA, GA
Sylph Freeman, W, F, 3, daughter, GA, GA, GA
Sallie W Freeman, W, F, 1, daughter, GA, GA, GA
Joseph B Freeman, W, M, 25, brother, GA, NC, GA
William W Freeman, W, M, 24, brother, GA, NC, GA
James E Freeman, W, M, 22, brother, GA, NC, GA
Parpiers R Freeman, W, M, 18, brother, GA, NC, GA
Septimus F Freeman, W, M, 16, brother, GA, NC, GA

This siblings and parents of Thomas are rounded out with this 1880 census record from Indian Springs, Georgia:

Family 148, Josiah Freeman, W, M, 68, farmer, b. NC, f. NC, m. NC;
Sarah W. Freeman, W, F, 50, wife, GA, GA, SC;
Jeter Freeman, W, M, 21, son, GA, NC, GA;
Jessee Freeman, W, M, 15, son, GA, NC, GA;
Dolly W Freeman, W, M, 12, son, GA, NC, GA;
Clifford Freeman, W, F, 11, dau, GA, NC, GA;
Census 1880 Georgia, Butts, Indian Springs, District 18, page 16; "Census 1880 Georgia Butts Indian Springs District 18 page 16 Freeman Jos.jpg" image in collection of Brian Cragun.

Mary Louisa Swan Clapp

I received a comment from "jsl" which pointed out the following:

W. T. Hearne on page 791 states:

"Mary Louise Hearne, daughter of Francis Sharpe Hearne, Sr., married a Mr. Swan, and they had one daughter, Louisa, who married a Mr. Clapp, and moved to Texas. "

Could the following census entry refer to Louisa and husband Clapp?

1900 census, Hood County, Texas, Justice Precinct 6, ED #93, Dwelling #68, Family #68
CLAPP, William Head WM Dec 1847 52 M32 TX/IL/TN farmer
CLAPP, Luisa S. wife WF Dec 1849 50 M32-9-7 GA/GA/GA
CLAPP, Grace Daughter WF Jan 1882 18 S TX/TX/GA
CLAPP, Allen B. Son WM Nov 1884 15 S TX/TX/GA
CLAPP, Annie L. Daughter Sep 1887 12 S TX/TX/GA
CLAPP, Ben E. Son WM May 1891 9 S TX/TX/GA

I agree with this. Looking at the information, there is more circumstantial evidence that boosts this conclusion.

First, the suggestion already has a lot going for it because of the approximate age of Louisa, and the Georgia birth. Here is some additional information.

There is no family Swan in Georgia with a child Louisa. However, our Mary Louisa Swan, age 10, is living with her aunt and uncle, Sarah Hearne and Jos. Freeman, Indian Springs, Butts, Georgia in 1860. This must be our Swan, else why a Swan living with the Freemans? So Mary Louisa's parents appear to have died.

Mary Louisa is not living with the Freemans in 1870. She would have been 20, based on the 1860 census. Hearne says she married a Clapp and moved to Texas. There is a Lu Clapp married to William Clapp, age 20, born in Georgia in 1870, in 4th Precinct. Houston County, Alabama PO. They have one daughter.

Family 206
William Clapp, 32, M, W, TX
Lu Clapp, 20, F, W, GA
Bettie Clapp, 2, F, W, Texas
David Smith, 23, M, W, Virginia, Farmer

William is not with his family in the 1880 census. But it is the same William with birth, father birth, and mother birth the same:

Family 124
William Clapp, W, M, 33, TX, IL, TN