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Erasmus Hill Hearn and DM McKnight, who married his daughter Octavia

Erasmus Hill Hearn and DM McKnight, who married his daughter Octavia

Census 1880 Texas Shelby 87 Dist pg 22
family 334
E H Hearn, W, M, 58, Farmer, NC, NC, NC
J C Hearn, W, F, 59, wife, SC, SC, SC
M C Hearn, W, F, 29, dau, TN, NC, SC
A N Hearn, W, F, 27, dau, TN, NC, SC
family 335
D M McKnight, W, M, 33, Farmer, TX, TN, TN
O C McKnight, W, F, 32, wife, TN, NC, SC
Coral McKnight, W, M, 9, son, TX, TX, TN
Maud McKnight, W, F, 11, dau, TX, TX, TN
Orsie McKnight, W, F, 7, dau, TX, TX, TN
A H McKnight, W, M, 5, son, TX, TX, TN
M J McKnight, W, M, 3, son, TX, TX, TN
Edgar McKnight, W, M, 1, son, TX, TX, TN

Census 1900 Texas Shelby 0084 Justice Precinct 1 (east part)
Image 52
Family 450
Dan N McKnight, head, W, M, May 1845, 55, Md 32, TX, TN, TN
Octava S McKnight, wife, W, F, Apr 1848, 52, Md 32, 11 children 10 living, TN , NC, SC
Alexander H McKnight, son, W, M, Oct, 1872, 27, sgl, TX, TX, TN
Major J McKnight, son, W, M, Feb 1876, 24, sgl, TX, TX, TN
Edgar McKnight, son, W, M, 1879, 21, sgl, TX, TX, TN
Ozso McKnight, son, W, M, 1880, 20, sgl, TX, TX, TN
Clarrence McKnight, son, W, Aug 1882, 17, sgl, TX, TX, TN
Pearl McKnight, dau, W, F, Mar 1884, 16, sgl, TX, TX, TN
Susan B McKnight, dau, W, F, 1888, 11, sgl, TX, TX, TN

United States Census 1910
Name: Octavia C Mcknight
Birthplace: Tennessee
Relationship to Head of Household: Self
Residence: Justice Precinct 1, Shelby, Texas
Marital Status: Widowed
Race : White
Gender: Female
Immigration Year:
Father's Birthplace: North Carolina
Mother's Birthplace: South Carolina
Family Number: 67
Page Number: 4
Household Gender Age
Octavia C Mcknight F 62y
Child Pearl Mcknight F 23y
Child Kittie Mcknight F 21y

Census 1930 Texas Shelby 1 J-Pct (East Part)
pg 30
Family 61
Octavia C McKnight, head, F, W, 82, Wd, TN, NC, SC
Alice Hearn, sister, F, W, 76, sgl, TN, NC, SC
James A Kimbro, head, M, W, 16, Md age 24, TX, TX, TX
Ludie E Kimbro, wife, F, W, 24, Md age 22, TX, TX TX

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Lyon's Den said...

Totally unrelated (but I lost your e-mail)

Looking at "Roster of the North Carolina troops in the Continental Army
Thomas, Abishai; Catlin, Lynde; Mifflin, Benjamin
Volume 16, Pages 1002-1197" which is online at

I found several Hearns/Herns:
Hearn, James, served in Ballard's Company, enlisted 20 Jul 1778 for 9 months

Hearn, Benjamin, served in Bradley's Company, enlisted 20 Jul 1778 for 9 months; discharged 7 May 1779;

Hern, Drury, enlisted in Emmet's Company, 15 May 1776 for 2 1/2 years; discharged 10 Nov 1778;

Hern, Howell, enlisted in Sharp's Company on 21 May 1781, "Omtd" (not sure what this means) in 1781.

Hern, Jno, enlisted in Sharp's Company on 5 Apr 1781; died 20 Feb 1782